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This abridged edition of the Best of Branded Content Marketing: 10th Anniversary Edition book is the second of two Special Previews that we’re releasing. It contains seven of the best examples of award-winning case studies from leading brands and expert practitioners around the world.

We hope that you enjoy this excerpt from our new book and that you’re inspired to create your own best-practice branded content marketing work.

You can download the full edition of the book at practices/ebooks/ from 19 March 2014.

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BOBCM: Case Studies Part 2 - Best of Branded Content Marketing Volume II

  1. 1. CONTENTS Introduction Duck Tape ‘Race of Gentlemen’ Tenthwave Carphone Warehouse ‘Smarter World’ Adjust Your Set Intel+Toshiba ‘The Beauty Inside’ Pereira & O’Dell Barclays ‘Your Bank’ Red Bee Media Metro Trains Melbourne ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ McCann PepsiCo Lyubimy ‘Natural Love’ Fuse Russia Unilever Hellmann’s ‘In Search of Real Food’ Ogilvy About the book About the producers Copyright 2014. This book may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the publishers (BCMA, DMC, New Media Works) and the relevant copyright owner. Please contact in the first instance to request such permission. All trademarks and registered trademarks acknowledged. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION 2013 was the year that branded content marketing truly came of age, and this is celebrated with the launch of the Best of Branded Content Marketing: 10th Anniversary Edition ebook in March 2014. This Special Preview of the book is the second one that we have released prior to full publication. It contains seven of the best examples of award- winning case studies from leading brands and expert practitioners around the world. We hope that you enjoy this excerpt from our new book and that you’re inspired to create your own best-practice branded content marketing work. Andrew Canter CEO, BCMA ©BBPMedia/GiuseppeToppers Special Preview Edition: Case Studies Part Two
  3. 3. Campaign : The Race of Gentlemen Client : ShurTech Duck Tape Agency : Tenthwave Digital CASESTUDY
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. First run over an Autumn weekend in 2012, the Race of Gentlemen is an invitation-only series of races in which hand- built, modified pre-World War II cars and motorcycles roar along a 1/8-mile sandy straight on the beach at Wildwood, New Jersey. The Race was conceived by a group of hot-rod enthusiasts from the Oilers Car Club, which was established in the 1940s. The Race invokes the bygone era when people built cars to push their skills and their love of speed, using parts pulled from other cars or fabricated by hand in their backyards and home garages. “My vision was for a race much like you would have seen in 1910 or ’20: people dressed up, with picnic baskets and good booze, waiting to see a machine at its top speed pass before them on a wide open beach,” said Mel Stultz of the Oilers Car Club and founder of the Race of Gentlemen. One of the spectators at the 2012 event was Brendan Kennedy – now a Tenthwave Creative Director. Brendan went to Tenthwave in summer 2013 and pitched the idea of partnering with a brand to help raise the profile of the Race. The agency loved the idea, but had just three weeks to find a partner, conceive and produce a campaign that would be ready to go live at the second annual Race in October 2013. 5 CHALLENGE
  6. 6. When looking to engage a brand with a cultural event, Tenthwave aims to satisfy two important factors: 1. The event should be something that people care about and are already talking about, but there is an opportunity to expand the conversation in some way. 2. The involvement of the brand must be relevant and authentic to the event – a brand can’t stomp all over an event and take it over, they have to be genuine participants with a right to be there, and they have to participate in a way that’s not only on-brand but also feels natural to the consumers involved. For their first challenge – finding a willing and suitable brand partner – the agency realised that a cult race series with a niche target audience required the support of a cult brand that’s relevant to that niche and interested in building its own profile within the same community. One of Tenthwave’s clients, ShurTech’s Duck Tape®, was an obvious and natural fit. Duck Tape was first used during World War II, when US troops needed a strong, flexible, durable, waterproof tape that could seal canisters, secure cracked windows, repair trucks and more. The tape has been a staple in garages and toolkits across America ever since. Not surprisingly, drivers in the Race of Gentlemen were already using Duck Tape to build and patch up their cars, make pre-race modifications and running repairs – it was literally holding together vital car parts. 6 SOLUTIO
