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3 Ways to Find and Engage New Email Subscribers with Text Messaging
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3 Ways to Find and Engage New Email Subscribers with Text Messaging


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On this jammed-packed 30 min webinar you will learn how to use text messaging (SMS) to find and engage new email subscribers. You will also learn: …

On this jammed-packed 30 min webinar you will learn how to use text messaging (SMS) to find and engage new email subscribers. You will also learn:

1. Ways to use traditional media, events, and foot traffic to grow your email list through text message marketing

2. Tips on using a welcome email series to quickly engage new subscribers

3. Strategies for using email and SMS marketing together to maximize your campaign’s effectiveness

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. 3 Ways to Find and Engage NewEmail Subscribers with SMS#SMSEmail
  • 2. With Your Hosts… The SMS Guy The Email Guy @JustinPGH @DJWaldow Justin Mastrangelo DJ Waldow Founder Founder & CEO JA Interactive & JA.TXT Waldow Social #SMSEmail
  • 3. The Next 31 Minutes… How Does It Work? Where Does It Work? Why Would They? The Welcome Email Targeting New Subscribers Converting Subscribers Wrap It All Up #SMSEmail
  • 4. How Does It Work?
  • 5. Call-to-Action “For your chance to win...” “To get a coupon…” “To receive more information…” #SMSEmail
  • 6. Texting-In TO: 69866 MESSAGE: Fox #SMSEmail
  • 7. #SMSEmail
  • 8. Ask For Email Address FROM: 69866 MESSAGE: To complete get your coupon just reply with your email address and we’ll send it to you now! #SMSEmail
  • 9. Email Reply TO: 69866 MESSAGE: #SMSEmail
  • 10. Confirmation FROM: 69866 MESSAGE: Your email has been accepted! Check your inbox soon for the offer! Visit to learn more about this product. #SMSEmail
  • 11. Processing the Email Address Store in a database Push into email marketing platform #SMSEmail
  • 12. It’s Twitter-rific!Add emails captured from SMS to your email marketing platform in real-time and send them a welcome email immediately. #SMSEmail #SMSEmail
  • 13. Where Does It Work?
  • 14. At Events #SMSEmail
  • 15. On the Radio“For your chance to win text GIVEAWAY to 12345!” #SMSEmail
  • 16. On TV #SMSEmail
  • 17. In Print #SMSEmail
  • 18. On cocktail napkins! #SMSEmail
  • 19. In-Store #SMSEmail
  • 20. On store windows #SMSEmail
  • 21. Opportunities1. Events2. Traditional Media (TV, radio, print, outdoor)3. Foot Traffic #SMSEmail
  • 22. It’s Twitter-rific!Events, media, and foot traffic are the best places to capture more emails with SMS. #SMSEmail #SMSEmail
  • 23. Why Would They?Will anyone do this?
  • 24. The Incentive #SMSEmail
  • 25. The Incentive - MAKE IT GOOD Giveaway Offer/Coupon Signup/Join More Information #SMSEmail
  • 26. Avoid the “iPad Giveaway” #SMSEmail
  • 27. The Promotion #SMSEmail
  • 28. The Promotion Media - Make it the focus Events - Speaker, handouts, big signs Foot traffic - Get them when they sitting #SMSEmail
  • 29. It’s Twitter-rific!Don’t expect someone to text you while they’re walking. Promote your SMS campaign where they sit. #SMSEmail #SMSEmail
  • 30. The Welcome EmailContinuing the conversation
  • 31. Welcome Emails“60 percent of companies did not send a welcomemessage to new subscribers, and 30 percent failed tosend any message at all within the 30 day studyperiod.” Return Path (2009)“The 30- to 60-day period after opt-in is typically themost crucial in the email relationship.” Loren McDonald #SMSEmail
  • 32. Welcome Emails Flickr: kevinmarsh #SMSEmail
  • 33. Welcome Emails Flickr: pinksherbet #SMSEmail
  • 34. Welcome Emails #SMSEmail
  • 35. Welcome Emails #SMSEmail
  • 36. Welcome Emails #SMSEmail
  • 37. Welcome Emails #SMSEmail
  • 38. Welcome Emails #SMSEmail
  • 39. Welcome Emails Think Onboarding Program Rather Than Welcome Message #SMSEmail
  • 40. Welcome Emails #SMSEmail
  • 41. Welcome Emails An email series allows you to: •Answer questions and provide how-to info and FAQs on using your website, buying from you or setting up an account. •Educate users on specific features of your service or website that they need to know in advance. •Set email expectations. •Present options for creating a highly personalized experience for each subscriber. •Move subscribers closer to purchasing or becoming engaged users. Source: Loren McDonald #SMSEmail
  • 42. The power of segmentation
  • 43. The Secret to Email Marketing Send timely, targeted, valuable emails. #SMSEmail
  • 44. Segmentation #SMSEmail
  • 45. Segmentation #SMSEmail
  • 46. Segmentation #SMSEmail
  • 47. Converting subscribers into customers
  • 48. Show me the $$! #SMSEmail
  • 49. Show me the $$! #SMSEmail
  • 50. Show me the $$! #SMSEmail
  • 51. Show me the $$! Opt-In Welcome Series Targeted Emails Special Offers #SMSEmail
  • 52. Wrapping It All Up
  • 53. Where to Start First1. Events2. Traditional Media3. Foot Traffic #SMSEmail
  • 54. Outbound: Use SMS & Email Together Use SMS for last minute, reminders, alerts Use Email for longer-term, more content #SMSEmail
  • 55. Placeholder, enter your own text herePre-order: #SMSEmail
  • 56. Questions? DJ Waldow @DJWaldow Placeholder, enter your Justin Mastrangelo own text here @JustinPGH#SMSEmail