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  • 1. Done
    Currently Design of this complete session is messed need to align this properly like this
  • 2. Provide a example link which will show the user actual view of all the contest in a pop up.
  • 3. Done
    Need to change to option text to “General”
  • 4. First let the user select the contest type and then allow the user to fill other details because the user can provide other details according to the type of contest.
  • 5. Need to add type of contest as a mandatory field.
  • 6. Show loading image as soon as the file is choosen,Currently there is no activity displayed even if the user select the file it is for few seconds.
  • 7. Done
    Need to add a default question if the user select video contest
  • 8. Need to add following default images for:
    1.Upload Video(s)
    2.The default text should be Submit Your Video
  • 9. Need to change the default text to 1.Top voted videos or Top videos
    2.Recent Videos
    3.Kevin’s Video.
  • 10. Done
    Show error if the user try to save question without selecting any video type.
  • 11. Provide the uploading options above the Description box just like it will be shown on the actual detail page.
  • 12.
  • 13. Upgrade payment popup issue on jm2 for contest module the design is messed up.
  • 14. Done
    Text should not touch the border of the pop up.
  • 15. Done
    The text should be below or above the text box as it is just to inform the users.
  • 16. After clicking on the remove link a warning message should be displayed.
  • 17. Done
    When you send an invitation after clicking on the link and login the mail id should be displayed in the approved judges list.