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Twitter techniques for profit

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Twitter profits

  1. 1. -1-
  2. 2. DisclaimerPlease note the information contained within thisdocument are for educational purposes only.Every attempt has been made to provide accurate, up todate and reliable complete information no warranties ofany kind are expressed or implied. Readers acknowledgethat the author is not engaging in rendering legal,financial or professional advice.By reading any document, the reader agrees that underno circumstances are we responsible for any losses,direct or indirect, that are incurred as a result ofuse of the information contained within this document,including - but not limited to errors, omissions, orinaccuracies.Copyright Notice & Information– Copyright- 2009 -2-
  3. 3. Table of ContentsTWITTER PROFIT GUIDE: INTRODUCTION ........................................... 4OPTIMIZING YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT ................................................. 7SETTING UP YOUR TRAFFIC MACHINE ............................................... 20GROWING A TARGETED FOLLOWING BASE ........................................... 30MONETIZING YOUR TWITTER ACTIVITY ............................................. 35TOOLS & RESOURCES .............................................................................. 49 -3-
  4. 4. Twitter Profit Guide: IntroductionThere‟s never been anything like it. Twitter has thepotential to transform your business into an instantsuccess, while allowing you to maximize your outreach,explore new markets and build a following and brandquickly and easily.Even those who are brand new to Internet Marketing haveharnessed the power of Twitter‟s popularity to cash inon the ever-growing community of potential customersand subscribers.It‟s an exceptionally powerful tool that can enhanceand expand your business tremendously, even if you havelimited time to dedicate to your twitter presence.In fact, hundreds of marketers have developed massivelists of targeted leads just by creating a handful ofwell-structured twitter-based email promotions.The branding power of marketing within twitterscommunity is shockingly effective, and if donecorrectly, you can use a single twitter account as aspringboard to exploiting new markets, developing areputation as an authority in your niche and maximizingyour income from every website, blog, landing page oraffiliate campaign you create. -4-
  5. 5. There‟s no question about it, twitter is the mostpopular social community and information networkonline.With celebrities, entrepreneurs and even politiciansusing the exposure available within the twitternetwork, it‟s easy to see just why so many marketershave jumped on the bandwagon and used twitter as avehicle for viral exposure of their messages, as wellas to communicate with their potential customer base.In fact, if you have not yet joined the twitterrevolution in social marketing, you are leaving anincredible amount of money on the table.Regardless of your industry or overall online focus,twitter has the power to literally transform yourbusiness overnight, and give you the opportunity tolevel out the playing field and compete, head on, withthe most successful marketers online.Twitter has proven to be a solid network thatcontinues to grow each day.It‟s fun, easy and a fantastic „fast track‟ method oftapping into profitable markets, and even keeping a -5-
  6. 6. steady pulse on the competition as well as new trendsand potential hot sellersThis guide showcases the different strategies thatmarketers have used to successfully drive freshtraffic to their websites, build their email campaignsand monetize their following base, all from within thetwitter community.Without further delay, let‟s get right to it! -6-
  7. 7. Optimizing Your Twitter AccountTwitter has transformed the way that marketers andprospective customers communicate within socialnetworking communities.The interface is exceptionally user-friendly removingthe confusing clutter often associated withtraditional social networks.With Twitter, you can instantly maximize the chancesthat your messages will be read by everyone followingyou because they will appear within both the timeline,and on the account splash page of every person whochooses to follow you.Perhaps this is why so many marketers have exploitedtwitter‟s popularity to maximize exposure and generatefresh leads to squeeze pages, new blogs, and productlaunches.Before we focus on implementing some of the mostprofitable tactics ever to hit the twitter community,we need to spend a few minutes tweaking our twitteraccount so that we are able to attract potentialcustomers and network partners to our page. -7-
  8. 8. If you haven‟t yet created your twitter account, youshould do so now at http://www.twitter.comRegistration only takes a few minutes, however thereare a few things to keep in mind including:Your twitter UsernameYou want to build an identity within the twittercommunity that people remember and come to trust.When it comes to choosing your username, you need tofirst define what your objectives are.Do you want to build a brand around your name, a penname, business name or website? If so, selecting a -8-
