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Effective Link Building - Pro SEO Boston 2011
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Effective Link Building - Pro SEO Boston 2011


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Presentation on Effective Link Building by Justin Briggs at Distilled Pro SEO Boston 2011.

Presentation on Effective Link Building by Justin Briggs at Distilled Pro SEO Boston 2011.

Published in: Technology, Business


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  • Incremental Commitment
  • Make sure it’s clear this isn’t about over opt
  • Transcript

    • 1. Effective Link Building
      Justin Briggs
    • 2. Sociable Geek
      Internet Culture
      Sales Experience
      Analytical Skills
      Technical Skills
      What Makes An Effective Link Builder
    • 3. Stop getting links, and start earning them?
    • 4. A link builder can dominate large brands by simply outworking them.
    • 5. How do I compete?
      Unknown brand
      One in-house marketer
      Ecommerce, no content
      < 100 linking domains
      No blog
      No social media
      National brands
      Large marketing budgets
      Free resources
      Thousands of linking domains
    • 6. Systematic Hustle
    • 7. What do you need?
      What might be done?
      #3 Brainstorm
      #2 Competitive Analysis
      In Theory
      #1 Backlink & Competitive Research
      #4 Actionable Ideas
      Real World
    • 8. Hustle for Links
    • 9. Do what it takes
    • 10. 6 Months before, I told a coworker:
      “I’m getting links on these pages”
    • 11. Site wasn’t “good enough”
      Spent six months building out blog, content, and social media.
    • 12. Figure out what they link to.
      Now BUILD IT!
      Nice, email.
    • 13. Does this work?
      PA 48, DA 80
      PA 48, DA 62
    • 14. Get Your Content Out
      StumbleUpon posted content to their Facebook and Twitter
    • 15. Throwing mud at a wall is NOT a link building strategy.
    • 16. You need stellar, targeted content.
    • 17. But sometimes content fails.
      And it’s embarrassing.
    • 18. Even if you failed,
      you still need links.
    • 19. So JFDI.
    • 20. Recover Failed Infographic
      Skip the social, do manual outreach.
      Incentivize the embed.
      Guest post:
      The embed is the post.
      Chop up the image and repurpose.
      Additional research and write great post.
    • 21. Creative Contact Mining
      Just a Stanford blog with guest posts…
      There is no contact information.
    • 22. Take the Time to Find the Email
      This will give you their email.
    • 23. The first infographic I created was picked up by a BIG site, but they messed it up.
    • 24. I hunted for nearly two hours to find their personal email address.
      “You can’t outsource giving a shit.”
      - Tom Critchlow
    • 25. They’re now the first person I email when I’m promoting content.
    • 26. They get me a lot of links.
    • 27. Link Giver Psychology
    • 28. By initiating a low risk relationship, you increase the success of your link request.
    • 29. Incremental Commitment
    • 30. Blogging Contest
      Make easy to enter (no link requirement).
      Gave them email address.
      They emailed in their post.
      Reply with link request.
    • 31. Getting the Link
      Hi <Their Name>
      Thanks for your entry. I will pass it on to the judges.
      Would you mind please placing the following code at the top or bottom of the post to let people know it’s an entry in the contest?
      This post is an entry for the <a href="">{Name of the Blog Contest}</a> being hosted by <a href="">Brand</a>.
      <Your Name>
      85% placed the link!
      I tested multiple templates. This one won.
    • 32. Use Zombies (just be damn creative)
      Yes, seriously.
      I got a link like this.
    • 33. So do you think <removed> would help you survive against zombies? Even if not, I think it'd be epic to bust out in Spanish like Stewie on Family Guy while blowing the head off a zombie with a shotgun.
      I saw on your Twitter that you like <removed>. If you'd be up for checking out our <removed> and reviewing how they can help you survive a zombie apocalypse, I'd love to send one out to you for free. You can pick from <removed>, but I'll leave that up to you.
      An no, there is no special catch. I just think your blog is funny, and I can send out <removed> for review. And, well, I love zombies. :)
      Let me know what you think about the review / post idea.
    • 34. Best Alternative to a
      Negotiated Agreement
    • 35. BATNA
      Can I have link?
      Can I overcome reasons?
      What else can I get?
      That’ll do.
    • 36. Improve Effectiveness
    • 37. Increase Link Valuation
      Traditional Link Valuation
      • Anchor text
      • 38. Number of outbound links
      • 39. Position on page
      • 40. TrustRank / PageRank
      • 41. Domain level metrics
      Relative Link Valuation
      • Compare to profile
      • 42. Compare to previous links
      • 43. Value based off profile naturalness
      • 44. Brand boosts link value
    • Lower quality, aggressively anchored links had value boosted by high value branded campaign.
    • 45. Surprising Growth
    • 46. Use branded high value links to increase value of high leverage, lower value link building tactics.
    • 47. Directories? Yes, still.
      Check homepage cache date, eliminate stale sites.
      Check indexation of linked from page.
      Avoid high difference between mR and PR.
      Check listing order (newest, alphabetical, PR)
      Take the time to submit it right.
      “You can’t outsource giving a shit.”
      - Tom Critchlow
      Protip: Consider this relative to my last tip.
    • 48. Ingenuity
    • 49. Improve Prospecting with GCSE
    • 50. Scale Prospecting with Scrapers
    • 51.
    • 52. Quickly Identifying Site Type
    • 53. Some of these aren’t very active today.
    • 54. Find Fresh Linkers
      Doesn’t give date search like normal.
    • 55. Simple Little Hack
      Put date parameter from regular search in linkfromdomain URL
    • 56. Discovering Fresh Linkers
      Build Agile Tools:
    • 57. Scale Outreach with Tout
    • 58. Quickly Compose Emails with Templates
    • 59. Track Template Effectiveness
    • 60. Coupon Code: PROSEO2011
      Tout Premium Free for 1 Month
      Thanks to TK at Tout!
    • 61. Thanks!
      Justin Briggs
      SEO Consultant, Distilled
      Twitter: @JustinRBriggs