  7. 7. So both culturally and from a product angle, Duck Tape was a perfect match for the Race. The brand agreed to get involved at short notice, trusting Tenthwave to come up with a branded content marketing idea that would expand on Duck Tape’s existing goodwill and authenticity among race-goers. The agency had several other considerations to take into account for the conception and production of a campaign. First, they had to do something highly effective for the Race and the brand with a very short lead-time and without spending a lot of money. In fact, there was less than US$10,000 allocated for media. Hurricane Sandy had hit the beach the year earlier, destroying some of the historic beach huts and infrastructure. In order to support the event, Tenthwave would have to bring their own technical communications equipment, such as power and Internet connectivity, and get Duck Tape involved from the ground up. From a creative viewpoint, the energy and passion of the historic motoring event was matched by the amazing natural beauty of the backdrop itself – the beach with its sand and sea spray, the crazy characters, the old jalopies and the heritage buildings would all enable the creation of great visual content. 7
  8. 8. Tenthwave decided to create an experiential, branded content marketing pilot campaign, consisting of a mix of live activities during the Race from 4-6 October 2013: Live online broadcast of races Tenthwave created a campaign website that included live streaming of race footage from the beach, so that anyone anywhere in the world could view the races and the surrounding activity. Social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, was used to help drive traffic to the live feed site before and during the Race. Live photographic contest Spectators were encouraged to take photos during the Race weekend and hashtag their photos with #raceofgentlemen and #ducktape for a chance to win US$500. Instagram was the main social media platform for the photos, however photos also appeared on Duck Tape’s Facebook page where the brand has more than 5.5 million fans. The contest was promoted on the campaign website via a live feed of the Instagram shots, and it was promoted live at the Race, where Duck Tape and Tenthwave staff walked around chatting with attendees and handing out cards with directions on how to enter the contest. 8 "This campaign worked because it was cool and fun and relevant for hotrod enthusiasts. Whatever it is that’s culturally relevant, we want to bring that authenticity and relevance to all the brands we work with. This campaign is just one excellent example of facilitating the meeting of a brand’s product with cultural and social currency." Drew Rayman, Managing Partner, Tenthwave
  9. 9. Duck Tape giveaways ‘stand’ Duck Tape gave away free branded T- shirts, rolls of Duck Tape and cards promoting the photo competition from the back of a suitably modified stationwagon on the beach. Archival video footage A production crew filmed thousands of hours of footage during the Race weekend, with the aim to use this collection of stories and social content in future Duck Tape social and digital marketing initiatives. 9 "What was so great about this branded content campaign is that it was just an off-the-cuff idea from a guy in a garage: “Hey this is going on, wouldn’t it be cool if…” Duck Tape was literally invited in to the event and they took a chance that it would generate some benefits for them as well as for the Race of Gentlemen. And boy did it! It’s all about finding the right idea and the right brand and bringing them together." Kate Daggett, Executive Creative Director, Tenthwave "Duck Tape is the most versatile tool in my bag. I keep a roll in every car I own and I use a ton of it when I'm prop-making for the Race of Gentlemen" Meldon Van Riper Stultz III, Oilers Car Club, and his 1939 Indian Chief
  10. 10. 10 Founded in 2010, Tenthwave is the customer-obsessed digital, social and mobile marketing agency. Its passion is to inspire customers through insight and understanding, creating share-worthy social content for brands that resonates with – and between – people. As a more personal, full-service digital agency, its core service offerings lie in strategy, research, digital design, development, branded content development, user experience, social media management, online media, analytics, promotions and online marketing. Tenthwave has about 100 employees globally, with offices in New York City, Long Island, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Washington DC and London. See more of Tenthwave's work here. RESULTS• c.30,000 people accessed the live event online broadcast • Online viewers from 60+ countries • Average 15+ minutes spent on site per visitor • c.1 million pieces of branded content consumed in a week "My first truck, a 1969 Toyota Hi-lux, had a floor entirely made of Duck Tape" John Illenye and his 1928 German-built Triumph and Hindenberg metal werks sidecar "I've used Duck Tape to make a fan belt – and a belt to hold up my pants!" David Stein and his 1930 Ford Model A Speedster
