Step 2: The Beginner's Guide to Prezi
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Step 2: The Beginner's Guide to Prezi



Life Cycle of a presentation. Step 2:The Beginner's Guide to Prezi

Life Cycle of a presentation. Step 2:The Beginner's Guide to Prezi



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    Step 2: The Beginner's Guide to Prezi Step 2: The Beginner's Guide to Prezi Presentation Transcript

    • The Beginner’s Guide to Prezi
    • Double click anywhere to writeWhen you create a Prezi, the canvas isyour workspace. You can double-clickanywhere on the canvas to add a text boxto jot down your key ideas. As your ideasfill the canvas, you can drag it around tocreate more space.
    • Zoom in to develop your ideasOnce you have added your ideas to the canvas as text, you can zoom in tothese ideas to develop them and add more text. You can use the zoombuttons on the right side of the screen or scroll your mouse wheel tozoom in and out.
    • Use the zebra for structure and sizeNow, you can arrange your ideas andcreate hierarchy through size. When youclick on one of the text boxes, youll seethe striped transformation zebra, whichlets you move (centre of the zebra), sizeand scale (inner ring of the zebra), androtate objects of any kind (outer ring ofthe zebra).
    • Add images from the Insert menuWhen youre ready to add images, youcan simply click Insert on the menu in theupper left, and click on the image youwant to use. Once the image appears onthe canvas, you can click on the imageand use the zebra to move, size, or rotateit. Quick tip: before you getstarted, collect images you plan to use inyour Prezi and place them in a folder foreasy access.
    • Create your storylineAfter youve added and arranged your textand images, its time to add the storyline orpath. Use the zoom buttons or mouse wheelto zoom out, as seeing the "big picture" canhelp you determine the right path for theideas in your Prezi. Click on Path, and addyour storyline by clicking on the parts in theorder in which you want to show them.If you want to change the order of yourpath, you can Delete All and start again ordrag the unassigned path ball (that appearsbetween path numbers) to the object youwant to show.
    • Click Show to present!Ready to present? To move intopresentation mode, click on Show and stepthrough your Prezi with the arrow buttonsor arrow keys. In Show, you can click tozoom in and out of your ideas at any pointand press the arrows to get back to thepath. Publish from with a clickAfter you present, you can publish your Preziby clicking on it from andchecking the box marked Publish.On the Share tab, you can invite others toview or edit your Prezi, and obtain anembed code to easily add the Prezi to yourblog.