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World Domination with Pentaho EE?
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World Domination with Pentaho EE?



Presentation deck for BeneDutch 2011

Presentation deck for BeneDutch 2011



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World Domination with Pentaho EE? World Domination with Pentaho EE? Presentation Transcript

  • World Domination with Pentaho EE? A Competitive Overview
  • Jos van Dongen> 20 yrs BIPrincipal ConsultantAuthor/Speaker/AnalystProud member of #BBBTWeb: www.tholis.comEmail: jos<at>tholis.comPhone: +31-(0)6-51169606Skype: tholis.josLinkedIn: jvdongenTwitter: josvandongenIRC: _grumpy
  • Agenda⇨ Whats happening in the BI world?⇨ The Open Source advantage⇨ Open Source maturity & adoption⇨ Competitive Overview⇨ Pentaho EE vs the rest summary⇨ Dashboard fun...⇨ Q&A 3
  • The Industry Radar Screens Forrester Wave for BI, Q4 2010 What about Gartner BI Magic Quadrant Open Source BI? 4
  • The value of the Radar Screens Source: Doug Laney, May 13, 2008 5
  • Current State of BI Industry
  • Risky Strategy…
  • $22,500,000,000
  • Time to wake up! 10
  • Open Source BI Stack Maturity Portals GIS Search Office Information Delivery & Presentation Information Delivery & Presentation Data Mining Statistics Visualization Text Mining (Advanced) Analytics (Advanced) Analytics Reports OLAP Ad-hoc Dashboards CPM Reporting & Analysis Reporting & Analysis DBMS Profiling Data Quality Modeling MDM Data Management Data Management ETL EAI EII Information Integration Information Integration Operating Systems, ApplicationNOIV Jaarcongres 2010 Tholis Consulting Servers, Programming languages 11 11
  • Open Source Everywhere “By 2012, 80 percent of all commercial software will include elements of open-source technology ”Many open-source technologies are mature, stable and well supported.They provide significant opportunities for vendors and users to lowertheir total cost of ownership and increase returns on investment.Ignoring this will put companies at a serious competitive disadvantage.Embedded open source strategies will become the minimal level ofinvestment that most large software vendors will find necessary tomaintain competitive advantages during the next five years.Gartner Group, 2008 12
  • Open Source Everywhere? 13
  • Stealth Open Source (1)⇨ Greenplum ⇨ PostgreSQL ⇨ Project R ⇨ Map/Reduce⇨ Information Builders ⇨ Magnify (Lucene) ⇨ Rstat (Project R) ⇨ Open Portal Services (Apache Jetspeed)⇨ IBM ⇨ iSeries Appliance (Talend) 14
  • Stealth Open Source (2)⇨ Business Objects ⇨ Apache Tomcat ⇨ MySQL ⇨ Eclipse ⇨ Subversion ⇨ EsperTech ⇨ Xalan ⇨ Geronimo ⇨ Python⇨ Cognos ⇨ Apache Tomcat ⇨ Apache Derby ⇨ PostgreSQL 15
  • #BigData, the new frontierYes, these (and more) are all Open Source! 16
  • #BigData, what about Data Quality?• Problems – Low conversion-rate on Marketing Campaigns. – Product return for incorrect addresses. – ‘Complex’ Data Migrations. – Management Reports not trusted by the users.• Cause – Polluted Customer Contact details. – Incorrect name, address, phone/fax/mobile or email. – Different standards in each Source.Data Quality through Steps in Pentaho.
  • Data Quality topics• Standardization, validation, correction and suggestion of Worldwide Names.• Standardization, validation, correction and suggestion of Worldwide Addresses.• Standardization, validation and suggestion of EMail addresses.• Standardization and validation of Worldwide Phone numbers.