  11. 11. The Duck Tape 'Race of Gentlemen' branded content marketing initiative matched the right brand with a relevant, relatively unheard-of, cool cultural event. It was the perfect opportunity to tell a story about Duck Tape in an authentic way – a story that people could help create and share in real time from a live event via earned media. The brand was welcomed into the event, rather than having to buy its way in, and all the Tenthwave and Duck Tape staff rolled up their sleeves to help build the event infrastructure. This translated into a feel-good, morale-boosting story that brought kudos to Duck Tape for its support of the event and the traumatised Jersey Shore, and in turn helped the live, socially activated campaign to take off under its own steam. The Duck Tape partnership also raised the Race of Gentlemen’s profile, connecting this niche subculture with other enthusiasts who create – and break! – things. Looking at the impact of the individual Duck Tape campaign activities, the stand at the Race was mobbed by race-goers and the free samples ran out within minutes, tens of thousands of people from around the world tuned into the live event on the campaign website, and over a million social impressions flooded the Internet over a couple of days. 11 OUTCOMES "Our goal with the Race of Gentlemen is to give car buffs some pure, event-driven content that stirs passion and makes them the marketing engine. When a brand delivers content so cool that people want to share it with their friends, there’s a credibility you can’t buy." David Rodgers, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, ShurTech Brands
  12. 12. There were several useful outcomes from the photographic contest: When Duck Tape and Tenthwave staff walked down the beach to hand out cards about the contest, the reaction was extremely positive and they were treated as part of the family. Duck Tape wasn’t borrowing the equity of the Race; it was dedicated to helping build it – a difference that was apparently obvious to event attendees and social media viewers alike. As a result, Duck Tape saw its largest spike in conversation across its social media channels. Through its presence at the Race and the inherent awareness this created, the brand also appeared in vastly more attendee photographs as an integral part of the cars, motorbikes, and general race experience. The photographic contest also proved vital to the live broadcast activity. When there were breaks between races, the footage from the beach wasn’t constantly riveting. However, the accompanying Instagram feed always featured shots that captured breathtaking moments in time and covered stories that were going on all over the beach, such as performer stunts that were pulled – a racer standing on a motorbike, the passion and energy of the event. The archive film footage of the event is being curated, along with all the fan content, and it will be distributed throughout the coming year. Building on 2013’s campaign experience, Duck Tape and Tenthwave are now looking to scale up the reach and amplification of the pilot project’s success. For 2014, Tenthwave plans to involve additional strategically aligned brand collaborators to augment the campaign activities, create more rich content to share, and use it to build a larger cultural story for the Race of Gentlemen and its associated partner brands. 12 "I X out my headlights and seal my floor with Duck Tape when I'm racing" TJ O'Grady and his 1931 Model A Ford roadster pick-up "We use Duck Tape on the seams between the hood and grill and the hood and body to help cheat the wind" Ken Schmidt and his 1932 Ford 3-window Coupe
  13. 13. Campaign : Smarter World Client : Carphone Warehouse Agency : Adjust Your Set CASESTUDY
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. 15 CHALLENGE In 2012, Carphone Warehouse decided to return to its roots – a new ‘back-to- basics’ approach, with a focus on becoming the specialist smartphone retailer. With every network represented (7million+ purchase combinations), Carphone Warehouse’s unique sales proposition is to offer more choice than any rival retailer, and to be the only place for truly independent expert advice. To fulfil this aspiration the brand needed to inspire people about what smartphones can do: the mini-computer in the pocket that can make people laugh, cry, keep close to loved ones, educate, provide the soundtrack to a commute, help run a new business – even spark revolutions and regime change. Video has an important role to play in this activity. Video consumption is becoming increasingly critical in the consumer research and purchase journey – 39% of all smartphone shoppers now use video at some point in their buying process. Carphone Warehouse appointed Adjust Your Set as its video agency following a competitive pitch, then challenged the agency to create a campaign with two objectives: 1. Develop an ongoing programme of entertaining and engaging video content that inspires people about smartphone possibilities. 2. Support the brand’s desire to become the number one destination for smartphone research and browsing. The results benchmark for the campaign was to generate 6 million aggregated views and a 5% click- through rate within a year.
