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Masdar VC

  1. 1. Masdar Venture Capital: Making Finance Accessible to Clean Technology Companies Alexander O’Cinneide, Fund Manager
  2. 2. Masdar Venture Capital • This unit is tasked with building a portfolio of companies through investing Masdar’s capital alongside our partners. We do this to: -Earn strong returns from investing in mid-to-late stage clean tech companies that are addressing climate change through the development and use of clean technologies -Support and monetize on solution-oriented technologies that address energy security, climate change, and global sustainable development -Promote thought leadership and innovation in resource conservation and clean technologies
  3. 3. Investment Opportunities • What we look for when looking at investments Regulatory Certainty Opportunities Driven by Industry Logic Geographic Expansion Exit Options (3-5 yrs) Technology Experienced, hands-on team with proven management capabilityManagement Quality Propriety and protected (ideally international patents) technology with potential for large-scale application Demonstrated superior performance; disruptive possibilities Reasonable certainty around stable regulatory environment Fragmented market (leading to consolidation) Potential for scale benefits or vertical integration Seek opportunities for geographic expansion of investee companies Multiple exit options/timeframes possible via an IPO, natural owners and secondary buyers
  4. 4. Environmental Protection • Land conservation • Environmental restoration • Timberland • Forestry • Sea defenses Clean tech Innovation • Infrastructure management • Supply chain management Power Storage Technology • Battery technology • Fuel cells Transport and Sustainable Biofuels • Low carbon transportation • Bio-diesel, ethanol Environmental Resource Water • Desalination/purification • Wastewater treatment • Distribution and management Agriculture • Irrigation innovation • Clean pesticides • Consumer food purity • Seeds Waste Management • Recycling • Toxin management • Waste-to-Energy • Land remediation Energy and Material Efficiency Advanced Materials • Advanced coatings • Lightweight substitutes • Solvents and biodegradables Building Efficiency • Building management include green data centre mgmt • Heating and cooling systems • Lighting systems • Insulation • Micro generation/micro CHP Power Grid Efficiency • Transmission (including smart grids) • Smart metering • Storage • Infrastructure Environmental Services Business Services • Insurance • Logistics • Green focused banking • Microfinance • Consultancy/advisory • Intellectual property Our Investment Universe Primary investment target Secondary investment target Power Generation • Solar • Wind • Clean coal (sequestration, infrastructure) • Other clean power generation (geothermal, hydro, biomass, wave/tidal, methane capture) Clean Energy Environmental Resource Energy and Material Efficiency Environmental Services
  5. 5. Current Business of Masdar Venture Capital Masdar Clean Tech Fund (“1st Fund”) • $250m fund Partnership with -Credit Suisse -Consensus Business Group -Siemens • $5 – 20m investment ticket size in companies with promising technology and defendable IP • Current Investments range from Solar Thin-Film to Waste-to-Energy and Water Purification • Investments range from early stage to late stage Pre-IPO investments • Established in January 2010, raising $500-750m, first close recently completed at $265m • General Partners: Masdar and Deutsche Bank • Limited Partners: Siemens, Development Bank of Japan, GE, Nippon Oil, Inpex, JBIC • Similar Investment targets to our first fund Masdar Clean Tech Fund (“2nd Fund”)
  6. 6. Masdar Clean Tech Fund I • Masdar Clean Tech Fund I is a $250 million diversified venture capital investment vehicle that has built a portfolio of direct and joint venture investments in clean technology as well as investments in select clean technology funds. The fund was founded by ADFEC in 2006 • Masdar Clean Tech Fund is made up of investments from the following:
  7. 7. Investment Distribution • The Fund is investing approximately $205 million in direct investments in clean tech companies sourced by the Fund and co-investments alongside fund managers. The remaining $45 million is invested in leading funds focusing on cutting-edge clean technology
  8. 8. Masdar Clean Tech Fund I Portfolio
  9. 9. DB Masdar Clean Tech Fund • Masdar Clean Tech Fund II will be a $500-$750 million venture capital investment vehicle. The fund announced the first close of $265 million in January 2010 and look forward to deploying capital in building a pipeline in various sectors with a diversified regional focus • DB Masdar Clean Tech Fund is a made-up of commitments from the following, as well as select financial and strategic partners from Asia and Europe:
  10. 10. Masdar Venture Capital Funds Looking Forward • Through Masdar Venture Capital, Masdar will continue to develop and manage funds • Masdar is committed to being a leader in the management of venture funds focused on the Advanced Energy and Sustainability sector • It is the intention for these family of funds to provide Masdar with access to technology, projects and large enterprises which the Government of Abu Dhabi can utilize and develop