  9. 9. username around that will help you build awareness ofthat specific brand.You will want to choose a username carefully, as itbecomes part of your twitter profile‟s URL.Example: you choose a username it becomes part of yourtwitter URL, that showcases a profile that offersinformation about you and your business.While you can always change your username at a latertime, if you do, your previous username becomesavailable for registration, so I always recommendcreating an entirely new account if you need to changeyour username rather than risk someone else creatingan account around a name you formerly used.Another tip when choosing your username is to considerintegrating relevant keywords focusing on yourbusiness, your name or your niche market.These keywords will help your twitter profile rankwithin the search engines for specific phrases as wellas help other twitter users find you using the built-in search functionality from within the twittercommunity itself. -9-
  10. 10. For example, if your niche market is focused on workat home, your twitter username could be: the most part, focusing on building brandawareness around your name or website is always bestto do if possible, rather than just focusing onkeywords or phrases.The more that people within the twitter communityremember you and identify you with a specific brand,the easier it will be to consistently grow yourfollowing and tap into the marketing power of thetwitter community base.Since your username becomes part of your twitterprofile‟s URL, and you will be sharing this withpotential customers as well as possible JV partnersand friends, you want to make sure that it‟s easy toremember, and that people won‟t confuse you withanother marketer in your niche.If you run a website that is on a sub domain, or analternative extension rather than the top level .com,using your website name in your twitter username mightnot be wise, since people who are unaware that your - 10 -
  11. 11. domain is not on a primary domain might mistake orconfuse another website for your own, so take the timeto evaluate the username you choose. It‟s a veryimportant part of branding yourself within the twittercommunity.Once you have your twitter account set up, you willneed to make a few small tweaks to your profile sothat it‟s completely optimized.Here’s exactly how to do it:First, start off by uploading a photo of yourself oryour company‟s logo. Once again, consider what you aremore interested in branding, and use a relevant image.For the most part, people tend to identify and connectbetter with personal images, because they feel asthough they are talking to a friend rather than abusiness owner.From personal experience testing both image types aswell as various usernames (personal name, businessname and website URL), I have found that by using myreal photo and my business name, I was able togenerate a larger following base, and ultimately, moretraffic easier than when using my company logo. - 11 -
  12. 12. You can always test out different formats yourself asyou begin to build your following, however you want tobe careful not to change your username when you arebuilding a following because if people visit your oldprofile page that you no longer use, they will assumethat you are no longer active on twitter and not addyou to their following base.You can also update your profile‟s background andcolor scheme so that it matches your website. Thereare also twitter profile designers who will helpcustomize your twitter account so that you stand outfrom the crowd and ultimately, attract more attention.For your reference, here are a few to help you getstarted: you are just starting out, leaving your profileset to the default color scheme can work just fine,however once you begin to establish a presence withinthe twitter community, I strongly recommendcustomizing your profile page so that it representsyour company brand. - 12 -
  13. 13. You can also choose to use a free service to customizeyour twitter account quickly and easily. One serviceis available at and just byselecting a template from their online directory, youcan instantly personalize your twitter profile centerso that it suits your style or brand.Even so much as adding in your company logo andwebsite URL can instantly maximize the amount oftraffic generated from your twitter profile to yourmain website.From your profile page, make sure that you spend timecompleting all available fields, including your name,email address, local region‟s time zone so that yourtweets are properly structured within your time line,and make sure to enter in your website‟s URL (see the“more info‟ field).Again, you can change the website URL and all otherinformation displayed within your profile center atany time should you want to cross-market multiplewebsites over a period of time.Your profile page is visible by anyone who adds you asa contact or following, and you can choose to set yourprofile page as private so that only those you pre- - 13 -
