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EDU 323: Week 3
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EDU 323: Week 3



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  • 1. EDU323: Week 3 Dr. Jennifer C. Walts
  • 2. Agenda• Welcome ~ Sharing• Discussion • “The Impoverished Mind”• Looking Ahead• Questions?• Food for Thought
  • 3. Impoverished Mind• Why does Elliot Eisner feel that our curriculum is unbalanced?• Why is this a problem?• How does a balanced curriculum help students with different learning styles succeed?
  • 4. Continued…• How do creative arts help students experience information more fully? (Autumn) • Art • Photography • Music • Sounds • Cooking/food • Poetry
  • 5. The rainforest• Pretend you are in third grade…your teacher has given you a passage to read about the rainforest.• Now…Stop and jot… • Think about what you know about the tropical rainforest. • Write down at least two things you know. • Let’s share.
  • 6. Gallery Walk• Now let’s experience the rainforest in a different way.
  • 7. Art…
  • 8. artistic view
  • 9. From above
  • 10. Photography
  • 11. Forest Fauna
  • 12. Forest Floor Flora
  • 13. PoetryThe RainforestBy Martha McDermottThe birds were singingand the sun was shining,the monkeys were howling loud,The river was flowingand the fish were swimming,As the flamingos were standing proud.A very light drizzle was falling down,as a Jaguar crouched on the ground,A majestic leapord climbed a tree, as if he had a crown,while a green hummingbird full of life lively buzzed around.
  • 14. Rainforest Fruits• How about making a fruit salad with bananas, mangoes, pineapples, and coconut?
  • 15. Balance• Does experiencing a balanced curriculum enhance your understanding of what a rainforest is?• Why? Why not?
  • 16. This Week• React: Friday ~ Post your reaction paper to the article we read and the article you found. Two pages, double-spaced. Post in the DropBox.• Respond: Respond to at least three of your classmates in our discussion board.• Reflect: Email your reflection to Dr. Walts at jwalts@bpc.edu.
  • 17. Looking ahead• Week 4 is all about Graphic Organizers. • Visit websites that have examples • Read the article (in Haiku) on the research behind Graphic Organizers • Respond to the article…share your thoughts and experiences with Graphic Organizers • React to three of your classmates’ papers • Collaborate when you join our Elluminate session • Create a Graphic Organizer of your own • Reflect on the week
  • 18. Food for Thought• The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth."--Dan Rather