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  • Source: 2009 GMA/Deloitte Green Shopper Study “Finding the green in today’s shoppers”. Sample Size is 6,498 Shoppers Interviewed as they exited the store; Percent figures indicate portion of respondents who indicated that they a) would purchase a green product (q14) b) answered ‘Yes’ to knowing what a green product is (unaided q9) c) were looking for a green product (yes or no to seeing green products q10) d) saw green products (q10) and e) purchased a green product (aided) (q11). A sample questionnaire provided to shoppers is in Appendix A
  • Supervalu private organic brand – product priorities
  • There are many aspects of products to be considered in sustainability – one of many thingsAttributes of sustainable products include:Promotes the responsible use and conservation of land, fuels and electricity;Is certified to third-party standards or ecolabels for sustainability attributes;Reduces waste and makes efficient use of resources (energy and water especially);Was sourced, grown, or made using fair labor standards;Reduces polluting by-products or safety hazards during manufacture, use and disposal;Packaging or product can be recycled; andPackaging or product contains recycled materials.
  • How does cat man sort through these things?
  • Carbon footprintWater footprintWaste footprintPackagingCurrent agriculture trends (locally sourced, organic and use of biotechnology)
  • Carbon footprint – look a grocery product for footprint (walker’s crisps) and say equivalence in …What is it – product imageWhy important – cost of energyWhat should you ask your suppliers
  • Agricultural land occupies 50% of the Earth's habitable land (World Wildlife Fund)Globally, the agricultural sector consumes about 69% of the planet's fresh water-more than twice that of industry (23%) and dwarfing municipal uses (8%) (World Wildlife Fund)World food production will have to increase 70% to meet the needs of the 2.3 billion people that are expected to inhabit the planet and increasing demand of higher incomes. (FAO)
  • Picture of 2 ppl talking to each other – bubble with contentWhat you need to tell them, and then how you tell themTell your suppliers about your interest in sourcing products that address:the sustainability attributes of your product category andyour company’s sustainability prioritiesMode of communication: individual phone calls or emails, a webinar, or mass messages sent to all your suppliersDepends on how many suppliers you would like to contactWe recommend starting small with one or two suppliers, for example through a pilot approach.
  • Libby quote from Steve Jobs about company sustainabilityYou’ve started conversation, now start to acquire info on company and productsGeneral sustainability questions of supplier companyDo you have a strategic corporate sustainability program?Do you have a plan in place to increase operational efficiencies (e.g., energy use, water use, transportation fuel)?Product specific questions to address your sustainability prioritiesHow do you trace the origin of your ingredients?What ecolabels do you use?What are you doing to decrease packaging of products and increase recycled content of packaging?See pages 9 and 18-19 of Guide for detailed questions
  • What makes a “good” ecolabel?Ecolabeling organization itself is credible, with appropriate management practicesMarket recognitionGood performance standardAddresses important sustainability hot spotsDeveloped in a transparent process with participation of all relevant stakeholdersPublically available
  • Provide examples
  • Take guide, customize it, and make it your own
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