  16. 16. Adjust Your Set came up with the ‘Smarter World’ branded video campaign, creating a content strategy split into three phases; awareness, engagement and interaction. For the launch of the campaign, Adjust Your Set produced an introductory film to a ‘Smarter World’, unveiling ‘Cliff’ as a humorous salesman in a Carphone Warehouse store, fed up with customers not using their phones to their full potential. Cliff takes customers on a journey through the ‘Smarter World’ lab where dogs can communicate, a DJ can spin tunes and you can work up a sweat with a personal trainer, all from your smartphone or tablet. Adjust Your Set has now started creating a series of six ‘Smarter World’ documentaries focussing on different inspirational stories. The first looks at an amateur photographer’s rise to fame through smartphone photography. The film crew took Dilshad Corleone to Barcelona to shoot the city with its stunning architecture and beauty, simply via his smartphone and the variety of apps now available to photographers. 16 SOLUTIO
  17. 17. The next documentary features the achievements of blind runner Simon Wheatcroft who is using his smartphone to help him train for an ultra-marathon in the desert. The documentaries are complemented by how-to content created by Carphone Warehouse and Geek Squad, showing viewers how they can use apps to achieve similar style photos, videos and challenges. The audience is then encouraged to create and submit their own photos and videos. To host this content and enable it to be shared with other people, Adjust Your Set designed and built a dedicated video player system that presents both the professionally produced content and user-generated content integrated across multiple channels (, YouTube, Facebook) and devices (desktop, mobile and tablet). When people upload their own smartphone content, as well as sharing via social media the ways in which smartphones have affected their lives they get the chance to win smartphone- related prizes. The winning entries are then used to populate the ‘Smarter World’ player to provide an immersive visual experience to the user. 17
  18. 18. 18 Adjust Your Set™ is a full-service digital content agency. Their approach is to fuse content strategy, creativity and technology to enable brands to become always-on publishers in a customer-centric digital world. As the most visible and powerful content format available to brands on digital and mobile channels, and the fastest growing advertising medium ever, video is the agency’s focal point. Adjust Your Set have been pioneers and distributors of video in a multi-screen world since 2008. Take a look at some more work from Adjust Your Set. RESULTSLaunched in 2013, the ‘Smarter World’ campaign has achieved: • 1 million+ aggregated views within six weeks of launch, backed by media spend • 36,000+ page impressions • 4,000+ user-generated content uploads
  19. 19. The 'Smarter World' branded video campaign achieved its core aims. The device that generated the most engagement, not surprisingly, was the smartphone. It drove 68% of the page impressions, followed by the tablet at 55% 19 OUTCOMES "Our customers want to connect with us in new and smarter ways, and video is the ideal content format to share our brand stories with them. We were really impressed by the strategic thinking from Adjust Your Set, and their expertise in retail video-commerce. The ‘Smarter World’ branded content marketing campaign combines creative and technical innovation to deliver strong brand engagement." Gareth Jones, Head of Online Marketing, Carphone Warehouse
  20. 20. Campaign : The Beauty Inside Client : Intel & Toshiba Agency : Pereira & O'Dell CASESTUDY
  21. 21. Pereira & O'Dell realised that all young people go through a journey of self-discovery and use technology as a key tool for this exploration and expression. The agency came up with the idea of co-creating a film about the universal search for self-knowledge and acceptance, using contemporary Hollywood stars (Topher Grace, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Matthew Gray Gubler) and social media to involve as many people in the target audience as possible. They devised a love story with the intriguing premise that the main character, Alex, wakes up every day 21 CHALLENGE Following the success of the 2011 thriller 'The Inside Experience', award-winning agency Pereira & O'Dell was asked to create a second branded content film for Intel and Toshiba. This film needed to feature the Toshiba Ultrabook laptop and refresh the 'Intel Inside' branding, introducing both Intel and Toshiba as innovative technology brands to a new generation of 18- to 34-year-old millennial consumers. SOLUTIO
