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How JustGiving’s new app enables donations on Facebook


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  • 1. JustGiving’s new Facebook app (v1)
    The first app in the UK that enables people to donate to charity or sponsor their friends entirely on Facebook
  • 2. These slides demonstrate all the steps in the app’s donation process
    The goal in building this was to make an easy-to-use app that enabled people to donate without leaving Facebook (increasing conversion rates) and use Facebook’s latest broadcasting tools to encourage the donor to get more of their friends to donate too (increase number of donations).
    It is aimed at people using JustGiving to fundraise, with the idea that they share their fundraising page through the app and their friends subsequently donate on Facebook.
  • 3. App homepage
    Fundraiser needs to enter their JustGiving page address (URL)
  • 4. View of fundraising page
  • 5. Shows donations and comments
  • 6. Permission to use the app (on clicking ‘donate now’
  • 7. Donation process
    This would be the fundraiser’s name (this example is anonymised)
    Recognises if user has a JustGiving account already
  • 8. Recognises saved card details from JustGiving account
    Charity name and logo is displayed on every page
    User can enter a new card if they need to. PayPal is not offered as an option.
  • 9. Address is pulled in for existing JustGiving users
  • 10. Donation confirmation
  • 11. 3-D secure is used for extra security
    Find out more about 3D secure on Wikipedia – the scheme includes Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode
  • 12. Donation processing screen
    Displays charity thank-you message whilst user is waiting for donation to be processed
  • 13. Donation confirmation
    Donation status is clearly displayed
    Prompts donor to share their message on their Facebook wall
  • 14. Donation confirmation screen (contd.)
    Opt-in to charity comms and share email with fundraiser
  • 15. Send donation requests to friends
    On clicking continue on previous page, the donor is prompted to invite more of their friends to donate by sending an app request.
    Whether they send a request or skip this step, the donor is taken back to the page that they donated to so they can see their message and donation.
  • 16. Donation requests
    They appear as notifications to the friends sent a request – in the same ways as comments, likes or photo tags
    Message includes description of fundraising activity, app image and photo of friend sending the request
    On clicking accept, the user is taken to the fundraising page the donor just donated to on the Facebook app (in this example
  • 17. Post donation share
    This is the message posted to a donor’s wall if they agreed to share their donation message (as per earlier slides)
  • 18. Other things to note - SDI
    The app can be used in conjunction with our simple donation integration features. This means you can pre-select a fundraising page, donation amount and define a url for a donor to be taken too after donation.
    If you have your own Facebook app, you can prompt people to donate through this app and have a user returned to your Facebook app once they have donated. Get in touch if you’re interested in this.
  • 19. Other things to note – can be used on brand pages
    If you want to accept donations through your Facebook page, you can add create your own version of this application to display a fundraising page. See the Meningitis Research Trust page.
  • 20. We are already working on v2 of the app, making individual giving easier
    If you’re interested in this you can join our BETA app Facebook page, and learn how to add the current app to a brand page here.
    If you need to let fundraisers know how the app works, see our blog:
    We also have a very popular list of Facebook fundraising tips:
  • 21. Jonathan Waddingham, Product Manager