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Link Building SMX Advanced 2013
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Link Building SMX Advanced 2013


Talk on link building from SMX Advanced in 2013.

Talk on link building from SMX Advanced in 2013.

Published in Technology
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  • Great tips here Justin and I'd absolutely agree there are plenty of great link building opportunities still out there. Thanks for sharing your outreach Zerox case study. I'll have to start experimenting with using 'because' in our outreach emails. Just another testament to the power of testing and innovation!
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  • nice
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  • 1. Link BuildingA Presentation Justin BriggsSIgnoring euphemisms for Fun & Profit  
  • 2. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  HelloJustin BriggsFounder,
  • 3. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs
  • 4. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  
  • 5. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Content Marketing
  • 6. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Content Outreach
  • 7. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Link Outreach
  • 8. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Link Building
  • 9. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  For many SEOs,Content Marketing is justLink Buildingwithout the penalties.
  • 10. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  How do I build links in 2013?
  • 11. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Like I did in 2011.Source:
  • 12. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  I create & promote content.Source:
  • 13. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Quality link buildinghasn’t changed.
  • 14. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Lazy people diminishthe value of some techniques.
  • 15. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Google raises the bar ontechniques that slip through.
  • 16. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  But, link building is stillworking just fine.
  • 17. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Adapt your tactics.
  • 18. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  
  • 19. Links everyone else is missing
  • 20. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Lazy link builders are goingto burn certain link types.
  • 21. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Get the same domain,but higher quality pages.
  • 22. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Sort by externaloutlinksCrawl .edu siteSource:
  • 23. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Looks foropportunities
  • 24. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  
  • 25. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Content idea:Resource for international studentsat colleges.
  • 26. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Vet the idea.
  • 27. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  
  • 28. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  
  • 29. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Discover new departments not yetaggressively targeted by SEOs andcreate content for them.
  • 30. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Build it.
  • 31. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Used to acquire last month.
  • 32. Follow up to doubleplacement rates
  • 33. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Hi,I reached out a month ago about <removed> we provide.Were still trying to get the word out about it.Could we be listed on your <removed> page because<justification on why they should link>?<Removed> can be found here:<URL>Thanks!Justin
  • 34. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Within minutes, inbox was floodedwith apologies.
  • 35. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Say “because”
  • 36. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Xerox study showed 57% increasein request compliance when“because” was used.
  • 37. Using embeds for links.
  • 38. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Aren’t infographics dead?
  • 39. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  
  • 40. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Embedding like it’s 2008!
  • 41. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Modified quiz embeds becomecalculator based interactive content.Source:
  • 42. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Wait… haven’t we seen this?
  • 43. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  
  • 44. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  The embed isn’t the badge,it’s the whole content piece.
  • 45. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  These clouds move…Source:
  • 46. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  This floats up frombottom.
  • 47. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  
  • 48. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Links
  • 49. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  What else can you embed?
  • 50. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  
  • 51. Forget the mode.Focus on the story.
  • 52. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Making games for girls while not“girling it up”.
  • 53. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  
  • 54. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  “Making of” & exclusives.
  • 55. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Source:  illustra%ons  instead  of  infographics  
  • 56. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Take advantage of site mechanics.
  • 57. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Primarily powered byview count. Increasevisibility with paid socialtraffic.Wired
  • 58. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Source:
  • 59. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  
  • 60. Sometimes...It’s still just SEO.
  • 61. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Updating internal linkstructureManual link outreachMillion dollar lift in revenue.
  • 62. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Monitor keyword usage in anchors.
  • 63. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Source:
  • 64. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Kept brand name in anchor > 50%
  • 65. Jus%n  Briggs   @Jus%nRBriggs  Thanks!A Presentation Justin BriggsS