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The Do\'s and Don\'ts of Networking - presented to ASAP

The Do\'s and Don\'ts of Networking - presented to ASAP

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  • 1. Networking for Lifetime Career Success Jennifer Vessels February 25, 2009
  • 2. Networking “A supportive system of sharing “A supportive system of sharing information and services among information and services among individuals and groups having a a individuals and groups having common interestquot; common interestquot;
  • 3. The Do’s of Networking • Set networking goals • Do your homework • Be prepared to create impression • Adapt message to listener • Facilitate connections between others
  • 4. The Don’ts of Networking • Don’t overtalk – less is more • Multitask – appear distracted • Oversell - communicates lack of confidence • Approach everyone the same way • Network only when need job or contacts
  • 5. Elevator Speech Framework • Introduce yourself and your company • Communicate the problem you solve • Share the value YOU bring • What makes you unique • Provide validation and proof of your success • Ask how you can help the other person • Close with plan to follow-up
  • 6. Building Relationships from Networking
  • 7. Tips for Building Strong Relationships In today's world relationships have become a sustainable competitive advantage and a core capability that can be nurtured and leveraged throughout your career Invest in your professional relationships: • Touch base frequently • Pick up the phone • Branch out • Become a resource • Write a note • Tailor your approach • Be prompt with inquiries • Listen, listen, listen
  • 8. Keys to Your Success • Demonstrating your Professionalism and Value • Organization and Follow-up • Consistency of Life-long Networking
  • 9. Make a Positive Impression • Personal introduction • Problem you solve • Value you bring • Proof of success • How can I help you?
  • 10. Networking for Lifetime Career Success Jennifer Vessels 650 361 1902