  22. 22. as a different person on the outside but the same person on the inside – and s/he has fallen in love with someone who can never see him/her as the same person. Alex makes a daily video diary of this experience on a Toshiba Ultrabook that goes everywhere with the character as a vital and natural accessory. The 45-minute film included gaps for consumer-generated content. Facebook was then used to invite people to audition to be an Alex by submitting their own video diary, putting themselves in Alex's shoes to share the experience. From over 4,000 auditions on Facebook, 26 Alexes were cast in the film. They included fans from all over the world, including Japan, France, German, Italy, Philippines, Canada and Spain. An additional 50+ Alexes were featured on the Facebook timeline. The final film was divided into six weekly episodes and presented on Facebook and YouTube running over an eight-week period. 22
  23. 23. 23 RESULTS70 million views in eight weeks 26 million social interactions 97% YouTube approval rating66% and 40% brand perception lift for Intel and Toshiba respectively among Facebook users 300% sales increase "Branded content is becoming an increasingly important part of Intel and Toshiba's strategy to reach out to a younger audience. They can see that people enjoy making branded content part of their lives – it draws people in naturally with a deeper message they can identify with on an emotional level" PJ Pereira, Chief Creative Officer, Pereira & O'Dell "We are all Alex in one way or another, andhe is all of us" - Larissa B "This is beautiful, poetic and powerful...." - Pamela V "I can’t wait for next Thursday!" - Leah M
  24. 24. 'The Beauty Inside' was the most-shared branded video during the campaign period. It won an Emmy for Outstanding New Approach to A Daytime Series, and three Grand Prix awards – including one for Branded Content – at Cannes Lions 2013. The campaign inspired hundreds of thousands of fans to give and request love advice and discuss their own sense of identity, while celebrating the principle that - with humans and computers alike - it's what's inside that matters most. The campaign also started to create a relationship between the client brands and the audience that will grow over time. In fact, Pereira & O'Dell has already created the next social film instalment for Intel and Toshiba, a horror story called 'The Power Inside'. 24 OUTCOMES
  25. 25. Campaign : Your Bank Client : Barclays Agency : Red Bee Media CASESTUDY
  26. 26. Video content held the key to answering those particular challenges. Its power to move, amuse and persuade people was used by Red Bee to tell real stories about the changes Barclays had made and is still making now. Working with Barclays, Red Bee identified the stories with the most tangible and demonstrable human impact – the ones that would lend themselves best to video. Wherever possible, these stories were told from the customers' perspective, not that of the Bank. This was important for two reasons. Firstly, it placed customers and their needs at the heart of the story, demonstrating 26 CHALLENGE After a period when high street banks haven’t been top of the general public’s Christmas card list, Barclays wanted to demonstrate a change of approach, one born of a very real desire to regain the public’s trust and preference. Barclays asked Red Bee Media to produce branded content for a new marketing initiative called 'Your Bank'. This initiative invites consumers to help influence changes to everyday banking. Your Bank includes an online platform to gather and share ideas to improve Barclays products, services and overall banking experience. The development of Your Bank presented as much of a challenge as an opportunity. Namely, how do you make people stick around voluntarily to explore a website dedicated to everyday banking issues – not normally a high interest category? And how could Barclays show that it was and is acting on the ideas suggested? The branded content on the Your Bank website therefore needed to both enthrall and inform. SOLUTIO Your Bank
  27. 27. Barclays' determination to put customers first in all of its thinking. And secondly, it made the stories more instantly relatable to the audience. Your Bank launched with a series of these stories in the format of online films, some showcasing initiatives that Barclays had already implemented to make everyday banking better as a result of its customers’ feedback, others demonstrating Barclays’ commitment to listening to and understanding its customers. The first batch of films included: • Blind stand-up comedian Chris McCausland introducing Barclays’ new audio cash machines for blind and partially sighted people. Chris gives us some insight of his previous difficulties with talking machines. • An animated story of how a customer and a Barclays Personal Banker created a new type of high visibility debit card for visually impaired customers. • The experiences of Barney, a Barclays Branch Manager, who spends an uncomfortable day in an “age suit” that simulates the physical restrictions and difficulties of being elderly or infirm, to research branch accessibility for older customers. • The story of Ken Bellringer, injured in Afghanistan, now on placement with 27
