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2) how does your media product represent
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2) how does your media product represent


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Published in: Design, Technology

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  • 1. 2) How does your media productrepresent particular social groups?
  • 2. There are two main characters Mollie and Lyle, as Lyle is twenty and five years older than Mollie who is still in high school it is apparent that they would not belong to the same social group.However as the audience would not know this during the first two minutes of the opening we had to represent though how the characters looks and is dresses.
  • 3. Mollie is from a good home, we can tell from herclothing and her hair and make-up, which are all nearperfect as she cares on her looks and appearance. Sheis from the popular crowd at school and can be seenfrom how she wears her uniform and the accessorieswhich she wears including the bag and headbandwhich are all in fashion. Mollie would belong to themain stream group, as she is fifteen she clearly followsthe social trends of not just of her friends but also thelatest fashion, to show this we chose that she shouldwear Uggs as they are worn by thousands of teenagegirls. Also the jeans and top she wore were very up todata fashion wise to show that the character caresabout her appearance and socially wants to fit in. Toshow that she is also busy with friends, she is alwaysout socialising this is when the character Lyle haschance to following her round filming and takingpictures of her. We wanted her to be the completedopposite to the character Lyle to show that they havecontrasting personality and lifestyles.
  • 4. We chose that the character Lyle wouldn’t fit into any socialgroup as his is somewhat of a outsider, and that he’s too shyto socialise, therefore has to ‘stalk’ the girl he loves rather totalk to her. As Lyle needed to be seen as the reverse of Molliehe lives in a small, damp, dark shed which he lives in alone,which also conveys to the audience that he has little/ nomoney, which again links back to being the opposite of her.The fact he has no money and is unemployed is then linked tohis costume. We chose to dress him in clearly old, shabby anddirty items, which present his personality of being a dirtyperson, as he stalks a girl much younger than him. We alsochose that he would have long, dirty, unwashed hair, whichagain links to him being unemployed and not having themoney do anything to it. The character Lyle portrays astereotypical ‘stalker’ in the sense that they aren’t typicallynice, clean people and that he would rather spend his moneyfollowing Mollie round than on the way he looks. As he isunemployed meaning little money, he simply does not havethe money to socialise which puts him as an outsider.