  • DQ as a Step in Transformation
  • Example Transformation
  • Competitive Overviewhttp://www.biscorecard.comFree downloads of Analyst Reports!●Gartner Magic Quadrants●Forrester Waves●IDC Market Shares●Etchttp://www.sas.com/news/analysts/index.html 21
  • End to End BIReporting Operational, Production Embedded Web-based Ad-hocAnalysis Interactive slice, dice, and drill Web-based or ExcelDashboards KPIs Mash-upsData Integration / ETLData MiningBI Platform Scheduling & bursting Notification Content sharing Security integration 22
  • Highlights 23
  • ...and my take on it⇨ The Bad News: ⇨ iPad plugin is Analyzer only (!), plus its broken... ⇨ iPad/iPhone will be overtaken by Android ⇨ Hadoop is a niche product ⇨ Metadata incomparable to e.g. Oracle, IBM, SAP ⇨ Agile BI with single table input is a gimmick⇨ The Good News: Support IS (was?) excellent! 24
  • Pentahos Secret Weapon CDA ##pentaho Translation/ CDF documentation CDE BIRT ??? Kettle Kettle integration plugins CookbookCCC Saiku forums.pentaho.com 25
  • So what about.... you? 26
  • The BI Market in numbers Other=$2Bln Source: IDC, June 2011
  • Open Source (BI) Outperforms ⇨ Red Hat 72% (2010 market cap) ⇨ Jaspersoft 60% (2010 revenue) ⇨ Talend 140% (2009 cust base) ⇨ Pentaho revenue in 2010 +120% (!) 28
  • BI Platform Scores Proprietary MaterialGo to http://www.biscorecard.com for summary scores and full reports 29
  • Portfolio 30
  • Jaspersoft Architecture Proprietary add-on 31
  • End to End BI 32
  • Component based platforms 33
  • Some noteable differences too⇨ SpagoBI & Pentaho CE: Full BI capabilities⇨ Jaspersoft CE: Portal, Reporting & Analysis⇨ EE/Pro licensing hard to compare SpagoBI JasperSoft Pentaho Search ✔ ✔ ✘ Crosstabs ✔ ✔ ✘ Flash ✘ ✔ ✘ Data Mining ✔ ✘ ✔ GeoSpatial ✔ ✘ ✘ ETL Data Src ✘ ✘ ✔ 34
  • Open Core vs Open Source ⇨ Pentaho EE ⇨ Pentaho CE ⇨ Security, auditing ⇨ Simple mngt console ⇨ ETL Management ⇨ ⇨ Dashboard Designer ⇨ Community Dashboard ⇨ Analyzer (OLAP) ⇨ JPivot, Saiku ⇨ JasperSoft Pro ⇨ JasperSoft CE ⇨ ETL integrated ⇨ ETL DiY ⇨ Dashboards ⇨ ⇨ Ad-hoc ⇨ ⇨ Excel Add-in ⇨ 35
  • SAP Business Objects 36
  • SAP BO Acquisitions⇨ 2002-8 Acta (ETL, Data Integrator)⇨ 2003-12Crystal Decisions (Crystal Reports)⇨ 2005-8 SRC (Financial planning/budgetting)⇨ 2005-9 Medience (Data Federator)⇨ 2005-10Infommersion (Crystal xCelsius)⇨ 2006-4 First Logic (Data Quality)⇨ 2006-10ALG (Profitability Analysis)⇨ 2007-1 Cartesis (Consolidation & EPM)⇨ 2007-5 Inxight (VizServer, Text Analysis)⇨ 2007-9 Fuzzy! Informatiq (Data Quality)⇨ 2007-10 SAP Buying Business Objects⇨ 2010-5 Sybase (Column store, Mobile platform) 37
  • SAP-BO Summary⇨ Different suites, different scope, different pricing ⇨ Enterprise Professional (Classic BO) ⇨ Enterprise Premium (Incl Dashboarding & Encyclopedia) ⇨ Lots of Apps (Strategy Mngt, Budgetting, Consolidation, etc) ⇨ Edge Series (Midmarket, 3 editions)⇨ Unbeatable in ad-hoc reporting⇨ SAP-BO 4.0 the killer suite ? ⇨ Meta-data layer including data federation (ORCL BI Server) ⇨ Explorer finally usable? 38
  • SAP BO 4!⇨ Finally released, including Edge⇨ Notable features: ⇨ Universes add (some) federation & OLAP capabilities ⇨ Xcelsius now Dashboard Designer (Flash ! = no iPad ;-)) ⇨ Integrated lifecycle management (based on SVN)⇨ Knockoffs: ⇨ Heavy & complex 39
