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OMNITRACKER Requirement Management

  1. 1. http://www.omninet.bizhttp://www.omnitracker.bizOMNITRACKER Requirements Management CenterOMNITRACKER Requirements Management By integrating OMNITRACKER Systems Engineering CenterCenter the system development process as a whole according to V-model can be administrated and controlled.The development of complex systems and products requiresconsistent and efficient management of requirements. With The Information Modelthe OMNITRACKER Requirements Management Center, youwill receive an application to control the entire Requirement OMNITRACKER Requirements Management Center isManagement & Engineering (RM&E) process from the elicita- based on methods and process descriptions as defined bytion of requirements up to the release of their implemented the generic HOOD INSIDE RM&E information model. HOODfunctions by the contractor. INSIDE is an initiative of HOOD Group.Contractors and customers can communicate with each other OMNITRACKER Requirements Management Center en-throughout the entire process and a mutual understanding hances structures among requirements along several levelsexists of the system to be developed. Overall communication of abstractions, e.g.:between contractor and customer is documented and can becompletely tracked. Customer Requirements: Describe from a customer´s point of view what functionality the system has to supportBenefits and define specific objectives, which have to be fulfilled by implementation.Benefits of OMNITRACKER Requirements ManagementCenter include: System Requirements: Describe what has to be deliv- Generic information model: Easy adaptable and exten- ered to satisfy the Customer Requirements. sible to customer processes. Design Requirements: Define in detail how to realize the Specifying and implementing specifications using a common platform: All steps beginning from the elicita- System Requirements. tion of requirements to the systems respectively those functions and features up to the release of their imple- mentation are administrated in one application. Fast entry of requirements: Fast entry of requirements and derived requirements in a grid view - without chang- ing the form. Tracking of all activities: OMNITRACKER Require- ments Management Center defines workflows for specifi- cations and requirements reflecting the current state of progress. Transparency: Quality control, review- and release pro- cedures as well as versioning of specifications and re- quirements ensure a traceable process improvement. Web login for external access OMNITRACKER Requirements Management Center in the context of the V-Model and the generic HOOD INSIDE Model 1
  2. 2. OMNITRACKER Requirements Management CenterTechnical features Requirements Specification Process General OMNITRACKER Requirements Management Center controls Requirements Management and Engineering process tool, and monitors the process of requirements specification as a easy and quick implementation, fast ROI whole. Generic information model, easy adaptable to customer´s needs Specification process includes: Support of several levels of abstraction (e.g. Customer-, Sys- Definition of system scope (Scoping) tem- and Design Requirements) Definition of requirements Providing a common understanding about a system, which has to be developed, whose functionality and technical fea- tures for customer and contractor Definition of System Scope (Scoping) Grouping and structuring of requirements in specifications (documents) The objective is to outline the item to be developed, to iden- Efficient OMNITRACKER data structures support linking of tify any interfaces and to define its function blocks and sub- requirements and whose visualization about levels of abstrac- systems. In order to allow flexible stakeholder management, tion one person may be assigned several roles. Roles may be Control of the completeness of derivation (traceability) via freely defined. extensible filtering and searching capabilities Automatically creation of documentation with report/print-out function for specifications, requirements, use cases Any customer - contractor interaction will be documented HOOD INSIDE certified Definition of Requirements Define system scope (Scoping) Management of roles and interests of all stakeholders Elicitation, specification and analysis of requirements Fast entry of requirements and derived requirements in grid view (without changing the form) Management of review- and release process Management and versioning of requirements Recording and administration of use cases Realization/Implementation Treeview of a system referencing sub-systems and Management of the implementation of requirements function blocks Providing requirements for approval by the customer Definition of Requirements Recording and communicating test results Approval of the implementation by the customers project Defining requirements includes the following activities: manager Elicitation Process Control Specification Role-based authorization concept Analysis Workflow-based process control of specifications, require- Review ments and use cases Workflow-based escalations The process includes all levels of requirements (e.g. Cus- Miscellaneous tomer, System and Design Requirements). Usually, all steps will be iterated several times. Thereby the parallel specifica- Web login to provide access to external stakeholders tion of Customer and System Requirements is possible. The Integration of further OMNITRACKER solutions process´ progress can be derived from the workflow state. Elicitation The objective of the elicitation is the recording of requests and possible requirements, referring ideas, comments and 2
