Poland mcvp digital marketing and mc manager 14.15 application
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Poland mcvp digital marketing and mc manager 14.15 application






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Poland mcvp digital marketing and mc manager 14.15 application Presentation Transcript

  • 1. AIESEC in Poland Member Committee 2014/2015 Application Booklet VP Digital Marketing or MC Manager AIESEC exists in Poland to activate conscious and courageous leadership that empowers youth to create a desired future of the country ~
  • 2. Table of content 1. Our sharing. 2. MC role and Managers JD. 3. MC structure. 4. Working Conditions. 5. Requirements. 6. Selection process. 7. Application guidance. 8. Roles & questions for the functions.
  • 3. 1. Our sharing Being ER Manager, I am responsible for big projects, bulding long-term partnerships with the biggest companies in Poland. The experience so far was not the easiest one but for sure one of the most impactful in my life, especially in terms of my future corporate career. Dominik Lewicki, Account Manager 2013-2014 To work on one of the Top AIESEC entities at international level is one of the most challenging and at the same time most rewarding experiences I have ever lived. I have been able to grow as a professional and as a better person. I know this is one of the best ways to make a true impact and that opportunities like this just need to be taken! Rubi Arzate, OD Manager 2013-2014
  • 4. 2. General of MC Role 2.1. Role ✦Ensuring of all our actions are aligned with the AIESEC Way, ✦Ensuring sustainability actions, accountability, and legality of ✦Representation of AIESEC Poland in internal and ezternal network, ✦Ensuring realization of MoS of AIESEC in Poland as entity , ✦Ensuring realization of global and national direction and strategies.
  • 5. 2.2. ✦ 2. General Role Manager Job Description Functional area development together with MCVP responsible; ✦ Project management within the area (designed with sub-team or MCVP responsible); ✦ Participation in all scheduled activities on national level (planning, team days, conferences, coaching if needed) ✦ Coordinating Commission along with MCVP responsible (depends on the area); ✦Transition for successors;
  • 6. 3. MC structure Note that MCVP positions will be covered during 2nd round of elections until 20.02.2014 the latest. Only MCVP position opened now is MCVP Digital Marketing.
  • 7. 4. Working conditions The official term 14/15 will start on 1 July 2014 and will end on 30 June 2015. The transition will start in 2nd-3rd week of May in Warsaw and will continue until 30th of June 2014. Each MC elect is expected to be move to Marki on 19th of May. You should complete your transition in Local/Member Committee till this date because there will be no possibility to get days off during transition time. The salary of every MC member is 1100 PLN (~250 EUR) per month upon revision. The salary is enough to live, assuming you keep control over your expenses. Travel costs and fees for national conferences or team days are fully covered for the MC. Also Travel costs and fees for international conferences and meetings are covered. Accommodation and basic necessities is provided. living
  • 8. 5. Requirements Election/Selection procedures Requirements of the compendium: • You need to be a member of AIESEC in Poland to apply to Member Committee; • International Candidates can apply if they are a member of AIESEC in other country; • Candidates to Member Committee need to have English exam passed on at least level B in AIESEC in Poland scale. It can be proved by a certificate according to AIESEC in Poland regulation past during General Assembly. Please bring proper document with you to the General Assembly. Go to Chapter III of National Compendium to read more about elections to Member Committee.
  • 9. 6. Selection Process Process 5. Selection ✓ Application closing- 28.02.2014 ✓ Presentation during General Assembly – 16.03. or 11.04- candidates will be informed individually; ✓Interviews – 1-4tth of February 2014 ✓ Announcement - at latest 10th of March 2014 MC Managers are applying to specific position but are allocated by a Member Committee President and Vice President responsible for the area according to individual talents. Candidates might be rejected by MCP elect at any point of the process. We provide feedback only on request and in form designed by MCP and MCVP elect (e-mail, skype etc.) MCVP Digital Marketing and Information Manager are positions opened for internationals.
  • 10. 7.Application guidance Answer all 3 general questions and 3 functional questions. General questions should not take more than 4 pages. Whole application should not take more than 8 pages.