  14. 14. approve (and add as a contact yourself) are able tosee your information or protected updates.Note: One of the biggest mistakes that new twittermarketers make is in immediately adding contacts totheir following list, without having built up theirprofile‟s interface by sending out tweets, updatingtheir profile information and customizing their page.You want to maximize your chances of those landing onyour profile page to add you as a contact and in orderto do that you need to make sure that they see you asan active user, and someone worth following.If you are currently working to establish your brandor grow your business, it‟s critical that you developyour twitter presence first, before attempting to growyour following base.To completely optimize your twitter profile, youshould also pay attention to the „bio‟ field availablefrom your profile‟s main page.While you are limited by 160 characters, you shoulduse this space wisely, incorporating keywordsseparated by comma‟s, as shown below: - 14 -
  15. 15. Im an online entrepreneur, niche blogger, info product developer, marketer and Canadian. I enjoy affiliate marketing, and product development.Use keywords that directly relate to your products,services or overall market focus as the keywordsentered into your bio field work in conjunction withtwitter‟s built in search utility allowing people tofind you when your bio field keywords match theinformation they are searching for.In the example box above, when people use twitter‟ssearch box to locate potential people to follow, theywould find me based on the following keywords:Online entrepreneurNiche bloggerInfo productDeveloperAffiliate marketingProduct developerI suggest using words that best describe yourbusiness, your products or your niche market.Here is a quick overview of all of your profilefunctions and what they mean: - 15 -
  16. 16. Name: This is where you add in your full name orcompany name. This can be changed at any time fromwithin your profile center.Username: This will showcase your current username andallow you to change it if you wish. Once again, becareful doing this as your former username will becomeavailable for registration.Your Email Address: This is where all notifications,including Twitter updates and emails alerting you tonew followers will be sent. You can choose to disableupdates, to prevent excessive system messages.Your time zone: Adjust this to reflect your currenttime zone, so that you can identify tweet times.More Info URL: This is where you will add in yourwebsite URL.Note: I suggest directing potential followers to a pagethat provides information about you, or a squeeze pageoffering a free resources or download or a freeresource page.Consider that not everyone who views your profile pagehas decided to follow you and you want to make sure - 16 -
  17. 17. that you either capture their information in a squeezepage or that you entice them to join your followingbase.Your Location: You can choose to include your city, orjust your country, if you wish.If you are comfortable with adding in your specificarea, you will find that people in or near yourlocation are likely to follow you, and it‟s a great wayto begin communicating and building up your tweethistory.Language: Twitter is available in various languages,and you can change the current translation here.The final option is to Protect your Updates from thepublic timeline.If you activate this option, all of your posts andmessages (tweets) will not appear in twitter‟s public - 17 -
  18. 18. timeline, and will be visible only to existing contactsand new followers.I strongly suggest NOT protecting your updates so thatanyone wishing to communicate and potentially followyou is able to review your recent posts and exploreyour profile area.Once you have updated your information, click on the“Devices” tab to enter in your mobile phone number, ifyou wish to receive text messages of Twitter messages,or be able to send a broadcast to your twitter accountfrom your cell phone (very handy feature to be able tocontinue to interact when you are away).You can also subscribe your page to a RSS feed, onceyou have established your account and have sent out ahandful of messages.The “Notices” tab is where you can choose to disablesystem emails, so that you no longer receive alertswhenever someone starts to follow you.Once you become active within the twitter community,you might want to deactivate this, as you‟ll end upreceiving an overload of email notices from theautomated email notification system. - 18 -
  19. 19. You can also change the @replies setting, which allowsyou to choose to receive tweets only from people thatyou are following, to see all messages posted to youdirectly, as well as between your contacts.I set my twitter account to @replies to the people I‟mfollowing, so that I am able to keep up to date withthe people I personally interact with, without beinginundated with messages from people I am not currentlyinteracting with. - 19 -