  28. 28. Barclays as part of its AFTER programme for ex-military personnel. • John Dennerly, a country park manager in Scotland who is deaf, introducing Barclays’ new sign video service. • The story of Sam, an older customer empowered to get online through a joint initiative between Age UK and Barclays. • And a series of films featuring Barclays “Ideation” workshops with customers to generate ideas for making everyday banking better. The online videos were placed within the integrated Your Bank online platform (customised and managed by Dare) and on the Barclays YouTube channel. The launch was supported by print, outdoor and digital advertising driving consumers to the Your Bank website. 28
  29. 29. 29 RESULTSWithin the first three months of launch: • 449,000 interactions • 283,000 video views • 26,900 poll votes• 3,693 ideas submitted by consumers "The Your Bank branded video content is playing a key role in persuading the public that their ideas count and that it's worthwhile to submit them. The high level of interaction and idea submission is an indicative measure of audience engagement for Barclays, which can only help them improve customer service for the future." Michael Reeves, Business Development Director, Red Bee Media
  30. 30. Thanks to Your Bank and its branded video content, Barclays is now able to have an ongoing conversation with customers – learning from them, listening to them and demonstrating the changes it’s making for them. 30 OUTCOMES "The 'Your Bank' platform and its content represents a very public commitment to listening to our customers and showing how we are going to act on change, big and small, which can make their lives easier." Sara Bennison, Managing Director, Marketing Communications, Barclays UK Retail Bank "Offset savings account to current accountwhen going overdrawn" - ellievin89 "Show the interest rate of all savings accounts in online banking." - simonjones12345 "Enable Skype meetings with branch advisors."- Telegraph reader "Create a Barclay's programme for schools to educate children about money matters." - Mumsnetter "Be able to withdraw different currencies from an ATM." - Parliament Street, York branch customer
  31. 31. Campaign : Dumb Ways to Die Client : Metro Trains Melbourne Agency : McCann CASESTUDY Images and data © Metro Trains Melbourne, Dumb Ways To Die™, all rights reserved.
  32. 32. Two insights propelled McCann’s solution for the campaign: that young people hate being told what to do; and that if you get hit by a train, you’ve probably done something pretty dumb. So the campaign strategy focussed on turning a message about rail safety that nobody wants to listen to into a piece of entertainment people actively seek out and share, that tells the truth about rail accidents. McCann created ‘Dumb Ways to Die’, a branded content marketing campaign consisting of a three- minute song and video featuring 21 cartoon characters dying in really 32 CHALLENGE Every year there are needless deaths or accidents around trains in Melbourne, Australia. And while rail accidents are tragic, they are in most cases completely avoidable. This is particularly true for young adults. Metro Trains Melbourne challenged McCann Melbourne with three primary objectives for a new marketing campaign: 1. Reduce train-related accidents in key accident areas by 10% over 12 months 2. Generate a stated commitment to be safe around trains (40,000 pledges) 3. Generate campaign awareness of 25% among the core target audience of young adults SOLUTIO
  33. 33. dumb ways – three of them in train- related accidents. McCann launched the song in the usual way on iTunes, YouTube, radio and more. The agency used both traditional media (radio, TV, cinema, posters, press) and social media (Soundcloud, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook) to drive traffic to the music video on YouTube. To extend the reach of the campaign through social media and PR, they also created dedicated forms of shareable content across multiple channels, including a karaoke version of the song, limited-edition posters of the characters, the ‘Little Book of Dumb Ways to Die’ for schools and the Dumb Ways to Die smartphone game app. 33
  34. 34. 34 RESULTS74 million+ video views on YouTubeWorldwide #1 app downloaded over 35 million timesSong charted on iTunes in 28 countries; sold over 100,000 copies1 million+ pledges to be safe around trains on the campaign websiteAU$60 million of earned media impressions "We’ve got a campaign that’s relied on content and with the app we’re starting the move to merchandising. I think the way forward … is to steer away from the advertising model and create content and create merchandising … We need to keep creating shareable pieces that people can seek out and [that] have a worth beyond just the marketing message." John Mescall, Executive Creative Director, McCann Melbourne From interview in AdAge 24/6/2103 Most awarded campaign ever in D&AD history. Most awarded agency in the history of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Most awarded agency in the history of the Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity. London International Awards Agency of the Year 2013. Most awarded campaign at the Webby Awards 2013. 3rd ranked global agency at One Show 2013.Selected among TED’s top 10 Ads Worth Spreading 2013. (The only Australian advertisement ever to have been so recognised.) Clio Awards 2013 top ranked Australian Agency. Second ranked Australian agency at Adfest 2013.
