Savoir Vivre in Poland


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Savoir Vivre in Poland

  1. 1. Karolina Barglik Savoir Vivre
  2. 2. At school D o not use vulgar words Don’t talk during lessons Treat all students equally, regardless to dress, social class or religion. I t is unacceptable to make laugh of a teacher
  3. 3. At the restaurant Do not criticize the prices and quality of dishes. Do n ot comment on the names of dishes If you want to go to the toilet during the meal , remove the napkin from your knees and put it on a chair , the clean side up. K eep your wrists on the table for all the time . If the cutlery was laid on the table for the meal , us e them sequentially , starting from the outside.
  4. 4. On the phone <ul><li>W e should not call anybody because of business matters on Sunday or during holidays </li></ul><ul><li>When you phone someone, wait for F ive signals . Give some time the person you are ringing to answer the phone. </li></ul><ul><li>W e should not begin the conversation with the sentence: &quot;who is speaking” It’s impolite. </li></ul><ul><li>Intorduce yourself when you phone to someone’s house and ask if you can talk to a particular person. </li></ul>Don’t shout while talking on the phone
  5. 5. AT THE THEATRE Be quiet during the performance. Do not move, stay on your seat. If you go to the theat re, it good to get some information about the performance and its author . You s hould come to the theat re at least fifteen minutes before the performance . In the theater we should obey the same, the remaining conditions as in the opera.
  6. 6. AT THE HOTEL When you use a towel and you think it needs to be replaced by a new one, please leave it on the floor. If the towel is still clean, hang it on the wall. Parents! Let's take care of it, that our children are not screaming, not played football in the corridors of a hotel or guesthouse R espect the ownership of the hotel's more than own. Try not to break any thing. If in a hotel offers meals, please report in the reception, that you are willing to eat the meal s . When you leave your room, please leve it as clean as it is possible. Bring your key to the reception to check out.
  7. 7. AT THE CEREMONIES OR PARTIES Basic rules for guests:     * P ut a napkin on your knees.     * Do not speak loudly .     * You can not improve your make-up or hair.     * Use the cutlery in a proper way. Keep a knife in your right hand and a fork in your left hand. * Do not ask why somebody does not drink alkohol. It is rude. .     * Please eat aesthetically. Do not throw down the food from your plate.     * You can not say anything with full mouth - while eating . If something is too hot for you, wait untill it is cooler. Do not blow on the food. Basic tips for Hosts:     * Give warm welcome     * Music that accompanies the ceremony can not be too loud, not to interrapt the conversation.     * The owner of the house should not sit down until all the guests do this .     * The dishes are always be given to the left of the seated guests, drinks and soup to the right. Empty plates we should take from the right side.     * A very important princi ple for all women ! The y can not spend the whole time in the kitchen! You cannot persuade anybody to drink alcohol if she/he does not want
  8. 8. IN THE PARK Do not talk too loudly on the phone, do not curse. When you walk in the park with a dog you should make sure the dog has got a muzzle . Y ou mustn’t make noise or throw litter. Parents! When you walk through the park with children , you must be careful not to enter into the path for bike s and do not disturb other people. Do not smoke !! !
  9. 9. SAVOIR VIVRE IN BUSINESS <ul><li>Be honest and reliable, otherwise nobody will employ you or does the business with you. </li></ul><ul><li>Most exchange s of business cards take place at the end of conversation, but during business meetings the cards are usually handed in at the outset; </li></ul>Equally important as the clothes are all accessories and utensils (briefcase, a pen, notepad, Holder) used for business meetings. Trash Should be avoided . U sed items should be of the highest quality, as evidenced both by the style of the person and company. A s ecretary (and every woman in the company) should always have covered arms, even in hot summer days. The colo u rs should be subdued , shoes should cover heel and fingers, the skirt should be knee- lenght .