  20. 20. Setting Up Your Traffic MachineYou‟ve optimized your twitter account and you are readyto begin building a targeted following base, but holdon! There are a few other things you need to do beforeyou are able to generate traffic to your websites fromtwitter.It begins with using free resources from third partydevelopers who have created modules and add-on‟s usingtwitters API.One of these services is available at and with this program, youare able to automate your tweets as well as sendinstant direct messages (DM) to everyone who followsyou. - 20 -
  21. 21. Visit to create youraccount.Once created, log into your account and choose the linkfrom the navigation menu that will allow you toautomate your DRM messages, and set up your welcomefeatures. - 21 -
  22. 22. The next step is to connect your twitter account toyour Tweet Later account by entering in your twitterinformation and validating your request. You can alsochoose to add your blog feed to your Tweet Lateraccount so that you can instantly send out an updateeach time your blog features new content.TweetLater also allows you to add multiple twitteraccounts to your TweetLater account, so that you canset up and manage multiple marketing campaigns all fromwithin one interface.Once you have connected your twitter account to yourTweet Later account, click on “Edit” to customize youraccount settings.This is where you will be able to choose to send out anautomatic message to each person who follows you(instant DM, direct message).You will want to enable this feature, so that you canautomate the process of thanking those who choose to - 22 -
  23. 23. follow you, and in directing them to your squeeze pagewhere they can download your free offer.The next step is to enter in your automated welcomemessage.You are limited to only 120 characters, so make surethat you use this space in the best possible way, bythanking them for following you and inviting them todownload your free product.You can edit the welcome message at any time, shouldyou wish to split test different broadcasts todetermine what works best for your target audience.You can also personalize the messages instantly, sothat your direct broadcasts contain the users twitterusername using the <<firstname>> command. - 23 -
  24. 24. It‟s always important to reciprocate when people followyou, so that you can build relationships with yourtarget market, however you are not required to followevery single person that chooses to follow you.While maximizing exposure using automated DM‟s isincredibly effective, you need to be careful with thetype of message that you are setting up on autopilot.For starters, you absolutely want to avoid includingaffiliate links within your automated direct messages.The last thing you want to do is cause people to stopfollowing you simply because they feel as though youare sending out spam, or are only targeting them forcommunication because you want to sell them something.Remember, no one wants to be sold to, and the objectiveis to build a relationship with your following base in - 24 -
  25. 25. a similar way that you would with an email list ofsubscribers.The idea is to passively market your websites and getyour message across without giving people theimpression that you are only part of the community toadvertise your products or services.Examples of automated direct messages that work: Thanks for the follow! If youre interested in profitable blogging, download the free guide on the top 10 blog monetization tactics at http://www.your- domain.comWhile you are offering a free ebook or report onprofitable blogging, as shown in the example above,your product itself could incorporate affiliateproducts or links to your own websites or squeezepages, while avoiding your direct messages becomingoverly promotional. Looking to grow your following base on twitter quickly and easily? Check out this post on the top 100 people worth following. - 25 -
  26. 26. Social marketing of any kind requires a solid balancebetween offering free, relevant, entertaining anduseful content with promotional based emails, messagesor in this case, tweets.Websites like twitter are social communities andinformation networks, and people participate in orderto communicate with like minded individuals, not withthe intention of purchasing products or subscribing toemail lists, so keep this in mind whenever you createyour automated direct message and focus on offeringvalue at no cost, while building your following base.You could also send traffic to a squeeze page usingyour automated direct messaging system as well, as longas you are offering something of value, for free.Consider writing a report or quick-start guide based onyour niche market that incorporates an upsell withinthe giveaway to another product that you own, or simplyuse your squeeze page to build a following base off oftwitter that you can communicate with and continue tobuild your brand awareness.All you need to do this is a squeeze page that isconstructed to highlight your opt-in box, whilefeaturing the benefits of subscribing to your list, and - 26 -