  35. 35. The ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ campaign became a global phenomenon and quickly demonstrated a real impact on social behaviour. Far exceeding its objectives, it’s one of Australia’s most successful public service campaigns. As well as the results listed previously, there were hundreds of cover versions and parodies viewed more than 20 million times themselves, campaign awareness among the core target audience of 46% after only one month, and most importantly a 10% reduction in near misses and accidents at level crossings and station platforms over 12 months. 35 OUTCOMES
  36. 36. Campaign : Natural Love Client : PepsiCo Lyubimy Agency : Fuse Russia CASESTUDY
  37. 37. Fuse Russia decided to bring ‘Natural Love’ from real life to the TV screen. The agency created a cross-media marketing campaign that used social media to invite people to tell their real-life love stories by writing in to campaign pages on two Russian social networks ( and and on STS TV channel’s website. 37 CHALLENGE PepsiCo’s Lyubimy (meaning ‘beloved’) is one of the biggest fruit juice brands in Russia. Its marketing activity focuses on the message “beloved because it’s natural”, and stories about love lie at the heart of every communication. The most popular content among the brand’s target market – women aged 25-45 with average income – are TV shows and series about love. However, these portrayals of love are perceived by the audience to be artificial, not real. PepsiCo challenged its agency partner Fuse Russia to find a way to link Lyubimy juice with unquestionably real, natural love stories. SOLUTIO Natural Love
  38. 38. The 50 stories that received the most ‘likes’ online were turned into professionally shot video clips. Edited versions then appeared on STS, the biggest family TV channel in Russia, while the full versions were made available to view online. The people who submitted the best three love stories – one happy couple and two sad single people – won a romantic trip to France. 38 'Pyramids in the Wild'
  39. 39. 39 RESULTS The campaign became the talk of Russia: • 2,000+ story submissions• 4.6 million active users on the campaign web pages (twice the previous biggest national Internet campaign) • 6.5 million online views• 200,000+ ‘likes’ • 3-4 times above market average conversion indices for online registration and subsequent actions “Thanks to Natural Love and STS channel.” “Thanks Lyubimy.” “So cute!”
  40. 40. The ‘Natural Love’ branded content marketing campaign provided cut-through of the Lyubimy brand’s key message to the target audience, and converted online love into consumer love: the number of people who stated that their most often bought juice brand is Lyubimy rose by 20% during the campaign period. 40 OUTCOMEs "We were challenged by PepsiCo to find a new way to cut through to the Lyubimy core market on TV. We used branded co-created content to give millions of people the ultimate real-life, natural love stories they already craved." Anton Efimov, Managing Director, Fuse Russia
  41. 41. Campaign : In Search of Real Food Client : Hellmann’s Agency : OgilvyEntertainment CLASSICCASESTUDY
  42. 42. With the insight that people wanted to say no to over-processed food yet had time, cost and taste considerations when it came to making meals, Ogilvy devised a pioneering marketing initiative called ‘In Search of Real Food’. Part of the project involved traditional print and TV advertising that used real people to deliver Hellmann’s point of view on food made from natural, simple ingredients that are good for you. In tandem with this strand of the campaign, Ogilvy created a Hellmann’s-sponsored ‘In Search of Real Food’ microsite hosted by media 42 CHALLENGE Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise was first made for a mass market in 1913 and is now America’s favourite mayonnaise. Hellmann’s asked their agency partner Ogilvy to develop a summer marketing initiative that would explain the product’s ingredients and range of uses in an attention-grabbing way, and reinforce Hellmann’s positioning as the epitome of simple, honest, real food. SOLUTIO
  43. 43. partner Yahoo! Food. This creative platform was designed to drive consumer conversations about real food, using interactive branded content, co-created content and a variety of fun community features. In order to draw people in to join the conversation and keep them coming back to the site, Ogilvy created a 12- episode branded content web series presenting celebrity chef Dave Lieberman on a weekly road trip through America in search of real people making real food – from the proprietors of a Mexican food cart in SoHo, New York creating a pulled pork taco, to a bighearted lady’s regular fundraising Friday Fish Fry in New Orleans. Each episode was split into four three- to four-minute chapters for easy web consumption. 43 "The challenge with branded content is to maintain the authenticity of the production while maximising the potential for the brand. This show offered incredibly rich content, allowing multiple channels for consumer engagement. By teaming with Rock Shrimp Productions and Dave Lieberman as our host, we had a ready-made fan base that was looking for the 'real food' point-of-view that Hellmann's as sponsor is all about." Doug Scott, President, OgilvyEntertainment