  10. 10. HOW TO BEHAVE ABROAD? <ul><li>Germany is more open. Both in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria there are commonly used scientific and professional titles. When we t alk to the other person, after the word Mr or Mrs. Mandatory is to mention the nam e. In Germany , like in Poland there is a general habit of kissing ladies hand. Welcome and bow your head slightly . </li></ul><ul><li>English are known for their restraint in expressing people's feelings and sympathies, which impinges on their way of life. Therefore, do not expect from the newly acquainted people effusiveness and warmth, even in situations when they bestow on them. </li></ul><ul><li>In Italy we see many similarities to Spain in particular as regards the perception of tradition and devotion to family life, home and religion. Welcom e in the country will meet with universal hospitality, spontaneity which does not always mean friendship and intimacy. </li></ul>
  11. 11. ANIMALS <ul><li>Wash your hands after touching your pet. </li></ul><ul><li>When you take y our pet somewhere, please put it a muzzle. When you have guests, keep yur pet away of them. G uests may not be animal lovers. </li></ul><ul><li>It is clear that everywhere always clean up after your animal. </li></ul>
  12. 12. HOLIDAY SAVOIR VIVRE <ul><li>You should not play a ball in such way t o struck a stranger, lying or passing nearby. </li></ul><ul><li>You must not piss on the shore or to water . </li></ul><ul><li>You are not allowed to throw litter or shou t at the beach (people come here to rest). </li></ul><ul><li>D o not bring dogs or other animals with you . </li></ul>
  13. 13. SMOKING <ul><li>Smoking in public places is forbidden in Poland </li></ul><ul><li>Inviting non-smokers, who can not tolerate smoke means not to smoke if you are a host. </li></ul><ul><li>Never smoke in the presence of people with asthma , pregnant women, children and other diseases in which tobacco smoke is extremely harmful . </li></ul>
  14. 14. SAVOIR VIVRE AT THE TABLE For the host Guests can not sit huddled together like sardines in a barrel, without being able to exercise more freedom of gesture (though we have to remember that in order to keep the elbows at each other).
  15. 15. SAVOIR VIVRE IN CHURCH In the church during Mass. we apply all these rules of savoir vivre, which apply to public and social life . F or obvious reasons, we use them, with particular attention and the highest degree . Dress elegantly. The skirt shoudn’t be too short, neckline shoudn’t be too deep. Do not pray too loudly, too loudly. It distracts others. While paying, do not distort words. It's a sign of disregard, a factor which may annoy other s . When you come to the church, you must be quiet. First, cross yourself and find a free place. In Poland people go to church every Sunday.They listen to a priest and prayin silence. It’s a custom with long tradition. Even if you don’t believe in God, or you aren’t Christian, you should sit in silence.
  16. 16. SAVOIR VIVRE AT THE UNIVERSITY Boys should put on a suit when they come to the exam. Girls should come in a white blouse, elegant skirt and jacket. You should not exaggerat with haircut or make-up. Remember the right title of a particular teacher . Staff of universities at this point is very sensitive. You have to get rid of the habit of returning to high school telling to teachers &quot;Ms / Mr Professor. Some teachers give students their own private phone number. Sometimes they designate the hours in which you can call them. Call them only when it’s necessary
  17. 17. FLOWERS How do we give flowers? Give flowers with both hands head up. Keep them with your left hand on the bottom, and uphold near the bulbs. Giving flowers in a private home Certainly do not give them in the hallway. First , you have to remove the overcoat. A fter greeting, give flowers. Can a woman give a nother woman flowers? A woman can give flowers to a nother woman . If she is with a husband, her husband should hand them. Should the number of flowers be odd? Yes. Only one exeption - if the re are lots of flowers, they do not need to be in odd numbers.
  18. 18. Public Places - A cafe When you enter the ca fe, you need to remove clothing or a hat.If y ou wear dark glasses , you should remove them unless they are so decorative that they can be classified as jewel le ry. General Principles Entering the cafe, you should turn off the phone. However, if we do not do this and the phone rings let's go outside or somewhere where people do not sit. If something falls on the floor , clean it by yourself or ask the waiter to clean it. Do not be too loud .
  19. 19. Public places - Public transport Get in Always stand in front of the entrance to the center in public transport to enable other people to get off . Let the elderly, the disabled, or wom e n go first . H elp people to get in the bus if they need that. Do not push another people when the bus is crowded. Get on or get off gently, while apologizing people who are on your way . Y ou should give up your place to older or disabled people Getting on the bus pass ahead people who ac company you . While g et ting off , get off first and help people accompanying you to get off, by giving hand.
