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After School Program Narrative

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  1. 1. 1 | P a g e Gateway Academy After School Tutoring Program Narrative February 1, 2012 Membersof the advisory team:  Lyra Done’  Alice Gwin  CeciliaTeal  Rachael O’Meara  Cheryl Brake  JohnSchneider  CJ Falcione  JohnR. Wible,Principal Summary Thisis an afterschool tutoringprogramfor selected3rd gradersat BrewbakerPrimarySchool.The program isheldinthe newbuildingof GatewayBaptistChurchoneveryWednesdaythatschool isin session.The programwill be sanctionedbyBrewbakerPrimarySchool.Teacherswillrecommend studentsforthe program basedonacademicneed. Consentswill be obtainedfromparents. Studentsare pickedupat school eitherbytutorsor volunteerdrivers,givenasnack preparedbyAmy Schneider,andtutoredindividuallybyvolunteertutorsonhomeworkandsubjectsof particulardifficulty as determinedbythe student,student’steacher,andparents.There isstilldiscussionastowhetherthe tutoringperiodwill endwith agroupdevotional. Tutors will be selectedfromvolunteers,adultsandyouth,primarilyof Gatewayaffiliation,thoughnot necessarily. Tutorsmustsubmittoabackgroundcheck andwill be supervisedbythe principal.Sessions will be heldinindividualpodsinthe gym. A recreational period,alsoheldinthe gym, will follow supervisedbyvolunteerrecreationsupervisors and Gatewayyouthvolunteers. Afterthe recreationportion,studentswillbe dismissedtotheirparentsif theychoose nottostay for the remainedof the eveningactivities.Parentswishingtheirstudentstoremainwill pay$10.00/monthto covercosts of supper.Studentsremainingforeveningactivitieswilleattogetherinthe sanctuarywith tutorsor “house parents”at theirtablesto furtherthe teachingof life skillssuchaspropertable mannersandrespectfor others. Aftersupper,tutors/houseparentswill remainwiththeirstudentsfor20 minute worship.Afterworship, studentsare dismissedtoAWANA programandsupervisedbyAWANA leaders.Parentsmustpickup studentspromptlyat7:45 pm.
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e Students A student/tutorratioof 1:1 was desiredwith1:2as a maximum.The maximumnumberof studentsto start wouldbe 20. Only3rd graderswill be allowedin tostartwithand perhapsgrow intothe 4th grade nextterm. Programwill be continuouslyevaluatedforimprovements. Selectionof the studentsmustbe aschool functionaswe are notprivy,underfederal law,(FERPA)to any informationonstudents.The principal of Brewbakerwouldhave toinitiate contactwiththe 3rd grade teachersto recommendstudentsandtosurveythe parentsasto level of interest.Parentsmust signa disclosure formtoallowGatewaytohave theircontact and otherinformation. Tentative Schedule  3:10 – pickup from Brewbaker  3:30 – snack servedinthe kitchenbyAmySchneiderthentosanctuarytoeat. Snacktime must be supervised bytutors  3:45 – “school”(instruction/tutor) time begins. o Suppliesandmaterialssuchaspencilsand paperwill be obtainedandavailable o Tableswill be setupinpodsin the gym. o Tutors will startwithreviewinghomeworkandassistingwithit. o Afterwards, tutorsdrill onareasof knownweaknessusingresourcessuchaswork sheetsandgamesto be provided byGatewayina libraryof such to be set up. o Readingwouldalsobe encouragedwhenaboveiscompleted.Studentcanreadaloudas can tutor. Principal willconsultwithBrewbakerlibrarianonappropriate books. o Math wouldalsobe emphasized. o 4:30 to 5:00 – playtime supervisedingymoroutside byselectedyouth orrecreational supervisors. Supervisionof transitionfromplaytime topickuptime mustbe provided  5:00 to 5:15 – Possible devotional time (underdiscussion)  5:15 to 5:30 - Dismissal,parents topickup (or)  5:30 to 6:00 – Supper  6:00 to 6:20 – Worship  6:20 to 7:45 – AWANA  7:45 – release toparents Background Checks Principal is pursuingbackgroundchecksconsistingof Alabamacriminal history andSex Offender Registry. If youthtutorscannot be checked,recommendationsfromtheirschool authoritiesmustbe obtained. Insurance AssistantPastoris exploringwhatinsurance wouldcovertransportationof studentfromBrewbaker.
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e Additional Activities We are mindful of the BrewbakerLibrarian’sdesire toadda readingcomponenttothe program and Bruno Resende’sdesire tobe a resource forsoccer andto partner thisministrywithhissportsministry, possiblysome afterschool orSaturdaysoccercamps. Revisedprogramtenets:  Meetsonce a weekonWednesdayfrom3:10- 5:15. Foldingintothe Wednesdayevening program of supper,worshipandAWANA,if notamenable tofinesse will have tobe deferred.  Program goesthroughMay and endingthere.Re-evaluate inMayas to whetherorhow to interface withGatewaysummerprogramsorfindothersummerprograms.  We are developingaprotocol bookfor studentsandtutors.  Trainingfortutors needstobe secured andwill be required.  Confidential backgroundchecksneedtobe runon all tutors andotherswhohave directstudent contact for the protectionof all. A simple in-statecriminal historyandsearchof Sex Offender Registry.  Designateddriverspickupat school.All driversmustshow driver’slicense andproof of insurance andmustaffirmthat theyhave noconvictionsforDUI or recklessdrivinginrecent years.  Program endsat 5:15. Childrennotstayingare pickedupat thattime by parents.Itis the parent’sresponsibilitytopickupandpick uppromptly.Costwouldbe free thusfar. Evening mealswould be $10.00 a month.  We needtoassessavailable roomsingymbldg.  Principal (JohnWible) wouldbe responsible to assignfill-intutoring. Permanent“floaters”are needed. Tutorsare responsible toreporttoPrincipal whentheywill be absent –hopefullygive 24 hour notice.Back-upvolunteerswill be neededon ad hocbasis.  If the parentwantsthe childto stay forthe eveningprogramstartingat 5:15, cost is $10.00/month regardlessof how manyWednesdays inthe month.If achildstaysfor part of eveningprogram,he staysforall and ispickedupat 7:45 by parents.  Habitual tardiesandno showsare groundsfor dismissal fromthe program.  We will presentamechanismtoaccount forall studentsat all timesif theystayforthe evening program. Needs  Volunteerpersonnel:tutors,drivers,recreationalsupervisors,and“house parents.”“House parents”are non-tutoringadultswhowill,inabsenceof tutor,sitwiththe studentsduring supperteachingmannersandappropriate behavior.Theywill likewise sitwithandsupervise studentduringthe 20 minute worshipperiod.  Someone incharge of volunteerpersonnel;  Someone incharge of studentfollow up;  Someone incharge of facilitiescoordination;
  4. 4. 4 | P a g e  A secretaryanda Vice-Principal;  Someone toworkon developmentof policiesandproceduresincludingstudentenrollment formswithappropriate informationsuchasemergencycontactsandmedications.Whattodo in case of healthemergencyorweatheremergency?Whatare groundsfordismissal of studentor tutor? Secure a release andholdharmlessfromparents.Secureamedical proxyfromparentsin case of dire or immediate emergencyrequiringimmediate 911transport to hospital ED.