  44. 44. Beyond watching the weekly video content, ‘In Search of Real Food’ website visitors could: • continue the real food conversation by reading Dave’s blog (including his recipes) and posting comments. • share their own ideas and recipes on the Real Food group page. • ask and/or answer questions using a Yahoo! widget embedded in the site. • look for real food restaurants in their neighbourhood using a local dining guide widget pre-programmed with real food locations. To promote the web series to consumers, Ogilvy used web banners in which excerpts of the show were embedded, TV and print ads, and creative on Hellmann’s jar tops. There was also coverage on US TV news channels, inviting people to star in the show by making their own ‘real food’ cookery videos. 44 "’In Search of Real Food’ was a programming concept that captured the fast changes taking place within the food industry – the emphasis on local-grown and real foods – as well as the changes within the entertainment industry. Finding new ways to reach consumers using interactivity, this show set a new standard for consumer engagement." Bobby Flay, Celebrity chef; Executive Producer, Rock Shrimp Productions
  45. 45. 45 RESULTSThe ‘In Search of Real Food’initiative tapped into culturalconversation and delivered:• 1 million unique visitors tothe campaign website • 5,000 Real Foodcommunity members "We've always been about what's simple and real. Whether it's the quality ingredients in our jar or the real experiences people have with others when they share food made with our Mayonnaise. This effort leveraged the technology available to have a conversation about that with consumers, offering recipe ideas and a point-of-view about food that kept the brand relevant to moms and built affinity to new and younger users" Brian Orlando, Senior Brand Manager, Hellmann's
  46. 46. This groundbreaking project teamed branded content with traditional advertising, forged an innovative media partnership with Yahoo!, and capitalised on celebrity connections for Hellmann’s. Consumers shared and commented on the branded content via YouTube and social media networks, and even created their own real food videos. This activity resulted in the spread of the conversation about real food (and Hellmann’s’ association with it) far beyond the original campaign site. Ultimately, the integrated mix of traditional advertising and branded content enabled Ogilvy to convey positive brand messages about Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise, while provoking a dialogue with consumers about real food. 46 OUTCOMES
  47. 47. ABOUTTHEBOOK The Best of Branded Content Marketing: 10th Anniversary Edition is the second in a series of social media and branded content ebooks produced by the BCMA and its strategic partners DMC and New Media Works. The enhanced media ebook is an international collaboration containing 13 of the best recent branded content marketing campaigns from cutting-edge brands and award-winning agencies, as well as "what is," "how to" and "what's next" features from leading practitioners. These features include emerging market reports from Brazil and Russia, an Ipsos MORI and Oxford Brookes University research review, tips on how to create successful social video content, and predictions about the future of branded content marketing from 60+ experts around the world. You can download the full edition of the book at practices/ebooks/ from 19 March 2014.
  48. 48. ABOUTTHEPRODUCERS The BCMA Launched in 2003, the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) is the global trade body for branded content, with members throughout Europe, Australia, Asia/Pacific, Scandinavia, South America, Russia and North America. It brings together and benefits a broad spectrum of content creators and owners, including organisations from the advertising, brand development, sponsorship, media, broadcasting, digital, social media, programming and entertainment industries. The BCMA strives to promote best practice, shared learning and grow the branded content market to a wider audience. Digital Media Communications Ltd (DMC) Founded in 1994, when the Internet was just emerging into the mainstream, DMC is a highly experienced digital marketing communications consultancy that specialises in using collaborative and social marketing approaches. Co-founders Justin Kirby and Greta MacFarlane are responsible for the strategic planning, project management, editing, publishing and promotion of this series of ebooks. New Media Works Former AKQA creative head and co- founder Mark Welland established New Media Works in 1998. He has over 20 years of interactive design experience, including the creation of ebooks and apps for local and global brands and e-learning organisations. Mark is responsible for the creative development, design and production of this series of ebooks.