Douglas Knudsen - Great Mash Up


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Everyone is mashing up in Flex these days, why aren't you? Drop in and learn how to mash up various cloud or other APIs from MTV, Amazon, Twitter, eBay, or various others listed on Emphasis will be placed on consuming XML by way of e4x utilizing REST or Soap.

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Douglas Knudsen - Great Mash Up

  1. 1. The Great Mashup! Douglas Knudsen
  2. 2. mash-up or mash·up (māsh'ŭp') n. An audio recording that is a composite of samples from other recordings, usually from different musical styles. Jasmine T.
  3. 3. mash-up or mash·up (māsh'ŭp') The term mash-up refers to a new breed of Web-based applications created by hackers and programmers (typically on a volunteer basis) to mix at least two different services from disparate, and even competing, Web sites. Via
  4. 4. What is a mashup? Web Mashup = API (1) + API (2) +…+ API (n) where n N
  5. 5. Are mashups new ? Are mashups web 2.0? Are mashups sexy? Hey wake up back there, he said sexy!
  6. 6. What makes a Great Mashup? • Provides value •  Easy to Twitter baby! • It uses use…UX •  It uses Twitter • Creative license •  It uses Twitter • Uniqueness
  7. 7. What makes a Great Mashup? It is not about the data! It IS about the information!
  8. 8. Mashup Types • Consumer • Business • Data • Enterprise
  9. 9. Consumer Based Helveti-tweet Paris Hilton Videos
  10. 10. Data Based SpatialKey Congress Spacebook
  11. 11. Business Based Dubai Real Estate Prospella
  12. 12. Enterprise Based SureCast KnowledgeTreeLive
  13. 13. But How?
  14. 14. But How? All you need is XML All you need is XML XML is all you need
  15. 15. But How? • Flash Platform sukorz! • AJAX! • A server…but not always! • Silverlight…shhh! • Anything that consumes XML! • Some creativity, yours or otherwise • A wee bit of elbow grease • RESTful web services or Big Web Services • XML, JSON, CSV, etc…
  16. 16. But How? Flex and AIR…what we are all here for, eh? • HTTPService • WebService • Use e4x not the XML object BE SURE TO SET THIS!! • Use a server to host your Flex app • Use a server to proxy services not providing a cross-domain.xml file • Use a server to massage incoming data or cross-ref with your data • What server technology is required?
  17. 17. But How? Where’s the data? • Programmable Web • Web Service List http:// • Amazon http:// • Intuit Partner Platform https://
  18. 18. But How? Formula One data • • Driver results for Fernando Alonso • Qualifying results for round 5, the 2008 season
  19. 19. But How? Document Services • +Services • REST based services for document storage functionality in your application • Upload and download documents • Share documents as URLs • Set permissions on documents • Retrieve document thumbnails • Retrieve Flash-based document previews • etc..
  20. 20. But How? 88 Miles Project Management • • List companies /companies.xml via GET • Add companies /companies via POST • List your staff /staff.xml via GET
  21. 21. But How? Take me to the code!
  22. 22. But How? No Really, Take me to the code!
  23. 23. Summary Page • What is a mash-up • Things that make a good mash-up • Some places to find data • What tools we can use to build them • Some examples • Some code! • Lets get busy!
  24. 24. Resources • • • • •
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