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This Linecard contains most of the manufacturers Heynen represents in the Benelux. For any custom solutions or logistical, technical and sales related questions please contact me directly.

This Linecard contains most of the manufacturers Heynen represents in the Benelux. For any custom solutions or logistical, technical and sales related questions please contact me directly.

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  • 1. Heynen works for innovatorsElectronic Components Heynen works for innovators
  • 2. Resistors Metal thin film chip Thick film chip resistors resistors • Standard thick film resistors • Professional and precision • High power (2W) chip resistors • High ohmic (1G) • Size: 0402-2512 • Low ohmic (0R05) • Tolerance: 0,05% - 1% • Trimmable resistors • TC: 10ppm - 50ppm • Networks • Impulse resistant resistors • Non-magnetic resistors Thin & thick film Inductors resistors Air core, thin film, • Chip and leaded resistors ferrite core, multilayer • Standard thick film resistors • Metal thin film precision HF/filters resistors HF capacitor, two terminal • Power type resistors filters, three terminal filters • Low ohmic resistors • Resistor networksNon-linear resistors Thermal sensors/circuit protectors • Varistors • Thermistors (NTC, leaded and SMD, power) • Sensors (temperature and frost detection) • Surge absorbers (VDR, CDR and zenamic) Thermal sensors/circuit protectors • Varistors • Disc varistors (leaded) • High energy varistors • SMD varistors (chip) • Low and medium voltage
  • 3. Capacitors Multilayer ceramic EMI filters capacitors • Surface mount filters • Standard, leaded and SMD • X2Y filters • High voltage up to 10kV • Panel mount filters • Low profile • Power filters (100A) • High dielectric withstand • Hermetically sealed panel voltage mount capacitors • Surge protection and safety • Varistor filters • Planar arrays FlexiCap terminations can be applied to many of the Syfer product ranges. Variable capacitors Non-magnetic • Precision trimmer components capacitors • Trimmer capacitors for NMR • Surface mount trimmer and MRI equipment capacitors • Multilayer and disc capacitors • Connectors, Inductors, Baluns and Step Recovery Diodes • Cable assemblies and hardware Multilayer ceramic capacitors • High voltage up to 20kV • High temperature (250°C) • High energy density • High CV (tantalum replacement) • Capacitor arrays • Stacked capacitors Single and multilayer Non-magnetic ceramic capacitors components • High Q multilayer capacitors • High Q multilayer ceramic • High frequency single layer capacitors capacitors • Special ceramic products • Custom thin film products Electrolytic capacitors • Standard leaded + SMD • Low leakage • Radial, screw and snap-in • +85°C, +125°C
  • 4. Inductors/coils/ferrites Inductors & coils • Switch mode power supplies • Noise suppression • Telecom applications • CATV applications • Lighting applications • Custom specific inductorsSensors Reed sensors & reed Reed relais switches • DIL - SIL • Leaded and SMD • 1, 2 & 4 contacts • Ex-i versions • Optical isolators (Ex-i) Viscosity sensor Viscosity sensor • Low shear • High shear Wireless temperature sensor • Temperature range • 0°C-+120°C Frequency controlled components (FCC) • Crystals, crystal filters, SAW filters • Clocks, XO, VCXO, VCSO, TCXO, OCXO/EMXO • For industrial, military and space applications
  • 5. Electro mechanical components Handles/knobs Light guide systems • Metal (alu) • LED indicators • Plastic • LED modules • SMD LED modules • Light pipes LED illumination systems • Light guides • Light pipes Rotary switches Electro magnets • Up to 100 steps • Solenoids • PCB-insertable • Push-pull magnets • Encoders PCB testing Adapters • Test probes • Mechanical • Test heads • Pneumatical • Test adapters • Vacuum Microwave Microwave loads • HF connectors • Dummy loads • HF switches • High power loads • Jumper cables (GSM) • Attenuators • Wave guides
  • 6. Electro mechanical componentsConnection system for PCB’s PCB terminalblocks RJ45 connection system • Spring clamp • Modular jacks IP20, IP67 • Screw type • Headers • IDC blocks All types are solderable for THT and SMT or pluggable.Heynen supplies a complete range of passive components:resistors, capacitors and inductors as well as electromechanical components.Our portfolio includes niche products like non-magneticcomponents, precision test needles and very stable oscillatorsas well as commodity lines.We are specialized in design-in activities and offer adedicated logistical service. Our customers compliment us onour high reliability of supply and flexibilities such as customerspecific barcode labelling. ISO 9001We have an extensive and very loyal customer base. Most of our BUREAU VERITAScustomers are innovative organizations in the field of telecom, Certificationmedical, industrial, CATV, energy supply and military. Heynen bv P.O. Box 10 NL-6590 AA Gennep De Groote Heeze 11 NL-6598 AV Heijen The Netherlands t +31 (0)485 55 09 09 f +31 (0)485 55 09 00 Heynen nv Centrum-Zuid 3047 B-3530 Houthalen Belgium t +32 (0)11 60 09 09 f +32 (0)11 52 57 77 Heynen GmbH Avenue Monterey 29 L-2163 Luxembourg heynen@heynen.com www.heynen.com