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Preparing for an uncertain Future - Riding the wave of change
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Preparing for an uncertain Future - Riding the wave of change



Presentation by Justus Wilde from Amblique @ iMedia Online Retail Summit, Hunter Valley 2013

Presentation by Justus Wilde from Amblique @ iMedia Online Retail Summit, Hunter Valley 2013



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  • Go morning everyone.My name is Justus Wilde. I’m the strategy director at Amblique, we are an eCommerce consultancy and have been working with the Apparel Group in the past few months to relaunchSportscraft and SABA webstore including an initial responsive design implementation. I’m going to talk about our expierence today and provide an introduction to responsive design and some key concepts that will hopefully help you with your next project.
  • http://nathanbyrne.wordpress.com/page/2/A retailers worst nightmare. I found this on a blog where a father described his new christmas shopping methodology. Let the
  • http://www.cpcstrategy.com/blog/2013/02/google-shopping-vs-amazon-product-ads/
  • Based on 6mth avg in all shopping categories on hitwise
  • Interestingly enough multi-channel retailers have growth 71% compared to 46% pureplays and now account for 56% of traffic in the top 20. a gain of 4 points.
  • Amazon.com alone showcases this globalisation trend.The online shopping behemoth reported sales of $61b in 2012 and when you include it’s market place revenue the total GMV is more like $100b. These guys are innovating like no other.
  • Despite Amazon not having any local Australian fulfillment capabilities and shipping times being quoted as 3-32 days this digital behemoth is getting the lions share of Australian online department store traffic. According to Hitwise data2 in March 2013 Amazon represented 35% of all traffic in the top 100 Department stores. To put that in perspective David Jones, Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W had 10.5m visits that month while Amazon had 19.5m visits from Australian users. These numbers exclude visits from mobile devices connected to a mobile carrier.
  • The traditional solutions aren’t keeping up as software has simply failed to meet the fast changing demands of the consumer. Software is slow – only 13% of retailers are able to upgrade their platforms more than once a year. This means they are significantly behind the curve for new technology trends and innovations and the consumer notices.Software is expensive – retailers using on-premise platforms see costs at 7.6% of their online revenues, more than 2 times higher than cloud platformsSoftware is risky – over 70% of retailers lacked confidence in their platforms ability to support new site growth, brand expansion, new feature rollouts and much more
  • The fist thing to consider is that there is a plephora of devices. Targeting just a standard smartphone and desktop to serve the majority is no longer good enough. Today that will still service the majority of users but tomorrow that could be a different story.To future proof your site you should take a device agnostic approch to design. A design that works for any resolution within a certain range.
  • Or the simple version. Responsive design is about creating one website that can be easily access by your customers on any device.
  • Here is another example.Responsive design is not just about devices it is also about different screen sizes. You can see here that the first two screens here showcase different resolutions.
  • The third party. Flexible images. As you can see here the hero image is adapted to the smaller screen.You need to be aware of any content within images such as the text here. This is often a marketing education process.In one of the earlier sessions there was a question about images sizes. It has often be a criticism of responsive design that all devices much download the biggest images and then scale down. There are frameworks such as respond.js that will do the opposite and load the smallest image first and then scale up. This is made much easier if you have a digital asset management solution that produces scaled images and then delivers this via a CDN.
  • If you are designing a brand new site you should consider taking a bottom up a approach and designing the mobile site first t
  • So first some background on Amblique and myself. I have been involved in the ecommerce spcae since 98 and started a web business which became Amblique in 99. In the past 14 years we have worked with many leading retailers and brand owners. Amblique offers strategic and technical services. From an ecommerce technology perspective we are partnered with Demandware, a cloud based enterprise platform used by many leading brands/retailers gloablly which is only just starting to get adopted here. We used this platform for the Apparel Group.Our key market proposition is to help SELL more.

Preparing for an uncertain Future - Riding the wave of change Preparing for an uncertain Future - Riding the wave of change Presentation Transcript

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