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Intro. to FogBugz & Kiln

Intro. to FogBugz & Kiln

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  • 1. FogBugz + Kiln1
  • 2. Workflow2
  • 3. Intro. to FogBugz• An integrated web-based project-management system• Issue and Bug Tracking• Project Management• Customer Support• Advanced Integration3
  • 4. A Glance at Home Page4
  • 5. Issue and Bug Tracking• Case Creation• Bug, Feature, Inquiry, ...• Code Review• around 4h ~ 16h tocomplete• Case Lists and Hierarchy• Full Case Histories• Advanced Search Options5
  • 6. 6
  • 7. Issue and Bug Tracking (c.1)• Reporting• Standard Reports• Chart (Pie, Bar, Column)• Time-Based Reports• Customizable time period• Raw Data Summaries7
  • 8. Project Management• Project• Area• functional area: code, document, misc, ......• Primary Contact• User and Group Permission• 4 user types: admin, normal, community, virtual• Milestone• alpha, beta, versions, ......• Project Group• Workflow8
  • 9. Project Management (c.1)• Project Creation9
  • 10. Project Management (c.2)• Project Creation (cont.)10
  • 11. Project Management (c.3)• Evidence-Based Scheduling• Completion Date Graph• Probability Distribution• Historical track record of each estimator• original estimate entered• actual time elapsed• Simulating the future• 60 rounds for every feature to be implemented11
  • 12. Project Management (c.4)• Completion Date12
  • 13. • Per-User TimelinesProject Management (c.5)13
  • 14. Project Management (c.6)• Estimate History14
  • 15. Project Management (c.7)• Burn Down Chart15
  • 16. Project Management (c.8)• Side/Individual Working Schedule16
  • 17. Project Management (c.9)• Time Logging: “Working On”• Case #• Nothing• Edit Timesheet17
  • 18. Customer Support• Handling incoming customer email• POP3/IMAP4 protocols• Auto-reply• Message Template• FogBugz AutoSort• Anti-Spam• Manual Sort• Project, Area, Milestone, Assign to, ...18
  • 19. Advanced Integration• FogBugz Plugins• Custom Workflow, Custom Fields, ...• http://www.fogcreek.com/fogbugz/plugins/• Intense DVCS Integration with Kiln• link a case to a changeset:• ex: “case 123” in commit message• new case category: Review19
  • 20. Intro. to Kiln• A complete version control system based on Mercurial.• Enhanced Code Control• Code Reviews• Integration• Code Search20
  • 21. Source Code Control: Branch and Merge21
  • 22. Source Code Control: Code Organization22
  • 23. Source Code Control: Get Detailed (Annotate)23
  • 24. Source Code Control: Activity Filters24
  • 25. Source Code Control: Electrified DAG25
  • 26. Source Code Control: Mercurial• Working with Mercurial• Branch• Clone• Archive26
  • 27. Source Code Control: Mercurial (c.1)• KilnClient• TortoiseHg client• Kiln Extensions to Mercurial• password stored• hg clone• password removed• hg logout27
  • 28. Code Reviews• Start Reviews• by changeset• Review Everything• attach comments to lines ofcodes• Track Reviews• as FogBugz cases28
  • 29. Code Reviews (c.1)29
  • 30. Code Reviews (c.2)30
  • 31. Integration• JSON API and Web Hooks• Read/Write API by Access Token• Web Hooks• FogBugz Integration• Smart Commit• Changeset links• Filter by Tag• One Workflow• Single Sign-On31
  • 32. Integration (c.1)• Access Token• JSON Read/Write API32
  • 33. Integration (c.2)• Web Hooks33
  • 34. FogBugz Integration: Filter by Tag34
  • 35. FogBugz Integration: One Workflow35
  • 36. Code Search• Search Everywhere• top-level search box• Quick Drill Down• Best Bets• Changesets, Filenames, and Code• Advanced Controls• advanced search options• function/variable definitions and references36
  • 37. Code Search (c.1)37
  • 38. Questions ?38