Economic Development Link & Social Strategies

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a presentation on linking and social media strategy for econmic development organizations

a presentation on linking and social media strategy for econmic development organizations

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  • 1. Economic Development: Link & Social Media Strategy
  • 2. Need a plan?
    You’ve spent considerable effort and money on your websites and now you’re caught up in the Social Media craze with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and not to mention your blogs.
    Are you using them to compliment each other?
  • 3. Page Competition
    Source : “We knew the web was big” by Google, 2008
    Graphics from Webmarketing 123.
    Google Pages
  • 4. Hard Fact
    The pages searchers click on
    Source: “iProspect Blended Search Results Study” by JupiterResearch, 2008,
    Graphics from Webmarketing 123.
  • 5. Why do Links matter?
    Links are Internet currency
  • 6. Position Matters
    The percent of clicks continues to drop
    Source: leaked AOL data
  • 7. Types of Links
    Inbound or One-way – These are the best
    Outbound – Helping visitors find relevant information
    Reciprocal – Possible to do more harm than good
  • 8. Key Factors for Inbound Links
    #1 – Quality of the inbound link
    #2 – Relevance to the content on the inbound link
    #3 – Anchor keywords on the inbound link page
    #4 – Title keywords on the inbound link page
    #5 – Number of links (quantity)
  • 9. What do people Link to?
    Content – relevant, trust, interesting or evokes an emotion (for or against)
    People or Organizations they know
    People or Organizations they like
  • 10. Link Sources
    Bookmarking – Furl,, StumbleUpon
    Blog Comments
    Article Marketing
    Press Release Marketing
    Contextual Blog Posts
    Videos – YouTube, Viddler
    Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • 11. Social Media Marketing
    Major social media sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter don’t provide a benefit in terms of search engine results. But these outlets can be a tremendous source for driving traffic to your website and should not be ignored.
  • 12. Social Media with Link Value
  • 13. Social Media Outlets
  • 14. Social Media – Your next task
    If the website supports foreign languages, you travel internationally for business recruitment or the organization has an international office you might want to consider internationalizing your social media efforts.
  • 15. Social Media: What the World Uses
  • 16. Social Media: The Big 3
    Sources: chart
    Data based on Alexa & Google Trends for Website results:
  • 17. A Few Linking Do’s and Don’ts
    All links should not go directly to your homepage
    Link to specific pages on your site (relevancy from inbound page)
    Quality over Quantity
    Don’t ignore .gov and .edu links
    Check for do-follow or no-follow tags for Social Media sites
    Don’t be afraid to terminate or revive a link
  • 18. Linking & Media Summary
    Content is still KING !!
    Never ever buy a link for page rank !
    Building and implementing a Linking strategy takes time.
    Page rank of the site Linking to affects your rank.
    Website and Social Media efforts should work together to create greater value.
    Use social media to position yourself internationally.