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  • 1. We need to fix the Shorten URL function of the text update box. When using copy & paste functions I was only able to shorten url’s 50% of the time. Otherwise I was forced to log out and log back in. Screenshot on next slide.
  • 2. “ undefined”
    • The “undefined” message appeared about 50% of the time I was trying to post updates in the Justmeans framework. I know that this issues is also happening for our clients. We need to create a fix that allows users to copy and paste url’s into the field without having to try multiple times or logout and log back in.
    Unable to reproduce
  • 3. Change to Distribute Media Page
  • 4. This is what the Distribute Media page looks like now. We should remove this. It is confusing for users. This tells users that “ you will be sending this piece of media only to your personal profile” When actually, checking off things is not until the “distribute” tab Screenshot on next slide. Done
  • 5. Just show the company logo. Don’t do any check mark stuff. Done
  • 6. Delete this Is it not being used and has no function Done
  • 7. Does this work? If not fix it In all browsers Done with problem on IE
  • 8. Most client (95%) do not use pages If a client has not used their framework to create a page, then do not show it in the distribution Not Done
  • 9. Get rid of “Framework” as we do not use that word anymore Instead us Distribution Backend Kevin’s Distribution Backend for Justmeans Not Done