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OpenSky Infrastructure OpenSky Infrastructure Presentation Transcript

  • Jonathan H. Wage OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Who am I? • My name is Jonathan H. Wage • Director of Technology at • Started OpenSky Nashville office • Open Source Software evangelist • Long time Symfony and Doctrine core contributor OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • What is OpenSky? • Social discovery shopping website • Select your own team of people • Experts, influencers and tastemakers from the fields of: –fashion –food –healthy living –home –kids • Theyll select the best products out there— just for you. OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12 View slide
  • 1 Year of Business • 1 year of business on April 1st 2012 –1.5 million users –100 plus high profile curators • Martha Stewart • Alicia Silverstone • The Judds • Bobby Flay • Cake Boss –10 million connections –500k in revenue a week OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12 View slide
  • Offices • Headquarters in Manhattan • Satellite offices across the United States –Nashville –New Hampshire –Portland –San Francisco OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Technology Overview • PHP (DEVO) • Symfony2 (Framework) • Doctrine2 (Database Persistence Libraries) –Object Relational Mapper + MySQL –Object Document Mapper + MongoDB • Java (OSIS) –Mule (Framework) –HornetQ (Message Queue) • MongoDB • MySQL • Memcached • Varnish OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Technology Overview –Apache –Nginx –Puppet (server configuration) –Fabric (deploys) –Github (source control) –Jenkins –pr-nightmare »ruby bot that integrates GitHub pull requests with jenkins. –JIRA –Nagios –Statsd –Graphite OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Basic System Structure MongoDB Secondary Replication MongoDB Primary MongoDB Secondary DEVO OSIS MongoDB Text MySQL Slave Replication MySQL Master web1 web3 web5 MySQL Slave hornetq hornetq hornetq MySQL Group 1 hornetq cluster web2 web4 web6 varnish/load Request nginx balancer hornetq hornetq hornetq failover VIP Group1 Group 2 hornetq OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Databases • MongoDB • MySQL OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • MongoDB • What do we store in MongoDB? – Non transactional CMS type data • Products • Catalog • Categories • Follows • Offers • CMS Site Data • Other misc. non mission critical data OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • MySQL • What do we store in MySQL? –Important transactional data • Orders • Inventory • Stock items OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • HornetQ • Cluster of HornetQ nodes –HornetQ runs on each web node –DEVO sends messages to HornetQ –OSIS consumes messages from the HornetQ cluster and performs actions on the messages • interact with third party API • chunk the work and multiple messages to other queues • upload images to s3 OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • HornetQ Failover • If the local HornetQ is not available on the web node it fails over to a VIP • Protects us from losing messages if we have an issue with a local hornetq node. OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Example • Image uploads in DEVO admin –User uploads an image –Image is stored in MongoDB gridfs temporarily –Send a message to OSIS about the image –OSIS downloads the image and sends it to Amazon –When done OSIS posts back to DEVO to update the database with the new url –Image is served from CloudFront OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Example • At OpenSky we listen to the seller.follow event and perform other actions –forward the event to OSIS • send e-mail for the follow • notify sailthru API of the user following the seller –log the follow to other databases like an activity feed for the whole site –rules engines. When actions like “follow” are performed we compare the action to a database of rules and act based on what the rule requires OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Why sit behind HornetQ? • Ability to retry things when they fail • Keep heavy and long running operations out of the scope of the web request • Imagine if your mail service goes down while users are registering, they will still get the join e-mail it will just be delayed since we don’t send the mail directly from DEVO. Instead we simply forward the user.create event to OSIS OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • DEVO • Main components that make up DEVO –Symfony2 –Doctrine2 ORM –Doctrine MongoDB ODM OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Domain Model • Plain old PHP objects /** @ODMDocument(...) */ class Seller { /** @ODMId */ –MongoDB Documents protected $id; // ... –ORM Entities } /** @ODMDocument(...) */ class User { /** @ODMId */ protected $id; /** @ORMEntity(...) */ // ... } class Order class SellerFollow { { /** @ORMId */ // ... protected $id; /** @ODMReferenceOne(targetDocument="User") */ /** @ODMObjectId */ protected $user; protected $productId; /** @ODMReferenceOne(targetDocument="Seller") */ /** @GedmoReferenceOne( protected $seller; } * type="document", /** @ODMDocument(...) */ * targetDocument="Product", class Product * identifier="productId" { * ) /** @ODMId */ */ protected $id; protected $product; // ... // ... } } OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Separate model and persistence –Easier to test –Don’t need connection or mock connection in order to test model since it is just POPO(plain old php objects) –More flexible and portable. Make your model a dependency with a submodule • share across applications that are split up • more controlled change environment for the model and database OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Working with model $user = $dm->getRepository(User) ->createQueryBuilder() ->field(email)->equals( ->getQuery() ->getSingleResult(); $seller = $dm->getRepository(Seller) ->createQueryBuilder() ->field(slug)->equals(marthastewart) ->getQuery() ->getSingleResult(); $sellerFollow = new SellerFollow($seller, $user); OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Thin Controllers • Keep controllers thin and delegate work to PHP libraries with clean and intuitive APIs • A controller action in DEVO looks something like this: class FollowController { // ... public function follow($sellerSlug) { // $seller = $this->findSellerBySlug($sellerSlug); // $user = $this->getLoggedInUser(); $this->followManager->follow($seller, $user); } // ... } OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Decoupled Code • Functionality is abstracted away in libraries that are used in controllers. class FollowManager { // ... public function follow(Seller $seller, User $user) { // ... } } OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Decoupled Code • Decoupled code leads to –better unit testing –easier to understand –easier maintain –evolve and add features to –longer life expectancy OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • DEVO Events • In DEVO we use events heavily for managing the execution of our own app code but also for communicating between systems <service id="" class="AppListenerSellerFollowListener"> <tag name="kernel.event_listener" event="seller.follow" method="onSellerFollow" /> </service> class FollowManager { // ... public function follow(Seller $seller, User $user) { // ... $this->dispatcher->notify(new Event($seller, seller.follow, array( user => $user ))); } } OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Listening to events • Now we can listen to seller.follow and perform other actions when it happens. – Create SellerFollowListener::onSellerFollow() class SellerFollowListener { /** * Listens to seller.follow */ public function onSellerFollow(EventInterface $event) { $seller = $event->getSubject(); $user = $event[user]; // do something } } OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Forwarding events to OSIS • We also have a mechanism setup in DEVO to forward certain events to OSIS • Configure EventForwarder to forward the seller.follow and seller.unfollow events <parameter key="memoryqueue.queue.seller">jms.queue.opensky.seller</parameter> <service id="follow.event_forwarder" class="EventForwarder" scope="container"> <tag name="kernel.event_listener" event="seller.follow" method="forward" /> <tag name="kernel.event_listener" event="seller.unfollow" method="forward" /> <argument>%memoryqueue.queue.seller%</argument> <argument type="service" id="serializers.sellerFollower" /> <argument type="service" id="memoryqueue.client" /> </service> OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • The EventForwarder class EventForwarder { protected $client; protected $queueName; protected $serializer; protected $logger; public function __construct($queueName, AbstractSerializer $serializer, ClientInterface $client, LoggerInterface $logger) { $this->serializer = $serializer; $this->queueName = $queueName; $this->client = $client; $this->logger = $logger; } public function forward(Event $event) { $headers = array( BasicMessage::EVENT_NAME => $event->getName(), BasicMessage::HOSTNAME => php_uname(n), ); if ($event->has(delay)) { $headers[_HQ_SCHED_DELIVERY] = (time() + $event->get(delay)) * 1000; } $parameters = $this->serializer->toArray($event->getSubject()); $message = new BasicMessage(); $message->setHeaders($headers); $message->setQueueName($this->queueName); $message->setParameters($parameters); if ($this->logger) { $this->logger->info(sprintf(Forwarding "%s" event to "%s", $event->getName(), $this->queueName)); $this->logger->debug(Message parameters: .print_r($parameters, true)); } $this->client->send($message); } } OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Development Lifecycle OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • JIRA • Manage product/development requests and workflow –Managing releases –What QA needs to test in each release –What a developer should be working on OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • github • Pull requests –Code review/comments –Integration with jenkins for continuous integration • In house github –Keep sensitive information safe and in our control • passwords mainly –Ability to deploy when github has issues • git flow and project branches OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • pr-nightmare • Robot written in ruby by Justin Hileman (@bobthecow) –Monitors pull requests on github –Runs jenkins build for pull requests when first created and each time it is changed and comments on the pull request with success or failure –Keeps our build always stable –pr-nightmare runs on a beast of a build server so tests run fast and in groups so you get feedback fast OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • fabric • One click deploys –Makes deploying trivial –Get new functionality out in to the wild fast –Hotfix issues quickly • Example commands $ fab staging proxy.depp $ fab staging cron.stop $ fab staging ref:release/3.5.1 deploy OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • No downtime deploys • Web nodes split in two groups –group1 • web1 • web3 • web5 –group2 • web2 • web4 • web6 OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Deploy to one group at a time Start the deploy, build everything and distribute it to the web nodes but don’t make it live $ fab prod ref:v3.5.0 deploy.start Pull group2 from the load balancer so it is not receiving any traffic $ fab prod proxy.not_group1 Finish deploy on the out nodes (group1) $ fab prod:out ref:v3.5.0 deploy.finish Test group1 and make sure everything is stable. Flip the groups in the load balancer so group1 with the new version starts getting traffic and group2 stops getting traffic $ fab prod proxy.flip Finish deploy on the out nodes (group2) $ fab prod:out ref:v3.5.0 deploy.finish Make all nodes live $ fab prod proxy.all OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Depped • When a deploy requires downtime we “depp” the site. Basically, we show a page with pictures of Johnny Depp. • Depped: –To be put under the spell of Johnny Depps charming and beautiful disposition. • Depp the site with fabric and no nodes will receive traffic $ fab prod proxy.depp OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Database Migrations • Deploys often require a migration to the database –Add new tables –Add new fields –Migrate some data –Rename fields –Remove deprecated data –Anything else you can imagine • Try to make migrations backwards compatible to avoid downtime • Eventual migrations • Migrate data on read and migrate when updated. OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Database Migrations • Doctrine Migrations library allows database changes to be managed with PHP code in github and deployed with fabric • Generate a new migration in DEVO $ ./app/console doctrine:migrations:generate class Version20120330114559 extends AbstractMigration { public function up(Schema $schema) { } public function down(Schema $schema) { } } OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Database Migrations • Add SQL in the up() and down() methods. class Version20120330114559 extends AbstractMigration { public function up(Schema $schema) { $this->addSql(ALTER TABLE stock_items ADD forceSoldout TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0); } public function down(Schema $schema) { $this->addSql(ALTER TABLE stock_items DROP COLUMN forceSoldout); } } • down() allows you to reverse migrations OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Database Migrations • Deploy migrations from the console $ ./app/console doctrine:migrations:migrate • Deploying with fabric executes migrations if any new ones are available OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Database Migrations • Our migrations live in a standalone git repository • Linked to DEVO with a submodule • Allows managed database changes to be deployed standalone from a full fabric deploy which requires pulling a group out of the load balancer. OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Use third party services • Don’t reinvent the wheel outside of your core competency –Sailthru - transactional and marketing emails –Braintree - credit card processing –Vendornet - supplier drop-ship system –Fulfillment Works - managed warehouse –Kissmetrics & Google Analytics - analytics –Chartbeat - real time statistics OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Social Integration • Facebook comments –Utilize facebook comments system instead of rolling our own –Integrate with our data model via FB.api for local comments storage • Facebook timeline –Post OpenSky actions/activity to users facebook timeline • Facebook sharing • Pinterest sharing • Twitter sharing OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Reporting/Data Warehouse MongoDB ETL MySQL Braintree Replication ETL MySQL Data Warehouse ETL ETL Fulfillment Vendornet Works Warehouse Databases views/procs flight_deck mongo data mysql slave rollups/aggregates jetstream_mongo opensky_devo atmosphere OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • flight_deck • DEVO and other applications only need access to flight_deck –Set of stored procedures that run on cron, updating stats, aggregates, rollups, etc. –MySQL views to expose the data needed for dashboards, reports and other reporting user interfaces. OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Internal communications –IRC • Day to day most real time communication between teams is done on IRC –Jabber –Github Pull Request Comments • All code review is done in pull request comments –Mumble • Push to talk voice chat used for fire fighting and deploys –E-Mail lists OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Mumble • –Hosted mumble servers that are very affordable OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12
  • Questions? Jonathan H. Wage We’re hiring! PHP and JAVA Engineers System Administrators Frontend Engineers (Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS) Quality Assurance (Selenium, Maven) Application DBA (MySQL, MongoDB) OpenSkyTuesday, May 8, 12