  • 11. 7.1. Application guidance 6.1 Selection Process The application for AIESEC in Poland MC 2014/2015 team should consist of: 1. CV: Give us all important information we need to know about you, your AIESEC career, other jobs you have had, your contact details etc. You can use a maximum of one page to create your CV. 2. Endorsement Letters: Collect 2 endorsement letters with contact details of authors. For ER Manager candidates at least 1 endorsement from external: customer, partner or Alumni you worked with. Might be also refference from company you worked for. 3. Questionnaire – not more than 7 pages (3 general and 3 functional answers). 4. Scan of English certificate (not required for native English speakers). 5.* For international candidates: MCVP Digital Marketing and Information Manager position is opened.
  • 12. 7.2. Application guidance 5.1 Selection Process Submit your application with attachments by 6:00 PM GMT+1 28 of February 2014 to MCP current, MCP elect and MCVP TM 2013/2014 katarzyna.nabrdalik@aiesec.pl justyna.borucka@aiesec.pl joanna.zolnierz@aiesec.pl Send the zip. file with all document in the format: “Name of area_Jan_Nowak_ MC_Poland.zip”. Make sure you create a separate file for all documents. You will receive confirmation within 24 hours. . If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Katarzyna Nabrdalik, MCP elect 2014/2015 and Justyna Borucka, MCVP TM 2013/2014.
  • 13. 8.General Questions 1. What is your motivation to apply to MC team and for your function? Describe how do you see yourself and your function/ our organization after your term? 2. What are your strengths and weaknesses in terms of being team member and specialist for the function you are applying? How those characteristics will influence MC work, work of your sub-team and your stakeholders? 3. What AIESEC Way means to you? Considering what should be the role of AIESEC in our country. Explain your contribution to that on MC Manager position.
  • 14. 8.1. MCVP Digital Marketing Questions 1. Choose 3 global brands: what can AIESEC learn from them in the context of their Public Relations and Marketing strategy? 2. Design a global campaign to reach 50,000 online users (non-AIESECers) to support or participate in AIESEC’s programmes. Consider goal, target audience, channel and message. 3. Please evaluate current state of our online channels, what would be your priorities for the term if it comes to online positioning? (take into consideration that it needs to have positive influence on the ELD results)?
  • 15. 8.2. External Relations Role. 1. Ensuring information, tools and communication channels for network and national team to make strategic decisions and improvements. 2. Adapt AIESEC International strategies to AIESEC in Poland reality in terms of platforms, information systems and websites. 3. Facilitiate analysis reports or information condensers for incentive systems, operations and customer-centric actions.
  • 16. 8.2 ER Questions 1. Basing on National External Team role prepare SWOT analysis of cooperation with external environment (take into consideration Companies, GO, NGO). 2. ( For all NET applicants) Please attach to application Power Point presentation with max. 15 slides which will you use to present AIESEC during meeting with Partners. 3. Choose three main focuses for cooperation with alumni and create action plan to implement them . 4.(For all NET applicants) Analyze main products from National Product Portfolio, choose two main priorities for each of them, add implementation plan and describe expected outcome.
  • 17. 8.3. Information Management Role. 1. Ensuring information, tools and communication channels for network and national team to make strategic decisions and improvements. 2. Adapt AIESEC International strategies to AIESEC in Poland reality in terms of platforms, information systems and websites. 3. Facilitiate analysis reports or information condensers for incentive systems, operations and customercentric actions.
  • 18. 8.3. IM Questions 1. Please describe your experience in Information Management area, listing your skills, abilities and successes within your previous roles. 2. Looking at all the tools at our disposal in Poland, what kind of information you proactively deliver, or would allow them to be generated so that the ELD MC VPs are whistles to develop their projects? Are these the same information that would indicate whether the project is following the right track? 3. Asses the current state of Information Management in AIESEC Poland, both Local and National Levels, then, from your own point of view, list what (key actions) is needed to reach an ideal state. 4. Propose an innovative solution that realization (GIP, GCDP, TMP, TLP). support ELD programs MoS
  • 19. „When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes reality.” Join „BIG AIESEC in Poland” MC team for term 14/15  Good luck in the process!