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  • 1. Change text to:
    News Releases
    News and Editorial from Justmeans
    This is showing the most recent five releases, it needs to show the most popular news
  • 2. Make the font, spacing, type size, and style EXACTLY like Mashable
  • 3. Get rid of IPP, Add Cisco and Intel logos to the homepage
  • 4. Get rid of the way the left hand is now and add the new icons /text from Prakash
  • 5. Change this whole slide to look like the next
  • 6. New elements that need to be added in framework, see next page
  • 7. Add the below to each type of media in the framework. The tweet id should be automatically appended by a bit.ly link for the story
  • 8. Add the following below every single type of media in the Framework
    Media Contact 1
    Email (Optional)
    This should be autocomplete of all the people that have access to that company’s framework with the ability to put in a new name as well.
    Media Contact 2
    Email (Optional)
  • 9. Change language to:
    Company Profiles
    News Releases
    Get rid of practitioner updates for now until we can focus on on it
  • 10. Get rid of the Justmeans Weekly News on this page and add our Event Advertisement
  • 11. Get rid of the Justmeans Weekly News on this page and add our Event Advertisement
  • 12. Change this to make it look EXACTLY like Mashable
  • 13. Get completely rid of the personalized newsfeed. Comment it out until we have time to work on it correctly.
    Make Info the first tab.
  • 14. Get rid of good work goals
  • 15.
  • 16. Get rid of Blog
  • 17. Make people search resumes and all inputted text from users
  • 18. Make sure all client releases say Justmeans.com (press releases) ias the source.
    Make sure the beginning of the text in all client releases is:
    Justmeans.com - City - Date
  • 19. Make it so you can import your LinkedIn profile
  • 20. Get rid of the drop down here, just have Listen click to the Listen tab
  • 21. 1.) Change Pages to Landing Page
    2.) Comment Out Contacts for Now