6 Marketing Themes for 2013


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  • The sales cycle became the buying cycle.Today we are in the age of the customer. The customer owns the process.
  • Most of the buyers journey where they are learning and making decision happens without the seller being aware
  • But how successful has this approach actually been?Well if you think about it, we focus on where we’re successful. But the reality is we’re still causing too much noise for the majority of our prospects.
  • Well today, we are going to talk about moving forward, what to expect in 2013 and how we can put the buyer at the centre of your marketing vs a revenue first perspective.
  • The first topic we’re going to hit big data. It’s a hot topic with a lot of discussion around it. But what I’m going to do today is totally change your view of big data and what it means to you as a marketer.Big data gives us the opportunity to change our marketing from an aggregate view to a personal view. And its also in the reach of even the smallest company. So lets dig in.
  • I probably don’t need to tell you big data is growing fast as the volume of interactions balloons.But the current approach has been about collecting lots & lots of data and hiring a team of computer scientists to do complex analysis. But to date not a lot of focus has been on actionable data for customers.
  • Discover what your audience really needs, wants, and deliver it to them….
  • Buyer expects a relationship beyond email – yet most marketers primary marketing database is email centricNot your typical ESP DatabaseCompletely Re Architected from the ESP Era Multi Sources any KeyMarketing based on a complete identity
  • Behavioural marketing automation - It starts with the ability to capture all of the interactions of each individual.
  • But your customers – your buyers don’t just hang out on your website. They are interacting and learning everywhere. Phone, ipad, laptop – in facebook, and on your website. You need technology that enables you to interact with this person wherevery they are – knowing who it is and where they are at each and every time they show up. What if you could personalize the content on your facebook offer – in real time?
  • We don’t know when to send who which content
  • We can use simple techniques that are 15 years old & personalise the message.We can, if we’re a B2B company add in a personalised content.But what if we dynamically change the content or the call to action.
  • Consumer brands have been building sophisticated personalised emails for years. And what if you could time the sending of these emails based on behaviours?
  • We can take and extend beyond email.
  • Lets look at where mobile is going.
  • So what are we doing as marketers doing about this?Its not just good enough to let bad experiences exist on mobile.Customers will gravitate towards sites and brands that are mobile friendly.
  • We can start simple…lets not try & make our entire content mobile ready. Lets start by thinking of making sure certain pieces of content are designed for mobile from the ground up.The idea is you build a design that is flexible across all devices & screen resolutions. This doesn’t mean building multiple versions or asking users to choose which version they want. Its about smartly using existing resources to readjust and set up the CSS to enable mobile friendly relationships. You have the resources today!
  • We can also use mobile to build premium experiences. If I can get my app on the screen that’s huge. I’m in their pocket wherever they go. Plus we can create a premium experience.But that’s just one way. But there are lots of ways to use mobile to build create great customer experiences
  • You’re probably doing all you can to distribute content, build followers and respond to conversations.
  • What I do want to talk about the fundamental reason for social media. Its not about promotion, its about trust.
  • Social disrupts the old approaches – and enables new ones that create a better customer experience
  • All of these trends are driving a transformation in the marketing department. Its not about running more campaigns & creating more content. Its about realigning our teams around the customer and building individualised conversations. Its about changing the way we think.It’s a different philosophy that’s going to require a different way of thinking.
  • A critical driver to this is technology.
  • As we buy more & more technology in the marketing department we need different skills to leverage these assets.We have to get in-marketing expertise in technology, in data, in systems and in integration. But not from a CIO perspective but from a marketing perspective.
  • It can be as simple as realigning departments around customers. To ensure we have a cohesive story for customers.
  • We must change our habits as marketers and move beyond tactics that drive 3% conversion to tactics that are relevant with every interaction.
  • Ok so lets look at an example.Every day we get emails from brands we’re interested in. Every few days we get some kind of messages from those brands. We don’t want to unsubscribe as we like the brands. But without opening we get emails over and over again.
  • In contrast lets look at amazon.Here’s an example where a user browsed amazon looking at a niche product then left.A few days later he got an email around that specific product.There’s no reason why we can’t include more of this type of experience in our content.
