Jim Wagner Presentation " 30 Years After.... "

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First solo show @ Nicholas Gallery Cincinnati, Ohio " 30 Years After " Info: www.NicholasGalerry.org June29 till July21

First solo show @ Nicholas Gallery Cincinnati, Ohio " 30 Years After " Info: www.NicholasGalerry.org June29 till July21

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  • 1. “ Solo Show 6-29-07 Blue Moon” 30 Years After…..
  • 2. “ White Drawing” 22x30” Pencil on paper After dusting off my last portfolio from 77. I found a few tattered drawings from days past.
  • 3. “ Early studio drawing 1977” 18x24” Charcoal on paper
  • 4. “ Thunderstorm 8:00 PM” 22x30” House paint on paper In my car I went. It surely looked like rain…….
  • 5. “ 8:17 PM “ 22x30” House paint on paper Armed with three brushes and three cans of paint…
  • 6. “ 8:23 PM” 22x30” House paint on paper I have never sweat that much in my life.
  • 7. “ What Frannie Wants…” 22x30” Pencil and construction paper Study for first large painting
  • 8. “ What Frannie Wants…” 22x30” Oil pastel with paint on paper How we begin to see again with the help of our children
  • 9. “ What Frannie wants…” 4x5’ Enamel paint on canvas Color, shapes, icons and learning.
  • 10. “ What Frannie Wants…. “ 22x30” Oil pastel and paint on paper Making the scene….
  • 11. “ RAVEN” 3x4’Paint and colored paper on canvas Teaching the sever handicapped – images became very important to me!
  • 12. “ A little Mystery” 3x4’ Latex and oil paint on canvas An unknown child of 4 left a drawing on my desk while I was teaching …………
  • 13. “ Side Effects (A Little Mystery)” 3x4’ Latex and oil paint on canvas Horizontal view
  • 14. “ Side Effects (A little Mystery)” 15x15” Enamel paint on plywood Just cant get enough of the mystery
  • 15. “ Deer Hunt” 4x5’ Oil pastels and paper on canvas Paying homage to the 1rst and 2 nd graders at Amanda Elementary School
  • 16. “ My Friend’s Back Yard” 30x32” Acrylic /poly-medium with colored paper Very simple and to the point!
  • 17. “ Terrestrial Paradise” 4x5’ Latex / enamel paint with color paper on canvas The large painting surprised me. It was very close to being a religious statement.
  • 18. “ !/ !/ !/” 22x30” Mix media on paper I received an assignment by D.B. to see what I could come up visually with the glyph
  • 19. “ !/ !/ !/ 2” 22x30” mix media on paper Thinking a lot Thinking of early Rothko…..
  • 20. “ Hernando 1 “ 22x30” Mix media on paper First attempt!
  • 21. “ Hernando” 22x30” Mix media on paper For D.B. Her novel is due out Dec. 7, 07 “Bombs Away”
  • 22. “ !/ !/ !/ 3 “ 22x30” Mix media on paper Finding the direction of the icon.
  • 23. A spring ride with D.B. “ Serpent Mound, Adams County, Ohio” 30x32” Acrylic paint / poly-medium with colored paper on canvas
  • 24. “ Terrestrial Paradise” 2 / 2x4” wood panels with paint and photography Xmas break 07
  • 25. “ When Worlds Collide” 2x4” Wood panel with mix media Thanks!!! D.B.
  • 26. “ Doors” 37X44” Acrylic paint and crayon on canvas Thanks Nick for not being there, I would have never notice the doors.
  • 27. “ Behind Doors” 37x44” Mixed media on plywood Homage to 72 1rst and 2 nd graders at Central Elementary school.
  • 28. “ The man upstairs in Apt2c” 18x24” Acrylic paint on canvas A story of a man was told to me by Nick the gallery owner.
  • 29. “ Corp. 1” 22x30” (Re-worked) Acrylic paint oil pastel In The box!
  • 30. “ Corp.2 22x30” Acrylic paint / oil pastel with construction paper on white board “ Thinking out of the box”
  • 31. “ Forecast” 3x4’ Acrylic paint on canvas Bottom line at all cost!
  • 32. “ Last Supper” 22x30” Paint / oil pastel on canvas We all support certain corporations That believe in the survival of the fittest
  • 33. “ The Last Supper” 22x30” Paint / oil pastel on paper “ They eat their young”
  • 34. “ Corp. Criminals” 36x44” Latex and enamel paint on canvas Far too long did I saw what greed did and what it can do……………
  • 35. “ Mother” 1922 to 2007 ( She passed away this year) 18x30 acrylic paint on canvas
  • 36. “ Kathie” 18x24” oil paint on canvas Given to my wife on valentines day 86.
  • 37. Artist Statement     Primitives huddle in a cave, some listening to a hunter grunting out a story about the big kill, others watching painters render crude images of the same event on the rock walls. Has this scene changed that much? I believe not. We are huddled in this gallery doing much the same thing: listening, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and seeing. No, nothing has changed. But do you believe?   When I approach an empty canvas, I carry with me every thing that ever happened to me since the day I was born. I even carry the genetic imprint of those cave dwellers huddled around the fire. I am the wolf yearning for the taste of blood and the deer intent on escape. All of it is there when I stand before the canvas, not in words, but in the feel of movement and the senses interacting with one another. A writer once told me that art is not about the artist or even about the finished product. It is about the journey that took him there: the hunt for a single truth. Painters can document this journey. The map is the painting itself.   I invite you to look at my paintings. Look at them with more than your eyes. Take in all you can in that’s around you. Let yourself go and feel. I invite you to go with me back to the cave…
  • 38. Thank You J.W.