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Kumamoto Toshihiro Okumura
Kumamoto Toshihiro Okumura
Kumamoto Toshihiro Okumura
Kumamoto Toshihiro Okumura
Kumamoto Toshihiro Okumura
Kumamoto Toshihiro Okumura
Kumamoto Toshihiro Okumura
Kumamoto Toshihiro Okumura
Kumamoto Toshihiro Okumura
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Kumamoto Toshihiro Okumura


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  • 1. Kumamoto Castle 13105112 Toshihiro Okumura
  • 2. Introduction
    • History of Kumamoto castle
    • Charm point
    • Festival of 400 years
  • 3.  
  • 4. History of Kumamoto castle
    • Biomass Kato took time of seven years and completed Kumamoto Castle in 12 (1607) Keicho era years.   Ishigaki "protecting stones of samurai residences" which it is hard to come to climb so as to go to the top in particular are unique. The current castle tower rebuilt that I was destroyed by fire by the Southwestern Rebellion of 1877 in 1960.  
  • 5. Charm point
    • Kumamoto Castle is a castle in Kumamoto, it is one of the Japan's three biggest fine castles with Osaka-jo Castle / Nagoya-jo Castle.
    • Kumamoto prefecture, Japan. that has been opened to the public for tours. A large, and in its day, an extremely well fortified Japanese castle. The donjon (castle central keep) is a concrete reconstruction built in 1960, but several ancillary wooden buildings remain of the original castle. The castle was besieged during the Satsuma Rebellion, and was sacked and burned after a 53-day siege.
    • In nearby San-no-Maru Park is the Hosokawa Gyobu-tei, the former residence of Hosokawa clan, the Higo daimyo. This traditional wooden mansion has a fine Japanese garden located in its grounds.
    • The signature curved stone walls known as musha-gaeshi, as well as wooden overhangs were designed to prevent foes from penetrating the castle. Rock falls were also used as deterrents.
  • 6. Festival of 400 years of Kumamoto castle
    • The summary about 400 Kumamoto-jo Castle construction of a castle anniversaries
    • These "400 Kumamoto-jo Castle construction of a castle anniversaries" not only fix their eyes on Kyushu Shinkansen whole line commencement of practice but also a transient event to celebrate construction of a castle 400 years, and it is a business to send charm of Kumamoto to continuously. In addition, the economic world, a person concerned with culture concentrate wisdom of Kumamoto and gather civic participation in planning widely and develop a business to create the new pastime that gives poetic charm of Kumamoto.
  • 7.
    • 400 th   Anniversary of Kumamoto Castle Event Schedule
    • For example……
    • Prologue
    • 「 Dawn-opening Ceremony & New Year Countdown 」 December 31, 2006-January 3, 2007  
    • First Stage
    • 「 Cherry Blossoms 」 March 24 – April 8, 2007
    • Second Stage
    • 「 Spring 」 April 28 – May 6, 2007
    • Third Stage
  • 8.
    • 「 Summer 」 August 1-31, 2007
    • Fourth   Stage
    • 「 Fall 」
    •    October 12-28, 2007
    • Fifth Stage
    • 「 Winter 」 December 31, 2007-January 3, 2008
    • Epilogue
    • 「 To the Future Marth 22-May 5, 2008 」
  • 9. Finish My PPT.
    • Thank you for your time .