Non lethal weapons


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  • Good morning\n
  • So what ARE non lethal weapons?\nThey are weapons created with the purpose to incapacitate or subdue living targets without causing any deaths.\n\n\n
  • These weapons like pepper spray, stun guns or tasers, are used in situations such as riot control and self defense.\n
  • So what EXACTLY is the point of using these non lethal weapons? Well, they can be used in shoot first ask questions later situations, like subduing a potentially dangerous person before they can inflict any damage, and if they turn out to be innocent, the effects of subduing them would not be lasting. This is a big step over lethal weapons, where if the person was innocent, they would probably be severely injured/dead.\n\nHowever, this results in the user using the weapon with less thought and consideration as the weapon is considered to not be as harmful as a normal weapon and hence, can be used with less restrain. This can lead to unforeseen complications such as critical injuries, which brings us to our next point: Are non lethal weapons as non lethal as they seem?\n
  • As mentioned earlier, the idea that the weapon is non lethal and does not have lasting effects affects the thinking behind use of the weapon. This can result in it being overused, which could cause complications like death when combined with pre existing health problems.\n
  • How “non lethal” are non lethal weapons actually?\nNon lethal weapons like tasers have caused severe reactions and even deaths.\n
  • There are many cases of non lethal weapons being misused, like when a person was tasered for not signing a ticket\n
  • -Useful to subdue living targets temporarily\n-Used with less restrain because of the non lethality of it\n
  • Non lethal weapons

    1. 1. Moral Dangers of Non-Lethal By Gavin Lim and Justin Ong
    2. 2. Non Lethal Weapons•Weapons intended to be less likely to kill a living target than conventional weapons.
    3. 3. Examples electric_stun_gun_product15.jpg 2007/11/29/taserx26.jpgProductImages/8ps_lar_pepper_spray.jpg
    4. 4. PurposeTo subdue people without lasting effects
    5. 5. Misuse•Across the forces studied, some 6% to 15% of uses of pepper spray were against suspects that posed no threat to either officers or civilians. Often suspects were sprayed from too close a distance or for too long.
    6. 6. “Non” Lethal WeaponsU.N. : Tasers Are A Form Of Torture “A United Nations committee said Friday that use of Taser weapons can be a form of torture, in violation of the U.N. Convention Against Torture.”
    7. 7. “Non” Lethal Weapons “... in Utah, a patrol carsdashboard camera caught an officer tasing a driver who refused to sign a speeding ticket.”