Metrics for Social Games by David King and Siqi Chen

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  • 1. metrics for social games david king siqi chen green patch serious business
  • 2. metrics are a force multiplier but you need to have something to multiply! can’t replace a good product can’t replace creativity, art, design can’t replace qualitative metrics (user sentiment, net promoter score, etc)
  • 3. the business of social games
  • 4. (life time value - user acquisition cost) X scale = profit* * these variables are not independent
  • 5. user acquisition costs virality, retention, cross promotion, marketing etc life time value retention, quality, flow, mechanics, theme, payments, etc
  • 6. 3 ‘A’s of metrics actionable, accessible, auditable
  • 7. actionable build a framework for experimentation, not vanity emphasis on split testing and actionable insights
  • 8. accessible on demand experimentation capabilities timely, transparent and accessible reporting separate metrics infrastructure as much as possible
  • 9. auditable sanity check against other data sources: db, google analytics, facebook
  • 10. why companies are metrics focused simple math: linear improvements yield non-linear results
  • 11. k = (infection rate) * (conversion rate) [summed across all channels]
  • 12. Visit Product quality New user experience Activation Revenue Social proof (friends) Key Metric: activation rate the “viral loop” Infection Invite flows Conversion Retention Copy writing Call to actions Persuasion psychology Game mechanics Demographic targeting Self expresssion Allocation tuning Key Metric: click through rate Key Metric: infection rate
  • 13. virality discounts user acquisition costs (potentially, down to $0)
  • 14. user acquisition: user acquisition cost: user acquisition cost discount:
  • 15. infection rate viral flows, calls to action, product quality, game mechanics, allocation tuning conversion rate copy writing, persuasion mechanics/psychology, demographic targeting viral channels requests, notifications, feed forms, email, profile box, share link, email, app tab, etc.
  • 16. brief overview of facebook rpgs
  • 17. metrics can help with game flow this affects retention, virality, and everything else
  • 18. metrics can help with revenue gain actionable insights on virtual goods behavior
  • 19. that’s it. questions?