  • But... ...when considering BO vs other BI vendors a major decision point is that while each BO tool (Crystal, WebIntelligence, Explorer, Xcelcius, etc) has market leading functionality, there’s little product to product integration. Basically these are all separate products running on the same administrative platform and sharing the same data access layer (Universe), but you design, build and support these products separately. Other BI vendors offer much more integrated platforms. The next release of BO (currently in “ramp up” stage – meaning you have to specifically request it) which should hit the shelves later this winter will address some, but not all, product to product integration issuesBoris Evelson, Forrester Research 40
  • Cognos 10 BI Platform⇨ Major upgrade from previous “Studio Clutter” ⇨ From BI to Business Analytics ⇨ New integrated portal: Business Insight 41
  • Whats new in Cognos 10?1)Dynamic Query Mode2)New Charting Engine3)Model Design Accelerator4)Active Reports (think IBI)5)Business Insight6)Cognos Collaboration7)Cognos Mobile8)Cognos Real-Time Monitoring9)SPSS Modeler and SPSS statistics10)Cognos TM1 Integration11)Lifecycle Manager12)Enhanced auditing, tracing and scheduling 42
  • Dashboards Cognos Portal (Portal Pages) KPI’s NotificationsLibrary Standard report 43
  • Overige onderdelenReport Studio 44
  • Dashboard & Office integration 45
  • Cognos 8.4 vs Pentaho 3.6 Pentaho CE Pentaho EE Cognos8ETL Kettle (PDI) Kettle EE - (Data Manager, InfoSphere)Meta data layer Pentaho MD Pentaho MD Framework (manager)Ad hoc reporting Pentaho Ad Hoc Pentaho Analyzer Query StudioQuery Builder SQLeonardo SQLeonardo Report StudioReporting PRD PRD Report StudioOLAP DB Mondrian Mondrian - (PowerPlay, TM1)OLAP Client Jpivot, PAT Pentaho Analyzer Analysis StudioDashboards CDF Dashboard Builder Portals, Metric StudioData Mining Weka Weka -Scheduling Pentaho BI Pentaho BI Cognos8Authorization/SSO Acegi/Spring Spring + AD/LDAP AD/LDAP/Win/Etc.Portal (integration) JSR168 JSR168 Cognos8LCM/DTAP - Beperkt Cognos8 46
  • QlikView⇨ The Good stuff ⇨ It looks extremely sexy! ⇨ Powerful Dashboarding capabilities ⇨ Highly compressed (10:1) very, very fast in memory database⇨ The Weak points ⇨ You dont need a data warehouse ->yeah, right... ⇨ Focus on interactive analysis: limited user scope ⇨ Need to build applications for end users (Excel Hell in QV) ⇨ Reporting, anyone? ⇨ No (predictive) analytics, workflow, complex ETL (need INFA)⇨ And... its much more expensive than everyone thinks! 47
  • Pentaho EE vs Rest Summary⇨ Pentaho EE doesnt (yet) stack up to the big guys, so ⇨ Avoid feature by feature comparisons ⇨ Be careful with the cost advantage (esp. w. MSFT) ⇨ Focus on PDI, Agile BI & Analyzer ⇨ Focus on embedding & extensibility⇨ What would help (in POCs!): ⇨ Better visualization! (Protovis, anyone?->CCC!) ⇨ Interactive Dashboards (CDE!) ⇨ Default tabs linked to groups (CDT!) 48
  • About Dashboards....⇨ Killer feature in POCs⇨ QlikView basically does only one thing, but they do it VERY well⇨ Watch out for Business Objects Dashboards (a.k.a. Xcelsius)⇨ New kid on the block: Dundas Dashboards⇨ Microstrategy does pretty good too⇨ The rest is, well, nothing to worry about ;-) Lets see if you recognize them! 49
  • Question 1: what is this? 50
  • So youre thinking... ⇨ Check out C**: ⇨ CDT ⇨ CDF ⇨ CDA ⇨ CDE ⇨ CCC ⇨ Pentaho: ⇨ EE it (somehow) ⇨ ... 65
  • Future of Open Source BI 66
  • 67
  • Questions?