  • Build this chart for the esp than add in BMA (email, progile, relational) + all other identities and behaviorsNot your typical ESP DatabaseCompletely Re Architected from the ESP Era Multi Sources any KeyMarketing based on a complete identity
  • Marketing Department begins to transition or expertise from traditional marketing to Behavioural marketing
  • So in conclusion we talked about the 6 themes. But its all about changing the way marketing behaves. Putting the buyer at the centre of our marketing and building great customer experience.
  • 6 Marketing Themes for 2013

    1. 1. 2013: What to Expect and How to Succeedin the Year of the BuyerJohn Watton, Senior Director – Marketing@jwatton @jwatton
    2. 2. @jwatton
    3. 3. Problem: The Sales Cycle is now the Buying Cycle “The empowered Customer is now in control of the business relationship.” IBM CMO Study 2011 @jwatton
    4. 4. Problem: 56% of the buying process is invisible to theseller. @jwatton
    5. 5. Problem: The Segmented Audience approach isfailing 3% Relevant 97% Irrelevant @jwatton
    6. 6. A Personal Marketing Approach is needed Sarah – Facebook – Ebook @jwatton
    7. 7. 2013: What to Expect Big Data Marketing Marketing Department Platform The Buyer Content Mobile Marketing Social @jwatton
    8. 8. What to Expect #1Big data moves from the aggregate to the individual and starts to become actionable for smaller companies. @jwatton
    9. 9. Scientists & StatisticiansAnonymous & AggregateDataMonths of Effort @jwatton
    10. 10. Big Data Future: Discovering Individuals “Most effective CMOs get to know individuals, not just markets” “Mine new digital information sources”“Use customer analyticsto turn data into insight on which they can act” IBM CMO study 2011 @jwatton
    11. 11. Increasingly novel ways to visualise personas @jwatton
    12. 12. Shift in big data thinking Individuals Total Relationship Behaviours actions | Intent | Interests Campaign Actionable Campaigns of One Real Time Buyer Driven – Not Marketing @jwatton
    13. 13. What to Expect #2Companies increasingly invest in unified marketing platforms centred around customer behaviors and automation @jwatton
    14. 14. Buyer expects a beyond email relationship Old Model New Model Email Key Flexible Keys Name: John WattonName: John Watton Email: john@silverpopEmail: jwatton@silverpop Social: @jwatton Web: cookie {GUID} CRM: TT66E78YEB654 Apps: App {GUID} SMS: 222.222.2222 Devices: iPhone, Laptop @jwatton
    15. 15. Buyer expects preferred brands to pay attention Web Site/Page Video Visits File Social Downloads Email Graph Blog Visits Forms Postal Purchase History Mobile Support Apps Check History In’s Location Automation Centralized individualised CRM Engine Marketing Database Content @jwatton
    16. 16. Buyer expects to be recognised across multipleplatforms & devices @jwatton
    17. 17. They Want Individualised InteractionsREAL TIME, MULTI-CHANNEL, BUYER-DRIVEN CAMPAIGNS OF ONE. @jwatton
    18. 18. Get started @jwatton
    19. 19. What to Expect #3Content marketing becomes increasingly critical as buyers demand more personalised, uniquely relevant content. @jwatton
    20. 20. Content Marketing Today Today’s Best Practices - Helpful - Share worthy - Shareable - Searchable - Path to conversion - Not Uniquely Relevant - Overwhelming The Inbox Lack of Automation - Ignoring Behaviours “Marketers don’t know which content to - Ignoring Relationship send to whom & when” @jwatton
    21. 21. BuyerContent BehaviourMarketing Content Marketing+ Automation @jwatton
    22. 22. Example… @jwatton
    23. 23. Individualised Relevant Content @jwatton
