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Creative brief

  1. 1. CBM - ClientManagement
  2. 2. CBM - Client Management• In a layman’s language, it’s a MOU between the client and the agency.• A document that covers you and proves the legitimacy of your judgments and actions.• The foundation stone of ANY campaign.
  3. 3. CBM - ClientManagement
  4. 4. CBM - Client ManagementPrimary Aim• This is just one statement that defines the purpose of your communication.Product LaunchCorporate LaunchA bank launching its credit cardA cooking oil coming up with a new SKUPizza Hut opening a new outlet
  5. 5. CBM - Client ManagementKey Objectives• Every other thing that you desire your campaign to deliver.• Encompasses a certain message.• Communication of added features, unchanged quality etc.• Launch of cooking oil’s SKU is the primary aim, however, the communication would also say that the quality is unchanged.• Making sure that less price doesn’t depict you’re compromising on quality.
  6. 6. CBM - Client ManagementSecondary Objectives• This remains unchanged across all communications.• Every campaign has a non stated, unsaid objective.• Increment of sales – the underlying principle of secondary objective.
  7. 7. CBM - Client ManagementBull’s Eye• Target audience – you intend to hit directly.• It can be divided into two categories: ▫ demographics ▫ psychographics
  8. 8. CBM - Client ManagementTarget Audience - demo• Geographic Area• Income Group• Gender• Age Group• SEC• Social Status
  9. 9. CBM - Client ManagementTarget Audience - psychographics• Key Problems• Specific habits
  10. 10. CBM - Client Management“Young adults 18-25. Someone self-assured, activeand energetic, self-reliant, positive, optimistic,individualistic, self-centred, not superficial, irreverent,somewhat cynical, skeptical, savvy, fashion-conscious, honest, straight-forward, computer-literate,entrepreneurial, self-indulgent, hedonistic, likeshaving new things, doesn’t change opinions to pleaseothers, doesn’t change behaviour in order to be liked,thinks of him/herself as an individual but has apowerful need to fit into a group
  11. 11. CBM - Client Management• A 19 year-old guy who likes to think he’s the life of the party. He’s into South Park, Mike Meyers, etc. and is constantly repeating comic catch-phases like he wrote them himself. He’s a little too mainstream to be truly hip, but he’s still very concerned with his image
  12. 12. CBM - Client ManagementWhat do they currently think?• How interested are they in the product?• How often do they use it?• When do they use it?• How do they feel about it?• How do they feel about our brand vs. the competition?• What do they ultimately want the product or brand to do for them?
  13. 13. CBM - ClientManagement
  14. 14. CBM - Client ManagementUnique Selling Proposition• This is a global equity statement.• This symbolizes ONE key benefit your brand has.• One statement with which your brand is associated.
  15. 15. CBM - Client ManagementRational appeals• Tangibles that you are offering other than your competitor.• Physical features, a brand is offering.• Can be a certain logo, shape or even color.• Mobilink Indigo.
  16. 16. CBM - Client ManagementEmotional appeals• This directs to the key emotions that the brand is using as its platform.
  17. 17. CBM - Client ManagementEmotional Elements• Refers to the emotion, you are targeting in your communication.• If using a family platform, then a fun filled dinner moment is an emotional element.
  18. 18. CBM - ClientManagement
  19. 19. CBM - Client ManagementPlatforms• A place from where you declare your positioning out loud.• Famous ones are cricketers, celebrities, youth etc.
  20. 20. CBM - ClientManagement
  21. 21. CBM - Client ManagementTV• Terrestrial – PTV, PTV World• Satellite – GEO, HBO, Star Network• Cable – World Call, MPC
  22. 22. CBM - Client ManagementPrint• Dailies• Weeklies• Monthlies• Bi-Monthlies
  23. 23. CBM - Client ManagementRadio• FM• Non FM
  24. 24. CBM - Client ManagementOOH – Out of Home• Conventional hoardings / billboards• Pole signs• Directionals• Banners• Shop signs• Gantries• Building wraps• Auto wraps• LEDs
  25. 25. CBM - ClientManagement
  26. 26. CBM - Client ManagementPOS – Point of Sale• Premises based – mobiles, buntings, floor graphics• Off Premises – posters
  27. 27. CBM - ClientManagement
  28. 28. CBM - Client ManagementNon-Traditional Media• Internet ads• Kiosks
  29. 29. CBM - ClientManagement
  30. 30. CBM - ClientManagement
  31. 31. CBM - ClientManagement
  32. 32. CBM - Client ManagementEvent Based• Non calendar events• Calendar events
  33. 33. CBM - Client ManagementNon Event Based• Stalls• Merchandising
  34. 34. CBM - ClientManagement
  35. 35. CBM - Client ManagementCreative Considerations/strategies• Tone & Manner – language / emotion• Executional considerations
  36. 36. CBM - Client ManagementMedia Monitoring• Direct competitor• Indirect competitor
  37. 37. CBM - ClientManagement
  38. 38. CBM - Client ManagementSingle Minded Proposition• One statement that your brand stands for.• This should be communicated through all mediums and all vehicles.• Core value of the brand.• “Thanda matlab Coca Cola.”• “Sab se gaarha doodh Haleeb.”
  39. 39. 39Single Minded vs. Double-headed Mr. Big is the big barMr. Big is the that won’t slow youbiggest bar, down, now availablebar none in new Peanut Ripple flavour
  40. 40. 40Abstract vs. ConcreteBrand X is a totally different Brand X is speciallykind of car designed for women driversThe Second Cup is Second Cup coffee is thethe Ultimate Coffee strongest coffee you canexperience buy
  41. 41. 41Proposition vs. Desired ResponseHeinz is the thickest, Heinz is the bestrichest ketchup tasting ketchupPizza Pops have Pizza Pops willa lot of stuff in them really fill me up
  42. 42. CBM - Client ManagementTimeline• Agreed upon deadline.• “Strategies and timelines are the Himalyas of marketing.”
  43. 43. CBM - Client ManagementPositioning/Intended IMAGE• Perceived value of the brand.• The way you want others to think of your brand.• A transparent positioning is the essence of a successful campaign.• Brand image – image a brand carries(friendly, fun loving)
  44. 44. CBM - Client ManagementAssociations• A similar concept that interlinks with physical equity.• This is what a brand correlates itself with.• Again, could be a particular color, music, music.
  45. 45. CBM - Client ManagementMANDATORY• Tagline• Logo• Any color scheme• Celebrity choice• Etc.
  46. 46. CBM - ClientManagement