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Updated presentation about what SCL does.

Updated presentation about what SCL does.



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  • Souter Consulting Limited 07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008

Souter Consulting Limited Promo V0.3 For Slideshare (Old Ppt) Souter Consulting Limited Promo V0.3 For Slideshare (Old Ppt) Presentation Transcript

  • SOUTER CONSULTING LIMITED Justin Souter 07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Agenda
    • Who I am / what I can do for you
    • Examples of Social Media
    • What I’ve done
    • Call to action
    • Case Studies (if more detail needed)
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • WHO I AM / WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU 07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Who
    • Justin Souter
    • Business Technology consultant
    • 12 years in the Technology industry
    • Passionate about
      • Using technology to improve Customer outcomes
      • 70% People, 20% Process, 10% Technology
      • Social Media collaboration tools
      • Computing using The Cloud
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • What I can do – Social Media
    • Help you engage your online audience and manage your reputation online
      • Help you begin the journey, rather than be overwhelmed by the unknown
      • Turn negative views into customer service case studies
      • Influence the groundswell and create positive buzz (link with existing viral marketing techniques)
      • Work with your Customers to create new products and services, by interacting with them online
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • What I can do – Internal Collaboration
    • Get the most out of SharePoint
      • Overall strategy
      • Team site configuration
      • Security set-up
      • Exploitation of blogs, wikis, RSS / alerts
    • Help your people fit in with the technology change
    • Start sharing best practice
    • Decide on tools which fit your circumstances
    • Evaluate non-Microsoft solutions to document storage & management
    • Instead of e-mailing everyone the document, e-mail the link to document in central storage
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • What I can do – Other areas
    • Kick start your business & save money using online computing power
    • Verify your overall technology strategy
    • Turn Excel ‘spreadmarts’ into lightweight applications & turn potential risks into business tools
    • Harness the ideas of your workforce, and turn them into money-spinners and money-savers
    • Push the boundaries of collaboration, and wow your early adopter customers with virtual worlds
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • EXAMPLES OF SOCIAL MEDIA 07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  •   Perceived gap in the Market(ing)
    • Traditional marketing / website strategies are two-dimensional
    • Lack understanding of the ‘blogosphere’ / ‘groundswell’, in order to interact with those online
    • Examples in following slides
      • Professional visualisation studio
      • Hotel
      • Painkiller
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • 3D Visualisation studio example
    • Advised on how they could be using Social Media tools to further their marketing clout
    • Proposed greater interactivity & keeping the site fresh
    • Suggested blogging, and the use of Twitter
    • Provided insight into how to create an audience – i.e. a community who follow you
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Stories – Hotel [as told to Justin]
    • Man and woman want to go away for weekend
    • Man finds hotel in chosen area via website
    • Man books hotel as it looks nice on website
    • Woman searches for things to do nearby
    • Finds dreadful reviews of booked hotel [aka hotel #1]
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Stories – Hotel [part 2]
    • Woman finds nearby hotel [aka #2] with v. good reviews
    • Man cancels hotel #1 and books hotel #2
    • Couple enjoy weekend
    • Visit hotel #1 to find it rather quiet
    • Does hotel #1 know why custom has plummeted?
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Motrin painkiller - the story so far
    • McNeil Healthcare launches branded form of ibuprofen in US
    • Pitches TV / web ads at Moms who carry their babies in pouches / slings etc.
    • Ad gets ‘flamed’ online in viral outburst by upset Moms
      • YouTube
      • Twitter etc.
    • Scrambles to react, and in the right way
    • *Very* short timescale – comparisons with others
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Has to eat humble pie 07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Example of user generated content
    • Original ad
    • Spoof
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008 Props to Neville Hobson: Please watch these movies to compare & contrast original advert , and subsequent spoof
  • Motrin: Twitter 07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • WHAT I’VE DONE 07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Customers in the North East
    • Sixth Form / Adult College
      • Electronic Document & Records Management procurement
    • Regional Smartcard Consortium
      • Requirements capture
    • Professional visualisation studio (3D Modelling)
