Vantage Point- 9 shot analysis


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Vantage Point- 9 shot analysis

  1. 1. Vantage Point Title sequence es/00104-Vantage_Point
  2. 2. The majority of the shot is black, with a section of the frame revealing anestablishing shot of rooftops. The smaller section could represent thesurroundings of the sniper and what the audience are allowed to see iswhat he can see. The sepia film covering the shot contrasts with the darksurroundings of the black. The connotations of the black lead the audienceinto believing the film contains darkness and death within thefilm, however the contradiction of the orangey/ gold colours suggest thatthere is hope to the narrative of the film. The use of an establishing shotleads the audience on a journey as the shot commences as they areintroduced to the setting, it makes the audience question where the film isset and the relevance to the story.
  3. 3. From the previous screen shot the darkness has taken up less of theshot, to reveal more of the establishing shot. The audience is givenmore clues of the setting as more is visual, a city is seen. As more ofthe orange/gold section is visible it could be interpreted as ‘good’conquering ‘evil’, yet the setting contradicts this idea as a citylocation is typically stereotyped for crime. This idea is supported bythe red orb ‘scanning’ the credits as it could symbolise a spot laserattached to a gun. This could incline to the audience that there isgun fire and action, indicating towards an action-thriller sub genre.
  4. 4. The image sections has moved again, which could be construedas the enemy’s view point changing, they are following andwatching the people in the cars. The same type of vehicle couldindicate towards a high speed chase within thefilm, alternatively it could suggest a person of importance –that has a high level of security. The supper imposed images oftwo different car brands could imply a ‘good’ side and a ‘bad’side, this idea is reinforced by the colours of white andblack, the theory of binary opposites – Levi Strauss – isprominent here.
  5. 5. A group gathering or protest is apparent in this shot, this could be aninsight into possibly the ‘enemies’ reasons behind their baddeeds, they have a strong hatred towards the USA, this could tell theaudience that the genre of the film contains political features. Thegroup gathering could be a cover for the ‘bad’ side to commit their baddeeds. The close-up on the USA sign post supports these ideas. As theimages progress, less black is apparent in the shot, the images aremore dominant, this could suggest the messages in the images are alarger part to the narrative.
  6. 6. The image of the gun is taking up most of the shot, this could suggestthe enemy side is taking control, they have more power. This issupported by the dark colour scheme, as the connotations of darkcolours are those of evil, destruction and criminal actions. The plot ofthe film is now revealed that it revolves around crime andshooting/murder, however the sniper isn’t revealed, this leaves anenigma around the shooting.
  7. 7. The image section is slightly lighter and the secret service agents areable to be seen, this could indicate towards a person of importance, asthey need high security, it could also show that good triumphing. Theframing of the shot could also be interpreted as a television report, theevent is being covered by the mass media, seen by millions. This couldrepresent multiple points of views commenting on the same event –which is what the films storyline is based around.
  8. 8. This shot reveals more defined lettering, which leads the audience tothink about the past images – was the black section apart of thelettering? Although, the lettering isn’t clear so the audience are leftguessing for a while longer. It could also indicate to the audience thatthe film is about to start as the letters are coming together, they havebeen given the fundamental points to the storyline and now they areleft to draw their own conclusions as they aren’t given everything –this could suggest a possible twist in the storyline.
  9. 9. The sweeping motion of the black across the letters keeps the titlehidden from the audience for a while longer, this could represent thekiller, as the audience haven’t been shown who he is yet, they are leftin suspense a while longer. The movement of the black could alsorepresent the ominous darkness that is looming, the good side don’tknow what’s coming just yet.
  10. 10. This frame reveals the title to the film, however its simplistic font andsize could suggest that the film is a hybrid of the political/action andthriller genre as the font is ‘sans serif’, this could be interpreted that thetheme to the film is one that is direct, its straight to the point and blunt– the narrative doesn’t ‘waste time’. This could suggest to the audiencethat there are time constraints or a pressing issue at hand.The striking bright yellow, orange and green spots could signify sirens,which indicates towards the emergency services. This could imply a highspeed chase or a death.
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