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Justmeans power point

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Justmeans power point

  1. 1. STAR Giving<br />Standing Together to Achieve Results<br />Jenna Algie | Leanne Gluck | Erika Braunginn<br />
  2. 2. Transforming Donors into Social Investors<br />5<br />4<br />3<br />2<br />7<br />6<br />Light Up the Globe<br /><ul><li> A Web 2.0 platform that provides investors with the ability to collaborate with other investors to invest in projects across the globe</li></ul>1<br />Foursquare Donor Badges<br /><ul><li> Partner with Foursquare to offer a “badge” system that awards participants for investing in projects and organizations that generate the greatest social benefit</li></ul>Social Bank<br /><ul><li> An exchange system that provides points to donors for monetary giving as well as volunteer time, which can be used to provide recognition and awards for social change</li></ul>3<br />Virtual Social Currency<br /><ul><li>Non-profit organizations earn virtual “currency” based on their programs’ impact. Currency is redistributed to investors who can redeem for in-kind gifts sponsored by for-profit partners.</li></ul>State Level Community Investor Bonds<br /><ul><li> Long-term, renewable, fixed-rate bonds that invest in community involvement areas through state-wide organizations such as United Ways (administered through the state).</li></ul>DonorMatch.com<br /><ul><li> Similar to Match.com, donors input their interests in donating and nonprofits put in their project needs. Individual donors are matched to nonprofit projects that meet their social investing goals. </li></ul>Financial Advisor Certification for Social Philanthropic Investing<br /><ul><li> A Social Investing certificate program for financial advisors. Advisors provide Investors with a specific donation recommendations based on the Investors familial, professional, and future needs.</li></li></ul><li>STAR Giving:A Two Tiered Approach<br />Strategic Objective<br />We are creating an integrated, easy to use Web 2.0 platform that connects donors, non-profits and their constituents under one virtual marketplace. In addition to streamlining the supply of information, a marketing campaign will be launched to activate donors to “Give Smart” and OWN their impact. This two tiered approach will transform the philanthropic world into a STAR Giving market. <br />Tier One<br />STAR Giving Web 2.0<br />Tier Two<br />“Give Smart” Marketing Campaign<br />Create a national “GIVE SMART” marketing campaign that will leverage both outbound and inbound integrated marketing tactics to create buzz and awareness about the STAR Giving platform. Promotion will be heavily targeted towards “investors” and “givers” in a content knowledge approach.<br />Based on the concept, “When you find a bright spot, clone it.” The STAR Giving Web 2.0 platform will be a comprehensive, integrated and interactive tool that will be used by social investors, non-profit organizations and their constituents as a branded, virtual community.<br />
  3. 3. STAR Giving Web 2.0<br />Creating a Unified Platform<br />When You Find a Bright Spot, Clone It. <br />Strategic Objective<br />We suggest creating an umbrella site, taking the “best features” across multiple cutting edge philanthropic and social enterprise sites and merging them under one comprehensive, integrated and dynamic Web 2.0 platform. The goal is to streamline the supply of nonprofit information into a user friendly format that allows donors to quickly and easily find information on the highest performing nonprofit organizations and projects.<br />Platform Components<br />Social Investor<br />Constituents<br />Nonprofit Organizations <br /><ul><li>Personalized pages, known as “My Portfolio”, for social investors
  4. 4. Community of Investors who partner on projects in STAR Giving via online connection tools
  5. 5. Customizable Pages to communicate vision of organization and high impact KEY PROJECTS
  6. 6. Future Focus “Projection Model” that visually shows future impact of current investment
  7. 7. Profile pages with opportunities to upload content and directly connect with donors
  8. 8. Ability to “rate” organizations and provide feedback on social value/impact</li></li></ul><li>STAR Giving Web 2.0<br />Creating a Unified Platform<br />Key Platform Features<br /><ul><li>Investor “STAR Profile” Quiz
  9. 9. Adaptation of VALS assessment for donors
  10. 10. Gives Social Investor Profile including ideal giving range and types
  11. 11. Suggests types of organizations individual might be interested in
  12. 12. Portfolio for the People: Virtual/Interactive “Social Investment” portfolio for individual social investors, known as “My Portfolio”
  13. 13. Customizable based on STAR Profile – Ability to tailor display, features, and functions on individual page to meet social investing goals
  14. 14. Visual Representation of SROI created as “icons/badges” for different non-profits that social investors can feature on their profiles and link to social networking sites.
