Toll manufacturing process


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Needham Inks is a part of The Needham Group. We are the reputed developer as well as a manufacturer of industrial inks and fluids. We are famous in all over the UK because of our specialist toll manufacturers.

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Toll manufacturing process

  1. 1. Tollmanufacturing process
  2. 2. Why toll …?? There are a variety of reasons:  Maintain exclusive control.  Lower material cost.  Avoid the capital investment.  Maximize and maintain brand exclusivity .  Streamline time-to-market.  Compensate for lack of capacity or technical capability.  Guarantee confidentiality.  Take advantage of a toll manufacturers superior knowledge and experience base.
  3. 3. Who Supplies the Raw Materials…?? A key decision in the toll manufacturing process is to determine the source of the raw materials from which the tolled product is to be manufactured. It may come from three different places:  The Contract Customer  The Customer  The Toll Manufacturer
  4. 4. toll Manufacturing…Toll Manufacturing is also known as toll processing, tollconversion, tolling or custom manufacturing, can be defined asperforming a service on a customers product - for a toll.Toll processing companies provide amanufacturing/processing service for other companies andreceive a volume-based fee.The Toller is able to produce at a much higher quality andconsistency.
  5. 5. product description… Needham Inks are an ideal partner to manufacture inks or coatings according to your formulation at our ink manufacturing facility located in the UK. In addition to manufacturing, we are also able to advise or assist you with product formulation, test methods, packaging or transport.
  6. 6. production facility…Rotary and High-shear mixing facilities.Heated mixing capabilityAbility to safely work with flammable materials.Automatic filling machines.Automatic equipment for manufacturing.Various packaging / repackaging options available.Modern QC laboratory.High through-put filling units for manufacturing markerpens.
  7. 7. Advantages of Toll Manufacturing… Keeps your site clean. Releases machinery/manpower on your site. No planning cost and no capital outlay. Limits manpower requirements. No space required for processing system and warehousing. Reduction of fixed payroll cost. Qualified processing at reasonable costs. Avoid unnecessary investment in capital equipment. Immediate supply capability even without your own production plant.
  8. 8. Contact Us The Needham Ink Unit 2a/2b Civic Industrial Park Waymills, Whitchurch +44 (0)1948 662629 Shropshire SY13 1TT E-mail: sales@needham-group.comWebsite:
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