  27. 27. an autoresponder account, such as with www.aweber.comor www.getresponse.comI’ll cover more in depth list building using thetwitter community in an upcoming chapter.Just remember, the more active you are within thetwitter community, the easier it will be to maximizeexposure and continue to build your following base.You can use TweetLater to accomplish this as well, byimplementing their automated tweet scheduling systeminto your twitter account.This way, you can set up tweets to go out on specificintervals, keeping your account active within thecommunity.To set this up, click on «New Tweet» where you will seethe following form: - 27 -
  28. 28. Enter in your future post, assign a specific date inwhich you wish for it to be published and choose toretain a copy as a draft.You can also choose which twitter account you want thepost to be featured on, in the event you managedifferent twitter accounts.With Tweet Laters auto tweet option, you are limitedto 12 tweets per house, which is plenty for the averagemarketer, however if you would like to be able to sendan unlimited number of auto tweets, you can choose tosubscribe to their professional version. - 28 -
  29. 29. You will also want to log into your twitter account andaccess the settings options.From within this area, place a check in the “newFollower Emails” option.This way, you will be notified when new followers startto follow your tweets and can keep on top of how wellyour auto DM and scheduled tweet system is performing.Spend some time creating 10-15 messages that go outautomatically on specific dates, so that you can beginfocusing on building your following and driving fresh,targeted traffic to your website using twitter and yourautomated broadcasts.In the next chapter, we‟ll cover some quick startmethods of growing your following base. - 29 -
  30. 30. Growing A Targeted Following BaseBefore you can generate traffic to your websites,build mailing lists or make money with twitter, youneed to build a following of relevant leads.After all, only those following you will receive yourmessages and become part of your communicationchannel, so the more targeted followers you have, themore exposure you‟ll get, it‟s as simple as that.The one thing you want to avoid however, is building alarge following of mix-matched people.The entire point of marketing within twitter‟scommunity is so that you are able to reach into yourtargeted customer base and broaden your outreach,maximize profits and build brand awareness.If your following base consists of random users whoaren‟t genuinely interested in your market, you willstruggle to convert these followers into buyers.So, how can you begin to build a highly targetedfollowing base?It‟s actually quite simple, and just by following thesteps below you will be able to quickly generate a - 30 -
  31. 31. solid base of thousands of relevant leads!Step 1: Add Existing ContactsIf you communicate through gmail, hotmail or even MSN,odds are that some of your contacts also use twitterand with twitter‟s built-in contact center you canconnect to your email programs and determine who iscurrently using twitter.From within your twitter account, click on the secondoption in your profile area, “Find On Other Networks”.Twitter will instantly sort through your email programsand external communication channels and locatepotential followers based on existing twitter users aswell as allowing you to send out invitations to thosewithin your contact list that are not currently usingtwitter. Just enter in their email address and theemail invite will be sent out within minutes. - 31 -
  32. 32. Most people will instantly follow you back, with somepeople setting their twitter accounts on auto-follow,where they automatically add people to their followingbase who have added them in return.Step 2: Search within TwitterSimply enter in a keyword phrase or individual keywordsthat describe your niche market and browse through theresults window, following people who share the sameinterests.Step 3: Using Free DirectoriesThere are a number of twitter directories and groups - 32 -
  33. 33. online that feature twitter users based on category,interests and location. You can browse through thesedirectories, targeting those containing specifickeywords within their profiles.It‟s an easy way of locating potential leads in yourniche market, quickly and easily.One of these websites is located at and it features a search tool aswell as the top 100 people being followed on Twitter,the Top 100 updaters (who updates their Twitter statusfrequently), the Top 100 followers and the Top 100favorites.You can check out the Top 100 Followers to find peoplewho are willing to follow you, and the Top 100 Followedto find people that you would be interested infollowing.Another popular Twitter directory can be found at:http://www.twitterholic.comOne of the best methods of finding relevant leads is byusing the online directory. With Twellow,you can literally locate hundreds of relevant leads tofollow just by entering in keywords or browsing throughtheir categories and groups. - 33 -
