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  1. 1. EuropE’s no.1carpooling network
  2. 2. carpooling.comno.1 in EuropECreated in Munich in 2001, has quickly becomeEurope’s no.1 carpooling network. Present in 9 countries (Germany, 3,397,938 REGISTEREDFrance, Poland, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Greece) USERSand available in 7 languages, the site brings people who want to sharea ride together. great Britain • launched in July 2010 poland • launched in March 2010 UK DE PL France • launched in May 2010 FR AT CH italy IT • launched in April 2010 GR• launched in December 2010 greece • launched in December 2009press contact: - tel +49 (0) 89 28 77 80 44 0
  3. 3. How doEs it work? CO2 CO2 € CO2 €click ride savewith just a few clicks, drivers can ride the way you choose to: Sharing makes the ride a lotoffer available seats and passen- pick the driver or passenger you cheaper and more sustainablegers can find or book a ride. want to travel with (e.g. only top for everyone. The price and carbon rated users, women-only), how emissions are reduced by the num-You can access the service from much space and comfort you need, ber of people traveling together.anywhere - a computer, a mobile where you want to meet and whatphone or a social network. you are willing to pay. example: instead of paying 45€ for gas to drive from Cologne to Paris As a reasonably priced alter- alone (or 100€ by train), you take 2 native, we also offer selected rides passengers and pay 15€ only. in buses, trains and planes. “it‘s easy“press contact: - tel +49 (0) 89 28 77 80 44 0
  4. 4. wHat Has acHiEvEd by now 2 Million users 630,000 24 Million CO2 tons of every month CO carpools 2 CO2 carbon emissions avoided 750 million Euros saved 90,000 km Thousands of by drivers of avoided friendships and traffic + 10 weddings passengers 20 Euros 15,000 4,85 minimum per downloads out of € driver for a of mobile app 5 stars - 200 km ride per month average rating of a ridepress contact: - tel +49 (0) 89 28 77 80 44 0
  5. 5. wHat our usErs likE about us “I can always “I travel safe” find a ride“• Not a single serious problem reported in the last 10 years • Easy access to Europe´s largest carpooling network:• The few customer service emails we receive are about more than 600,000 rides are available at any time to forgotten phones or occasional late arrivals 5,000 cities in 45 countries• The handling of personal data is secure and confidential • Free registration and entry of offers and requests• Women-only rides, ID authentification and User-ratings • Regular monitoring of rides guarantee reliable allow users to choose who they want to ride with transport • Access from anywhere: Internet, Mobile, Facebook and other social networks € “I pay less • Bus/Train/Plane alternatives for transport”• Carpooling is usually the cheapest way to go “I meet people I like” from one place to another • Multiple ways to choose who to ride with: via user profile, user rating, specific criteria, common interests, Facebook • Sharing allows people to connect and help “I protect the planet” each other out• The more people carpool, the less traffic on the roads, and the more pleasant for everyone• Built-in carbon calculator helps reduce carbon emissions sHarE tHE ridE bEcausE wE all sHarE tHE planEtpress contact: - tel +49 (0) 89 28 77 80 44 0
  6. 6. our tEam originally founded by 3 german MBa students, the team is now comprised of 30 employees who speak 12 different languages. They have very different backgrounds and yet they all share the same goal: to offer a new, sustainable transport alternative to all. The company keeps a strong “startup” spirit - with flexibility and happiness at its core.mEEt us www.pamemazi.grpress contact: - tel +49 (0) 89 28 77 80 44 0