    24. 24. Subject Line Personalisation1 1 First name personalisation personalised Content 2 6 Name and contact info for each customer’s personal rep Dynamic Subject Lines 2 The subject line changes based on the type and duration of club membership individualised Content Lists 3 For any customer who has purchased two or more items in the last 90 days, list each purchase with review links E-commerce-driven Personalisation 4 Display totals and other engaging content to drive 7 follow-on purchases. Website-driven Content 5 Directly track each customer’s web activity and prompt them to visit new areas of the site. Send Time Optimization 3 6 The message arrives in each individual’s inbox at 1 precisely the time that individual is most likely to check email. Data-driven Dynamic Image 4 7 Image is selected based on demographic and profile info 8 Score-driven Dynamic Offer 5 8 Discounts/prices vary by social influence and time since last purchase @jwatton
    25. 25. Personalising the web experience Industry Company Size Job Title Level Render the Best Content @jwatton
    26. 26. What to Expect #4Customers expect a mobile-friendly experience. @jwatton
    27. 27. Mobile Trends 10% Internet traffic is Mobile Source: StatCounter Global Stats. #1 mobile activity: Email @jwatton
    28. 28. The Mobile ChallengeCustomers will gravitate towards mobile friendly experiences @jwatton
    29. 29. Design for both at the same time Large Screen Render Small Screen Render @jwatton
    30. 30. Mobile: Establish Premium Relationships SMS Mobile Ads Mobile Apps Mobile Content Mobile Inbox QR Codes Push Notifications @jwatton
    31. 31. Get started @jwatton
    32. 32. What to Expect #5The social conversation becomes part of every channel, from search to Web to email and beyond. @jwatton
    33. 33. Social media marketing so far… - Content Promotion - Offer Promotion - Followers / Fans - Inbound Traffic - RT / @Reply - Customer Service 33 @jwatton
    34. 34. @jwatton
    35. 35. Establishing Trust 3 to 5 TRUST # of times people 1. Academic 68% need to hear 2. Technical Expert 66% to believe 3. Person like me 65% 4. Regular Employee 50% Edelman Trustbarometer 2012 @jwatton
    36. 36. Social Trust – Not a separate experience Search Disrupt AppsSocial + Enable Site Content @jwatton
    37. 37. @jwatton
    38. 38. Integrating social into B2B @jwatton
    39. 39. What to Expect #6Marketing departments transform to better deliver individualised conversations with buyers. @jwatton
    40. 40. By 2015, CMOs will buy moretechnology than CIOs. Source: 2011 MLC Customer Purchase Research Survey; Marketing Leadership Council research @jwatton
    41. 41. Become “marketing scientists” @jwatton
    42. 42. Email Social Digital / Search InteractiveDemand Corp Gen Customers Comm @jwatton
    43. 43. Change our approach Old New Query Query Profile Data Large Audience Large Audience Relational Data Listening for live Behaviors Behavioural Data Individual Messaging Click Send Email Mobile Web Content @jwatton
    44. 44. 0% RelevanceDon’t be a Mass Marketer @jwatton
    45. 45. Put the buyerfront & centre!These are items I browsed but did not place in the shopping cart. @jwatton
    46. 46. Think beyond email Now Before Profile Data EmailEmail Relational Data Behavioural Web Data Social / Apps Forms @jwatton
    47. 47. Behavioural Marketing Path to purchaseTraditional Marketing Life cycle marketing Real-time campaigns of one Targeting & segmenting Marketing messages Customer dialogs Customer lists Expensive/slow manual execution Behavioural database High value/ instant automation @jwatton
    48. 48. Get started @jwatton
    49. 49. 2013: What to Expect1. Big data moves from the aggregate to the individual and starts to become actionable for smaller companies.2. Companies increasingly invest in unified marketing platforms centred around customer behaviors and automation.3. Content marketing becomes increasingly critical as buyers demand more personalised, uniquely relevant content.4. The social conversation impacts every channel, from search to Web to email and beyond.5. Customers expect a mobile-friendly experience.6. Marketing departments transform to better deliver individualised conversations with buyers. @jwatton
    50. 50. How to succeed Worksheet/Planners Expert Videos @jwatton
    51. 51. Thank You! +44 7557 125255 jwatton@silverpop.com @jwatton @jwatton