      • Boost marketing using Social Media
    • Work for Fujitsu relating to the Region
      • Business development, bids, project support
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Customers elsewhere
    • Fujitsu
      • Requirements capture for Global Management System
      • Integration of Fujitsu Spain
    • Financial Services
      • Authored successful bid to become a preferred supplier to Financial Services Authority
      • SharePoint strategy
      • Management of Change
      • Offerings development
    • Various Govt. Departments
      • In charge of documents and Management Information
      • Web Content Management
      • Workshop facilitation
      • Knowledge Management Toolkit
      • KM Directory of Expertise
      • SharePoint strategy
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  •   Key Areas of Expertise:
    • Information management technologies
      • Microsoft SharePoint exploitation
      • Information Management strategy
      • Procurement and implementation of these technologies
    • Collaboration tools
      • Use of Social Media tools externally (i.e. for marketing or customer support), and internally (e.g. for knowledge management).
    • Associated people change
      • Users more likely to adopt new ways of working, and exploit technology if they are involved in roll-out
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  •   Potential business consultancy offers:
    • Cloud Computing
      • Using IT services provided through the Internet rather than on Customers’ premises.
    • Technology strategy for SMEs
    • Mashups
      • ‘ Lightweight’ business process management and application integration
    • Innovation
    • Virtual Worlds
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • CALL TO ACTION 07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Souter Consulting Limited
    • What can I do for you?
    • Please contact me to see how we can work together!
    • Justin Souter
      • [email_address]
      • 07717 725504
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • CASES STUDIES OF OTHER ASSIGNMENTS 07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • SharePoint Strategy #1
    • This was a role within a wider programme of activity to enable Fujitsu Services (FS) to share information and collaborate with the rest of the consortium it led and Partners globally.
    • The infrastructure had been set up using an online SharePoint service provider to enable the team to share documents across consortium partners with the required security.
    • There was a need to create an information management policy and procedures to extend document sharing and collaboration, over and above the policies and facilities defined for Fujitsu Services.
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • SharePoint Strategy #2
    • Outcomes / How did you make a difference?
      • Delivery in tight timescale of document setting out best way forward with SharePoint.
      • Helped spread administration overhead across the consortium partners
      • This devolved responsibility from the Programme office, to people in best place to do so
      • This would also spread the cost, but on the other hand would provide a focus for each Partner’s efforts.
      • Result would be quicker responses to account set-up and management
      • Justin’s plan would maximise the information sharing activities across the global consortium.
      • Provided practical steps for implementation team.
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Line Management role #1
    • This was a Line Management role, where Justin was:
      • In charge of the roll-out of an electronic document and records management and workflow solution
        • For the 2400 people working for Fujitsu on the Account
        • Including both technical and business change aspects
      • Responsible for Management Information on the account
        • Maximising the use of the Balanced Scorecard
        • This was a dashboard-based solution, used by management on the account to track business unit performance
      • In charge of three intranets, knowledge management, and IPR issues on the Account
      • Leading a team of 10
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Line Management role #2
    • Decided on packaged DM product
    • Worked with prime contractor to agree tool & approach
    • Engaged consultant and together produced the best business case the account director had seen, using benefits realisation methodology
    • Told CM tool manager that his solution was being replaced, and kept my Boss informed about developments
    • Sourced and engaged implementation team with mix of skills:
      • Product specialists
      • Business change consultants
      • Technical design authorities
      • Engaged with multiple stakeholders to win acceptance and sell benefits
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008
  • Line Management role #3
    • Outcomes / How did you make a difference?
      • Dealt with vested interests, to align programme goals with that of the Account.
      • Juggled and prioritised my workload, whilst keeping programme on track in financial and people terms.
    • Learning points
      • Pressures of a high-profile assignment in a politicised arena
      • Be more decisive in dealing with under-performing team members.
    07/06/09 © Justin Souter 2008