Presence Training A


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Principles of Presence Training, it\'s psychological foundation and the practices that make it work.

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Presence Training A

  1. 1. Presence Training By James Westly, MC, LPC
  2. 2. Key Concept You are not your mind!! The mind is a powerful tool, it creates personal reality. If we do not master the tool, we are it’s slave.
  3. 3. Basic Psychology  Mind and body are hard wired together  The body reacts to every thought the mind thinks  That reaction is physical and is called emotion: think a thought, have a feeling.  That feeling produces a behavior  That behavior evokes a new thought
  4. 4. Fragmentation of Consciousness  If your % of attention focused here/now is less than 100%, your consciousness is fragmented.  Each fragment is a group of thoughts producing an emotional reaction.  Whatever % of your attention is not here/now, is a corresponding reduction in your intelligence.
  5. 5. Multitasking  The mind naturally multitasks  This trait enabled primitive humans to survive in a dangerous environment Multitasking our attention outside the Moment is unnatural and dangerous.
  6. 6. Presence Training  Provides tools to defragment Consciousness  Increases intelligence and effectiveness  Enhances Creativity  Improves quality of work and productivity  Facilitates communication  Reduces stress
  7. 7. Seven Principles of Mind Mastery
  8. 8. BE HERE/NOW! Full attention into the Present Moment The only place/time Life Is actually happening
  9. 9. OBSERVE Inner Self-Observation Mind Watching
  10. 10. LISTEN Deep inner listening called: Intuition Gut instinct Inner Guidance
  11. 11. Active Listening Practice principles 1 & 2 Do NOT rehearse a response Do NOT take attacks personally Reflect back to the speaker, let them know they’re being heard Work on solutions, let go of problem definitions
  12. 12. DIE To the past Every Moment
  13. 13. EXPECT The Unexpected
  14. 14. REMEMBER Your Self! The awareness Behind the Thinker
  15. 15. SURRENDER To What Is Complete Acceptance Release All Resistance
  16. 16. B.O.L.D.E.R.S. Seven Principles of Mind Mastery BE OBSERVE LISTEN DIE EXPECT REMEMBER SURRENDER
  18. 18. 1. No one fails alone, no secrets. In a moment of Presence there are no secrets. The inner and outer worlds are in Harmony, all is transparent.
  19. 19. 2. We tell the truth. Zero tolerance for dishonesty. It is impossible to lie in a state of Presence. The activity of lying removes one’s Precious Attention from the Truth of Now.
  20. 20. 3. Brother’s keeper. We look out for our teammates. The emotion of Compassion is the natural consequence of Presence.
  21. 21. 4. Keep our word. Say what we mean, Do what we say. In a state of Presence, Consciousness is unified. You become single minded, eradicating all internal conflicts that defray commitment, making it much more likely you will say what you mean and do what you say.
  22. 22. 5. No panic Keep your heads, roll up your sleeves There is no greater cool than PRESENCE
  23. 23. 6. Pride in self-improvement. Set high standards. The pursuit of personal excellence and growth naturally arises out of a state of PRESENCE
  24. 24. 7. Unselfish Care about each other In a state of Total Presence There is no ‘other’ all is Self. Thus caring for others is caring For Self.
  25. 25. 8. No Growth without conflict Surface the disagreement In a state of Presence there is no disagreement but different perspectives. Giving up the need to be right opens the door to creative cooperation, working together as different aspects of a single mind, each offering a unique angle.