  20. 20. FAMILY EVENTS Engagemrnt and Wedding During engagement , the same procedure as with every visit are obligatory . A c andidate for husband stands up and officially asks woman’s parents for her hand. If they approv e that, he puts an engagement ring on her finger . The future couple and their p arents usually talk about the wedding and reception as well as plans for the future. All this is briefly discussed by the family. They often agree on the date of marriage. ABC of funeral and mourning You should be in a church during Mass and go a few steps behind the coffin. You are obliged to be present until the end of the ceremony if you are in close friendship with the family of the deceased. If you are a family member of the dead person, thank to all those who were at the funeral and gave a condolence. Wear black clothes during funeral and if you are a close family to the dead person, wear black clothes during mouring time.
  21. 21. 1. If you don’t have much money to spend on clothes, buy conspicuous, but decent fashion clothing, to wear on all occasions . 2. Women have great possibilities of transforming black dress, silk o r wool, which can be worn in different situations: at school. At wprk, at the party, in the church etc.. 3. You should buy clothes with caution, carefully think about everything , not to regret the money. 4. Accesories such as stockings, socks, hat s , cap s , bag s , shoes, are extremely important. They can cover up deficiencies, to refresh old, worn coat, suit, or other well-worn clothes. 5. R emember that elegance is simplicity! Savoir vivre - dress Remember some practical advice on good tone in a dress: A matter of good taste is the &quot;sense„ of attire which suit s us . When you are plump , don’t wear clothes in lateral stripes, great geometric figures or large flowers. Playful hat with a feather matches a youn g person , but in comparison with the large and worn face will look terrible.
  22. 22. SAVOIR VIVRE AT THE CINEMA We can go to the cinema everyday dressed in loose-therefore we do not have to dress Gala. We have no obligation to leave a top-clothes in a locker room . L ocker room s in most cinemas do not exist. You can buy drinks , sweets or popcorn at the cinema . However, you shouldn’t talk too loud. You can whisper or wrap a candy or cookies during the filmbut as quiet as it is possible . When you go to the cinema , collect information about the film (refer to the re view) and its director.
  23. 23. SAVOIR VIVRE - INVITATIONS At the ceremony, such as name or birthday D ays , you should invited guests two or three weeks in advance. However, the first thing that we should c onsider is &quot;How many people?&quot;. As m any people as our living room and table will seat. And when you were invited to a meeting or party, you have to remember that one of the basic and most important principle s of savoir vivre is – do not tarry! B e punctual. The only permissible limit of delay may be the academic quarter. A few tips: 1. The hosts greet guests .They should be completely ready . D o not let th e guests wait and leave them alone only if necessary and for a very short time. 2. If you are a host, n ever mention about the costs of the party and the amount of work put in organizing it . 3. If before the arrival of guests in the house there are strife, we have to calm down and stay cool when the guests arrive . 4 . If you have prepared a special treat for the party, guests must not wait longer than 30 minutes. 5. If you are a guest and w hen the bell rings at the door , go to one of the hosts to tell them about it. Don’t open the door on your own.
  24. 24. WHAT CAN COMPROMISE US? 1. Using vulgar profanity; 2 . Tattoo on the body at school 3 . Pierced tongue, navel or other unusual places at school 4 . Wearing a tie tied in such a way that its end is more than 10 cm below or above the bar; 5 . Wearing sandals and socks; 6 . Entry by a woman or a man in shorts to church, theater and elegant restaurant. 7 . Sitting in a restaurant or a cafe in dark glasses; 8 . chewing gum while talking to someone ; 9 . Eating in places where we should never eat, such as lecture, in the church or in the theat re hall; 1 0 . Eating and drinking in restaurants and cafes and not paying for that 1 1. G oing to the church in a transparent blouse or a mini skirt; 1 2 . Loud conversation that can hear d by the others in public places 13 . Loud laughter in public places;
  25. 25. Thanks for watching my presentation prepared by Karolina Barglik Zespol Szkol GiSP nr 13 Zawiercie, Poland