  34. 34. Here‟s how to get started:Visit and use the search box inthe top navigation area to search for people bycategory or by keyword:You can also target people with who are extremelyactive within twitter, and have a high ranking.In my example, I am targeting: Small Business/FreelanceThis is a great way to locate hundreds of peoplecovering any niche market imaginable. Once I enter theSmall Business/Freelance category, the listings reveal - 34 -
  35. 35. over 300 current twitter members who are part of thismarket.You are given a snapshot of their twitter stats,including their current following, location, URL, andbio. You can add people directly from these results.If you want to keep tabs on how many people follow youeach day, as well as how people people stoppedfollowing you, you can create an account at:http://www.SocialToo.comAnd finally, you can check out online blogs andnetworks that feature listings of twitter users basedon specific niche markets.Marketing Pilgrim features over 500 internet marketingtwitter users: Your Twitter ActivityOnce you have your profile set up and optimized, yourautomated direct messaging system and tweet scheduleset up, and you have begun to generate a listing ofrelevant followers and leads, it‟s time to harness the - 35 -
  36. 36. power of twitter and generate fresh, targeted trafficto your websites and squeeze pages that can betransformed into ongoing profits.When it comes to monetizing your twitter activity,there are a handful of incredibly effective methodsthat will work with any niche market online, including:Affiliate MarketingCPA MarketingEmail MarketingBlog MarketingTwitter Advertising ProgramsSell Resell And PLR ProductsWhen it comes to affiliate marketing within twitter‟scommunity, you need to go about it in a very clever,indirect way.For example, just posting affiliate links within yourtweets is likely going to cause a massive number offollowers to stop following you, so instead of directadvertising, you need to model your tweets after themost successful online marketers and blend inpromotional links with entertaining or useful messages.If you‟ve ever paid attention to the twitter gurus like - 36 -
  37. 37. Joel Comm, you‟ll quickly discover just how they goabout doing this.Every day, you‟ll see multiple posts within their timeline, most of them seemingly focused on purelyentertaining their followers or offering links tovaluable, free content.If you look closer however, you‟ll see exactly what‟sreally going on. These links to free content arefeatured on blogs or websites that advertise paidproducts. The free reports or guides that are givenaway require an opt-in to a newsletter or ezine.Regardless how they choose to funnel traffic to theirwebsites, whether it‟s by offering a free product orgiveaway or simply posting a link to an informativearticle or blog post, they always focus on increasingthe value of these visitors by either capturing theirinformation within an autoresponder account, sellingproducts, or promoting their websites and brand.You never want to promote an affiliate product directlywithin your twitter message (tweet) but rather bydirecting potential customers to your blog by offeringthem free information, where your affiliate links areembedded into the content or website‟s navigation menu. - 37 -
  38. 38. And there‟s an even easier method of snipingcommissions from within the twitter community.One savvy method of staying on top of current topicswithin the twitter community, and subsequently,promoting affiliate products relating to these hottopics is by using the free tool available athttp://www.TweetBeep.comWhat Tweet Beep does is alert you to currentdiscussions based on specific keywords that you enterinto your Tweet Beep account.Consider the possibilities of being alerted each timesomeone discusses a recent product launch, and beingable to drop by quickly, and post a link to yourwebsite or blog where you showcase a review on theproduct in question.This is an incredibly simple method of generatingcommissions from affiliate products without directlymarketing to your following base.Think about it. These people are asking about aspecific product, so it‟s likely that they are alreadyinterested in purchasing it but simply need a bit ofreassurance before taking that final step. - 38 -
