The android future is already here

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To day I'm gone show you how to download the free Software, Pack &Tutorial ofAndroid Empire.

To day I'm gone show you how to download the free Software, Pack &Tutorial ofAndroid Empire.

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  • 1. The Android future is already here! What is Android Empire Welcome to my class and the most powerful course on Android app and game development “The App Dev Empire for the Android™ My team has prepared everything you need to know on how you can get started with this business. The Basics of Android Empire. During the next days, I’ll take you by the hand through everything, from the basics to the advanced stuff, so you will not have any problems even if you have no programming skills at all! Moreover, we’ll not only teach you how to create great games, but also how to market and sell them and make money in the Google app store called Google Play! So here is what I’d like you to do now, is to go through the course carefully, starting with Intro materials, and start implementing these strategies and lessons right away, and I am sure you’re gonna get results just like the other people from my class! The what you have to know befor starting Android Empire I really want you to succeed and get the results you are striving to achieve. I really want to hear your success stories on how app and game development worked for you, and allowed you to achieve your goal on creating that best selling game or app! Now let me thank you again for joining the class, and let’s get started! Android Empire brings you to the Top, and you will be the best Android develeper Google Android™ app developers earned $125 Million in mobile display adds while iphone guys earned less than 90 last year! Google is all about PPC and advertising, that's where the biggest revenues come! You don't really have to sell your app! It can be free to download and still bring thousands! To day I'm gone show you how to download the free Software, Pack &Tutorial ofAndroid Empire. 3 Simple Staps
  • 2. 1. Download (The zip drive) 2. Install (The Android Platform on your computer) 3. Make your App (Start making your App and Get your app published in less than an hour!) If you are reading this and still don't have your own money making iPhone or iPad App empire YOU MISSED THE TRAIN, pal! Yep, you heard me right. Sounds harsh, I know, but someone needs to tell you the blatant truth already, so FACE IT: you missed the Gold Rush! With 6 billion App downloads from theAppStore and over 750,000 approved apps, what are the chances your small little app will get noticed now in this ocean of competitor sharks? Yep, you will be eaten alive and all your hard work on creating the app will be wasted as it is nearly next to impossible to reach the Top 100 now, occupied by giants like Gameloft, Electronic Arts, and Capcom. Do you really think you are going to compete with Disney; with Angry Birds? Chances are you are not going to win this war,pal.This is not a theoretical course where they discuss the advantages of Android™. This is a full A-to-Z fast-start course where I take you by the hand and develop a fully working game with you! Forget it, there is no approval bar in Android™ Market. Get your app published in less than an hour! Are your struggling with copyrights and licensing? It all stays in the past. Let the big companies waste millions on patent wars! Google Android™ is an Open Source environment! Android™ source codes are open to the developers! Let’s get through it quickly Download The Free ANDROID EMPIRE PDF Lets get started With the Tutorials! It's time for you to take action Click Download PDF HERE Let’s go through the Tutorial Overview Quickly Tutorial No. 1 This tutorial offers a step-by step guide on how to set up the development environment. You’ll find out what components are
  • 3. installed with the development environment, how to configure the development environment and gain practical skills on setting up a programming environment. At the end of the tutorial you’ll be shown how to create a test project and get a general idea of what it involves. DOWNLOAD HERE Tutorial No. 2 The second tutorial is all about the game interface concept and how its elements connect with one another. You’ll find out how to implement various classes and create game resources to be used later in the game development. DOWNLOAD HERE Tutorial No. 3 This tutorial will give you an idea of how to plan a product, you’ll elaborate the sequence of actions you need to implement. As an example of planning we’ll use the Scroller game and will show you how to define user interface and how the modules should interact. DOWNLOAD HERE Tutorial No. 4 This tutorial will show you how to place all application resources into the project and create main menu and the whole project in the development environment. You will get to know the general structure of the project hierarchy in the environment, learn to use the 9path resource tools and gain practical skills on placing a variety of resources. DOWNLOAD HERE Tutorial No. 5 The fifth tutorial will help you understand how to create a game class and game activity as well as how to form user interface. You will learn how to bind elements of the interface with activities. This knowledge will help you create different user interfaces, switch from one activity to another and learn to handle events. DOWNLOAD HERE Tutorial No. 6 In this tutorial we’ll get down to actually creating the main game class. You’ll find out how to create the background class and do the drawing in the application, practice in creating game classes that will handle all game events. We will also reveal elements of the user
  • 4. interface that work best for speeding up the game. DOWNLOAD HERE Tutorial No. 7 In the seventh tutorial you’ll be taught how to create the scrollable background in the game class, make infinite background drawing and obtain practical knowledge of Thread use. DOWNLOAD HERE Tutorial No. 8 The eighth tutorial will give you an idea of how to create a player class and describe all its methods. You’ll learn to work with touches on the screen, as well as create a method for defining collisions with other objects that will allow you to create a barrier manager and a whole new barrier class. In this tutorial we will also learn how to draw animation correctly. DOWNLOAD HERE Tutorial No. 9 In the ninth tutorial you’ll be taught about writing a barrier class and creating a class manager that will deal with placement, creation and management of all game barriers. DOWNLOAD HERE Tutorial No. 10 The 10th tutorial will show you how to create a bonus class and teach you to place bonuses throughout the game and handle how the player receives bonuses. DOWNLOAD HERE Tutorial No. 11 In the 11th tutorial, having fully completed our project, we’ll learn to handle WIN and LOSE events, create WIN and LOSE dialogues, and use Handler for processing messages from threads. You’ll be able to create conditions for the player’s WIN or LOSE events, add music and graphic effects to the game. DOWNLOAD HERE Tutorial No. 12 The final tutorial will show how to prepare your application for submission to the store, create signing keys for applications, export
  • 5. the project and submit applications to Google Play. In the end you will have a ready to sell game and learn all the skills you need to create your own games or apps! DOWNLOAD HERE Stop fighting the windmills with a portable fan, pall! Stop wasting your resources! Stop reading those stories how a small guy spent only ... 50 Grand and got on 97th place in the Top 100 for 3 days. You are not gonna make it. On the AppStore you are competing for a few expensive gadgets only (three types of iPhones, three of iPads) while on the Android™ you can have thousands of supported phones from all price ranges, affordable even to small guys! According to the latest stats Android™ works on 3,997 distinct devices spanning almost 600 brands! This is where REAL Market is!