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Using Social Media to Build Social Capital
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Using Social Media to Build Social Capital


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Using Social Media to Build Social Capital
    • 2. Challenges of Digital Communication
      Ever Feel Like You are Talking to a Brick Wall?
    • 3. Lack of Face to Face
    • 4. What Do You Lose out on when there is no Face to Face?
    • 5. Body Language is Gone
    • 6. Bring the noise!!!
    • 7. How does our sight and hearing affect our Trust?
    • 8. Establishing the Trust Factor
      Consistent Posting Whether It’s Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc
      Researching Content that is actually useful to your network
      Punctuality in Responding to Fan Feedback
      Be quick to show commendation and thankfulness to your network
      Reliable and Valuable Partnership Marketing
    • 9. Mental Challenge of Bridging the Gap Between Face to Face and Digital
    • 10. Using Facebook to Build Social Capital
      Goal-create plenty of positive interactions to offset negative events
      Identify Your Brand Advocates and Encourage Their Influence
      Explore different times of day and days of week to establish when your audience is engaging
      There is no one size fits all when it comes to using Facebook—Why is that?
      Use tools like HyperAlerts to monitor feedback on your pages and others
    • 11. Get Past the Boring Status Updates
      Come check out the pool
      Fresh baked cookies!!
      Remember your rent is due
      Now leasing
      The pool is closed
      Lease specials
    • 12. Be Creative!!
      Use local sports hype
    • 13. Be Creative!!
      Opinions on TV shows
      The Voice
      NCIS Los Angeles
      Friday Night Lights
      American Idol
      So You Think You Can Dance
      Any others?
    • 14. Food and Booze!!
    • 15. What Creative Ideas can you share?
    • 16. Where is that Insight button?
    • 17. Using Facebook Insights
    • 18. Using Facebook Insights
    • 19. How have Facebook Insights been helpful to you?
      Exercise: Let’s take 5 minutes and review your individual Facebook Insights
    • 20. Facebook NEW Features for Business
      Use Facebook as “My Business”
      See exactly who your new “likes” are
      New Notifications dropdown feature
      Identify businesses in your area with Facebook pagesespecially those you partner with
      Use Facebook as “My business” and then search for those businesses.
      Like their page
      Then Click “Home” to see all activity of pages you have liked and start the interactions
    • 21. How do you think the new Facebook features will enhance your social capital?
    • 22. Thank Your Residents Often
    • 23. Address Issues Openly
    • 24. Address Issues Openly
    • 25. Feature Your Residents
    • 26. Why Blog?
      Build up Partnership Marketing
      Create a Deeper Level of Connection With Your Residents
      Incredible SEO
      Better potential reach to prospects
    • 27. Blogging Fundamentals
      Make sure it works- plugins, RSS, subscription, sharing tools etc
      Average sharing ratio is 5:1
      Robust yet easy to use comment system
      Blogging is not a sales pitch platform yet needs a call to action
      Don’t state facts, write a story
      Be involved in the online community
    • 28. Industry Examples
    • 29. Industry Examples
    • 30. Site Stats
      Beginning December 2010
      297 – Total Posts
      1059 – Comments
      345 – Busiest Day, May 17th
      13,116– Total Views!
      145 – Average Views Per Day
      2,537 – Total View in April
      4,274 – Total View SO FAR in May
      545 – Facebook
      40 – Twitter
      20 – Google
      18 –
    • 31. Content Ideas-Where Can You Get Them From?
    • 32. Connect Blog to Your Residents
      Give your blog a voice
      Make it conversational
      Make sure it has value
      Encourage subscriptions
      Use Internal Links to keep people on your site
    • 33. COOL Tools TO enhance your Digital presence-Paper.LI
    • 34. COOL Tools TO enhance your Digital presence-Facebook Questions
    • 35. COOL Tools TO enhance your Digital presence
    • 36. COOL Tools TO enhance your Digital presence
    • 37. Difference Between ROI and ROE
      ROI-Return on Investment
      ROE-Return on Engagement
      ROI-numbers, stats, percentages, budgets
      ROE-conversations, network growth, WOMM
    • 38. You Can’t Be An Antisocial Company in a Social World
    • 39. Keys to success in building social capital
      Full Company Buy-in and Participation
      Plan, Strategize, Implement, Analyze, Repeat
      Be ready for tomorrow
      We each have two ears and one mouth
      Simply Ask
    • 40. Social Media an Aid to Conflict Resolution
      It is a common business fact that overall positive interactions reduce the level of the conflicts when they occur
    • 41. The Scale of Social Capital
      71% of consumers have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer service
      Globally, the average value of a lost customer is $243
      $83 billion is the cost of poor customer service in the US
      Companies focus on acquisition more than customer retention, even though it can cost 7x more to acquire new customers
      A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%
    • 42. What’s In a Handshake?
    • 43. Making Eye Contact in a Digital World
    • 44. Smile When You Type
    • 45. In conclusion
      Be part of something bigger
      Educate yourself on the tools that facilitate a digital community
      Be consistent yet flexible
      Have Fun!
    • 46. Questions & Answers
    • 47. There is no end to the social capital you can grow!
      Keep in touch with me on Facebook
      For some really nerdy content check me out at There are club level seats still available! 