  39. 39. By creating a review about this product and directingpotential customers to it, you are able to passivelymarket the product while giving the impression that youare simply trying to help.When promoting affiliate products, especially withindirect tweets, you should always track your stats todetermine the types of products that are effectivelyconverting within your twitter promotions.To do this, you can sign up for a free account athttp://www.budURL.comBud URL is a fantastic tool for managing your affiliatelinks enabling you to set custom alias‟s for each linkthat you use, as well as being able to set up atemporary or permanent redirect.If you choose products from within the Clickbankmarketplace, you can take your existing affiliate linkand plug it into BUD Url‟s system where you can trackall commissions and traffic from your twitterpromotions.In fact, you can see the exact number of clicks fromevery single tweet you send out by disclosing youraffiliate link with Bud URL. - 39 -
  40. 40. Email MarketingTwitter is also exceptionally valuable when it comes tolist building. Even if you are brand new to emailmarketing, by funnelling twitter users onto yoursqueeze or landing page, you can begin to build massiveemail lists of targeted leads that you can sendaffiliate based promotions to.First, create a squeeze page exclusively for Twitterfollowers and be sure to thoroughly explain exactlywhat they will receive in exchange for subscribing.(You want to really emphasize the benefits of joiningyour list, as well as offer a „bribe‟ (giveawayproduct) that ties into your main niche.Remember, it‟s about the quality of your subscribers,not the quantity. You want to develop laser-targetedmailing lists so that you can send out relevant productpromotions, so try to offer a giveaway product thatrelates to the types of products or services you willbe advertising within your email campaigns.When it comes to the quality of your giveaway, you wantto do your best not to offer products that are over-saturated. Instead, consider outsourcing a report to a - 40 -
  41. 41. seasoned writer so that you are able to offer exclusivecontent available only to your list.That way, you can emphasis the exclusivity of yourproduct on your squeeze page, as well as within yourtweets.Blog MarketingIf you want a quick and easy method of driving targetedtraffic to your new blog, twitter makes itexceptionally easy to do.To start, download the free plugin available at plugin will link your blog with your twitteraccount so that each time you post on your blog, yourtwitter account will be alerted and an automated tweetwill go out notifying your followers that you‟verecently updated your blog.This is a fantastic method of driving fresh traffic toyour blog, all on complete autopilot!Another way of streamlining your blog updates with yourtweets is by using twitterfeed, available at - 41 -
  42. 42. With twitter feed, you can automatically send outtweets each time your blog is updated with freshcontent, but best of all, you can choose how often yourfeed is monitored, so that in the event you areupdating your blog multiple times a day, you can chooseto minimize the number of tweets that are sent out.You can also choose to send out tweets from externalblogs other than your own, as long as the blog providesyou with a RSS feed link.Paid To TweetThere are networks online that will pay you just forsending out tweets promoting their company, products orservices.One of these programs can be found at: and it works like this:1: Advertisers create campaign providing the ad messageand some keywords.2: Magpie identifies key influencers for your brandbased on the content of their message streams. - 42 -
  43. 43. 3: The ad message is blended into the message streamsof the best matching Twitterers.The compensation models are set up based on pay persale, per lead, per click and per view.Here is a quick overview of the different formats:  Pay-per-Sale: Here you get a cut of the sale price when one of your followers buys something on one of Magpie‟s customers sites through one of your tweets. This is perhaps the most lucrative of the compensation models.  Pay-per-Lead: Every time one of your followers enquires about a service or joins up for a subscription or the like, you get compensated (compensation rates tend to be 15% greater than Pay-per-View, depending on the campaign)  Pay-per-Click: You get paid every time one of your followers clicks on a link. Currently Magpies click rate is double that of any other online advertising.  Pay-per-View: You get paid a base amount for allowing a tweet to be placed in your stream - - 43 -
  44. 44. this amount depends on the number of your followers and the hotness of your tweets.You will also earn 30% commission when an advertisersigns up to Magpie by clicking on your referral link.Another method of monetizing your twitter account fromautomated tweets Is available throughhttps://www.twittad.comWith TwittAd, your account will automatically serve upads every hour, and you‟ll be paid a flat rate based onthe number of times the advertisement is sent out fromyour account.You can sign up for a free account and review theprocess at: Tweeted offers yet another opportunity to make moneywith twitter as you grow your following base. you are paid for tweeting about specificadvertisers, and are able to select specific sponsorsthat are relevant to your own market. - 44 -
