Introduction to Metrics - Tetuan Valley/CEU course, March 2014
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Introduction to Metrics - Tetuan Valley/CEU course, March 2014



Introduction to Metrics with examples from 24symbols. Given at Tetuan Valley / CEU course, March 2014

Introduction to Metrics with examples from 24symbols. Given at Tetuan Valley / CEU course, March 2014
We use the AARRR metrics model from Dave McClure.



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Introduction to Metrics - Tetuan Valley/CEU course, March 2014 Introduction to Metrics - Tetuan Valley/CEU course, March 2014 Presentation Transcript

  • TAKE YOUR READINGS WHEREVER YOU GO Metrics: because everything counts Justo Hidalgo @justohidalgo
  • Hi! ■ Co-founder, • Worry about metrics ■ Data Integration and Management, Product Strategy and Innovation ■ Ph.D. in Computer Science on Data Integration and Web Automation ■ Ergo: Love Data  ■ @justohidalgo
  • A service to read and discover digital books that works on any device
  • @justohidalgo
  • Metrics Some tools Conclusions My goals today
  • Qualitative measurement • Competitive landscape, UX quality, … Standard financial metrics • Revenue, Balance, Burn rate, Runway, … All possible metrics in the world • As many as asses What I won’t talk about
  • Let’s talk about metrics and startups!
  • Watch this… 500startups’ Dave McClure
  • … and this… Carsonified’s Ryan Carson
  • … and read this!
  • AARRR Acquire Activate Retain Refer Get Revenue SEO SEM Campaigns Email Blogs … Landing Page Product Features … Content (blogs, articles, …) Emails Alerts … Campaigns Emails … Shopping cart Subscriptions Lead Gen … traffic social business
  • Traffic Metrics
  • How do people find your site? Acquisition
  • @justohidalgo
  • 15 seconds in “La 1”
  • Videos work quite fine
  • Metrics Number of visits Distributions (per browser, region, …) Number of page views Bounce rate
  • How sticky is your site? AActivation
  • Metrics 40000 45000 50000 55000 60000 65000 70000 75000 80000 85000 Time per page Time on site # Sign ins!!! Recency (time since user did something meaningful) (and churn as well!!!)
  • Biggest Apple Reseller in Spain 1-year subscription to 24s per iPad/Mac purchased @justohidalgo
  • Why do users come back? AARetention
  • Number of unique/returning visitors Visits over time Average session time Metrics. The standard ones…
  • D/WAU: Daily/Weekly Active Users MAU: Monthly Active Users Stickiness = … engagement… D/WAU MAU
  • # Active readers # Books read per user Pages read per active reader per month … but also domain-specific!!! Pages read per paid user per month
  • Metrics, metrics, metrics
  • Not enough to have a nice GUI
  • Quick!!! • What’s the number of active subscribers who read more than 10% of a book per month? • How many of our Colombian users switch devices while they read the same book? • What’s the most read category, segmented by gender? • What’s the number of readers per book page? Can you draw a graph? • We just learnt there’s a new metric investors are using… can we process it today? Not enough to have a nice GUI
  • Metrics… and a human touch ;)
  • Users becoming digital librarians
  • Social Metrics
  • Do people talk about your site? AARReferral
  • Visitor Contributor Distributor Types of users
  • Curation the unbeatable experience of a bookstore
  • Curation bookshelves Every user, a librarian
  • Amplification rate: • (#shares, #RTs, …) K-Factor = AR * conversion rate • = 1: steady state • > 1: growth ➤ 1.4 < x < 2.1 => hot & viral!!! • < 1: decline Virality
  • % viral hosts Contact rate per active host Duration of each active host’s infectious time period Infection conversion Source: objectives-aka-social-network-application-virality-101/ The Four Viral App Objectives
  • @justohidalgo
  • Business Metrics
  • Do you make money? AARRRevenue
  • Churn
  • Lifetime Value = 100% LTV Source: rate ARPU *
  • CAC Ratio= Bessemer: average ratio of SaaS companies = 0.6 Customer Acquisition Cost gross margin per customer sales/marketing costs per customer
  • Of course, LTV > CAC But, moreover: LTV > 3x CAC LTV vs CAC
  • time/conversion rate Price/page Growth Profit threshold Consolidation Freemium for Books. Price per page @justohidalgo
  • Analytics Heatmaps Social media
  • Conclusions
  • @justohidalgo
  • 2. Have someone taking care of it
  • 3. Only measure what you truly care about @justohidalgo
  • But again, choose right
  • 4. Beware vanity metrics…
  • … they may hide an awful truth
  • Thanks for your time! @justohidalgo Justo Hidalgo
  • Credits Olivier Guin, from The Noun Project Dima Yagnyuk, from The Noun Project Redesign from Otl Aicher’s icon, from The Noun Project Axsys, from The Noun Project Monika Ciapala, from The Noun Project Rob Schill, from The Noun Project Martin Karachorov, from The Noun Project Alexandre Mendes, from The Noun Project All other icons from The Noun Project Publishers trademarks, logos and brands belong to their respective companies.