  15. 15. Comprehensive rating system for non-profits that integrates existing rating sites (i.e. GuideStar, Charity Navigator, etc.) and provides an overall valuation based on user preferences/values
  16. 16. Social Investor generated rating system, which allows investors to provide ratings on how satisfied they were with their investment in a nonprofit organization or project
  17. 17. “Social Advisors” available 24/7 via web chat to provide consultation and answer questions on social investments and managing social portfolio</li></li></ul><li>donors<br />nonprofit<br />beneficiary<br />STAR Giving<br />Standing Together to Achieve Results<br />Search Investing Projects<br />Join STAR Giving<br />Log-In to My Portfolio<br />About STAR Giving<br />Featured Projects<br />Connect with other STARS<br />
  18. 18. STAR Giving<br />Standing Together to Achieve Results<br />My Portfolio<br />My Portfolio<br />Search Projects<br />Suggested Projects:<br />CARE<br />Red Cross <br />CATCH<br />Columbus Zoo<br />Name: Heidi Smith<br />Location: Columbus, OH<br />Age: 28<br />Investment Profile:<br />Women’s Organizations, Poverty Alleviation, Education, Arts <br />Featured Projects<br />Badges<br />STAR Connection<br />Our Programs<br />Our Programs<br />Profile Quiz<br />My Social Investing Portfolio<br />Our Partners<br />News Articles<br />Empowering Women in Guatemala<br />Updates: Message from Lina<br />Rate an Investment Project<br />Start a Campaign<br />Contact Us<br />Back 2 Back Nigeria – Clean Water Systems<br />Updates: Water is flowing in Jos!<br />Consult with a Social Advisor<br />
  19. 19. Creating the Demand<br />“Give Smart” Marketing Campaign<br />Strategic Objectives<br />While the STAR Giving Web 2.0 platform will provide the supply of nonprofit projects and ratings in an easy to use format, we cannot expect that donors will find this social investing tool on their own. Therefore, we are suggesting the second tier of implementation be an integrated marketing campaign known as, “Give Smart”. Utilizing a combination of inbound and outbound marketing techniques, the campaign will build awareness of the philanthropic environment, Star Giving brand, and social investing.<br />Inbound Marketing<br />Outbound Marketing<br /><ul><li>FacebookGroup
  20. 20. YouTube videos highlighting the impact of STAR Give
  21. 21. Mobile app for Smartphone that allows donors to access their Portfolio anywhere, anytime
  22. 22. Partner with HubSpotto maximize Search Engine Optimization
  23. 23. Create a national “GIVE SMART” campaign in collaboration with OWN network, to encourage individuals to “OWN their Impact.”
  24. 24. Advertise in financial journals and magazines, such as WSJ and Forbes, with content related information about social investing
  25. 25. Partnership with TV news shows, such as Dateline,to promote STAR Giving when featuring a charity or cause</li></li></ul><li>“Give Smart” <br />Marketing Campaign<br />“STAR Give” Mobile App that lets donors link to their portfolio on the go.<br />STAR Give<br />When you invest, you invest smart. <br />Ads in the Wall Street Journal and other business publications will help donors recognize a resource available for them to “Give Smart”<br />A New Way to Give Smart STAR Giving<br />Why wouldn’t you do the same for your charitable donations?<br />If you’re going to give, give smart. STARgiving.org<br />STAR<br />Partner with TV programs, such as Dateline, when featuring high impact “giving” projects. Featured projects will be displayed in a special section on STAR Give webpage to allow potential donors ease of access to make an impact investment. <br />
  26. 26. Implementation Timeline<br />And Goals<br />2011<br />2012<br />2013<br />2014<br />Develop Web 2.0 Platform<br />Key Players:<br />Web developers<br />Charity ratings sites<br />Other “best in practice” charity websites (i.e. Global Giving)<br />Website Launch<br />Roll Out “Give Smart Campaign<br />Key Players:<br />OWN Network<br />HubSpot<br />Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube<br />Nonprofit organizations, beneficiaries, and donors<br />Program Goals:<br />4 Strategic Partnerships<br />50 Nonprofit Organizations signed on to participate<br />Program Goals:<br />8 Strategic Partnerships<br />200 Nonprofits<br />10,000 Donors<br />800 Beneficiaries<br />Program Goals:<br />10 Strategic Partnerships<br />500 Nonprofits<br />40,000 Donors<br />2000 Beneficiaries<br />Maintain, Refine, and Grow<br />