  45. 45. You should also sign up for a free account at where you can post Cost Per Click(CPC) ads into your Twitter timeline.When other users click on the ads you post, you getpaid for each valid click.You can also earn a fixed fee by posting Cost PerThousand (CPT) ads into your Twitter timeline. You needto have the minimum number of followers specified bythe advertiser in order to post a CPT ad.You can also choose to include Cost per Action (CPA)ads in every email you sent, or post them in your forumpost, blog comment, social network status update, wallpost and make money from and every social conversationyou have on the Internet.When other people complete an action, typically submitan email or zip code, you get paid yet again.These are great strategies for monetizing your twitteraccount if you don‟t yet have a product of your own topromote, and with programs like “Be A Magpie”, I‟vemanaged to earn over $200 just from a handful ofautomated tweets sent out to my following base.The greatest thing about these services is that you - 45 -
  46. 46. don‟t have to sell anything in order to get paid. Justby showcasing a series of advertisements within yourtweets, you can drive in profit automatically.Selling PLR and Resell Rights ProductsThe great thing about selling private label or resellrights products is that you will earn 100% of allprofits as well as not having to wait for a commissioncheck to be sent out from affiliate marketplaces likeClickBank.The one thing about selling private label products withtwitter is that you want to make sure that you arepromoting the highest quality packages possible.One of the best resources for exclusive PLR packagescan be found at where youcan download packages from within the InternetMarketing niche as well as other niche marketsincluding relationships, personal improvement andweight loss.Making Money With CPA OffersYou can drive in targeted traffic from twitter to CPAbased landing pages and offers. - 46 -
  47. 47. The key with this is that you need to select CPAprograms that feature low resistance, are highlytargeted and feature PPL (pay per lead) rather than payper sale.Example would be a prospect signing up for a free trialsubscription to a magazine service where the onlyaction required is a short registration form in orderto receive credit for the lead.Whether you choose to monetize your twitter accountwith affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, blog marketingor by building your email marketing lists, there‟s afew free tools and resources available to helpstreamline the process and maximize your results.Twollow, available at offers theopportunity to receive alerts whenever specifickeywords are referenced within the twitter community,and to auto follow people who have entered in thesekeywords.The free account provides you with 5 keywords while theupgraded premium account enables you to enter up to 20keywords to be consistently monitored, adding you as afollower each time someone references the keywords youselect. - 47 -
  48. 48. You can also receive instant notifications of unlimitedkeyword references by signing up for a free account at’s exactly how to automate your twitter activity:You add relevant keywords into your Google Alertsaccount based on the keywords that are relevant to yourmarket. Then, within your Google Alerts account, youcan choose how you want the alert to be delivered.Rather than deliver it by email, choose to deliver itby Feed, where each alert will be sent to a RSS feed.Copy the feed URL and enter it into your www.budurl.comaccount and shrink it down to a smaller URL that can beadded into your twitter feed account.Once you‟ve entered in the new feed‟s URL into account, every time you receive anew update from Google Alerts based on your chosenkeywords, it will automatically post the update to yourtwitter account! - 48 -
  49. 49. Tools & Resourceshttp://www.tweetpages.comhttp://www.tweetscan.comhttp://www.tweetwire.comhttp://www.tweet140.comhttp://www.twhirl.comhttp://www.twitbuttons.comhttp://www.twitku.comhttp://www.twittpoll.comhttp://www.twittearth.comMisc Toolshttp://www.twittergallery.comhttp://www.twitterator.comhttp://www.twittercal.comhttp://www.twitterim.comTaking Notes With Twitterthis application enables you to jot down notes or ideasthat can be made visible only to you or the entirecommunity. http://www.TwitterNotes.comTwitter Directorieshttp://www.twibs.comhttp://www.trackingtwitter.com - 49 -
  50. 50. TwitterThis site allows you to post Twitter updates andretrieve your Twitter timeline via your mobile phone orother email enabled devices without incurring SMS fees.http://www.EmailTwitter.comFree tool that will provide suggestions on who youshould follow based on your current followers andmessages: Thishttp://www.TwitThis.comTwitter Badges Glossary Twitter Management Toolhttp://www.TweetDeck.comTwitter Directoryhttp://www.twitterholic.com - 50 -
  51. 51. Twittanglehttp://www.twittangle.comDe-follow Toolhttp://www.Huitter.comRetweeterhttp://www.Retweetrank.comUnTweepshttp://www.untweeps.mobeezy.mobiFire Fox Plugin for Twitter Plugins: Widget: Conversation Tracker: - 51 -