  3. 3. generic & easy adaptabledocuments. During the elicitation the Customer Require-ments are recorded firstly.SpecificationReferring to the elicitation requirements are specified. Its goalis to provide a structure documentation and classification of arequirement (e.g. stakeholder, priority, state) of requirement.Requirements and derived requirements may be created andprocessed from within a single form - including several levelsof abstraction. Workflow Requirement Realization of Requirements OMNITRACKER Requirements Management Center imple- ments the HOOD INSIDE certified processes. Hereby, the Linking requirements of different levels of abstraction whole requirement specification process from the elicitation up to the release of requirements is administrated.Analysis Realization ProcessIn order to ensure a requirements´ quality regarding certainquality criteria (e.g. complete, identifiable, consistent). Beyond, HOOD INSIDE processes, OMNITRACKER Re-Requirements are analysed with regard to effort, correct in- quirements Management Center features further steps ofterpretation of wording as well as technical feasibility. The requirement mangement:users are supported by powerful search functions and filteroptions during analysis. Implementation TestReview Approval of ImplementationObjective of the review is the decision, if an requirement can Implementationbe accepted, has to be revised or rejected. The processing iscarried out by all stakeholders of the requirements with re- This phase refers to the development process, i.e. the imple-view permission. These receive an automated ticket with the mentation of defined requirements to the developed systemrequest to verify the requirement regarding its description, respective sub-system. Any technical realisation will beimplementation approach and estimated effort and to ap- based on Design Requirements. After completion of imple-prove the implementation of the requirement. mentation and internal tests by the contractor the system respective sub-system are delivered in agreed development status for test. Test Responsible employees of the customer, usually technical experts, carry out the approval test. Testers comment on a test´s status, attach measure protocols and set the workflow state of requirements regarding to the test result to “Test successful” or “Test failed”. In the case a test fails, a brief 3
  4. 4. reason within the comment field is provided Conclusionfor more detailed information on the testfailure. The requirement will be set to state OMNITRACKER Requirements Manage-“Implementation” again and will have to be ment Center and the generic RM&E meth- The companyrevised and tested again, internally. ods are the basis for a successful develop- Our primary goal is to satisfy ment of complex products and systems. our clients by offering high-Release Your company´s benefits includes: quality products and services as well as first-class service.Any requirements having passed their cus- More efficient product developmenttomer acceptance test successfully, will be Avoid Over-Engineering In addition, we consistently implement the needs and de-confirmed to be implemented correctly by Enhanced product quality sires of our clients with regardthe person being in charge of the project, Economy of costs and time to product content, quality andi.e. the status of the requirement will be set deadline. The service that weto “requirement approved”. Our solution grows along with your needs. provide to our clients does not A step-by-step expansion of existing proc- end when the contract is signed: it is only the beginning.Throughout the requirements lifecycle, the esses, e.g. OMNITRACKER Project Man-customer has the possibility to utilise the agement Center or OMNITRACKER Sys- OMNINET Software Solutionscomprehensive search function of OMNI- tems Engineering Center, as well as the OMNINET GmbHTRACKER Requirements Management implementation and migration of additional D-90542 EckentalCenter to track a requirement´s status. An business processes to the OMNITRACKER Email: sales@omninet.deintegrated full-text search function is avail- System is guaranteed. Web: http://www.omninet.deable for this, as well as other diverse filter OMNINET Austria GmbHoptions, such as filtering according to A-1010 Vienna Email: sales@omninet.atstatus, category, title or priority. These Web: http://www.omninet.atfunctions are also available via web ac- OMNINET Technologies NV/SAcess. B-3018 Leuven Email: Web: OMNINET Nederland NL-2517 JK Den Haag Email: Web: Search form OMNINET RussiaDocumentation RUS-Moscow 121099 Email: sales@omninet.ruOMNITRACKER Requirements Manage- Additional information Web: http://www.omninet.rument Center generates the necessitate OMNINET GmbH (Schweiz)documents for project handling automati- Should you require additional information CH-3072 Ostermundigencally with report and print-out function, e.g.: about OMNITRACKER products and its Email: Specification: Covers requirements solutions, or if you would like a product Web: which belongs together inclusive essen- presentation, please do not hesitate to con- All hardware and software names used tial attributes e.g. definition, classifica- tact us. are trademarks or registered brands of the tion and estimated effort for implemen- respective manufacturer. tation from customer´s point of view. © OMNINET GmbH Basis of the customer review to release Subject to change without notice the implementation. Document replaces all previous descrip- Data sheet Requirement: Print-out of tions individual requirements including es- sential attributes. The HOOD Group delivers excellent services and solu- Data sheet Use Case: Print-out of indi- tions for Systems Engineering by their expertise for vidual use cases including essential initiating and application of methods and processes of attributes. Requirements Management & Engineering (RM&E), as well as the closely connected Change, Configuration and Version Management (CC&VM). 4 DE_PF_OMNITRACKER_Requirements_Management_2.0