How To Get More Blog Views


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If you're wondering how to get more blog views for wordpress, blogger or any other platform, you need to look into on page SEO. Read the presentation for my best blogging tips on how to get your blog noticed.

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How To Get More Blog Views

  1. 1. How To Get More Blog Views By: Justin Bryant
  2. 2. Header Tags Header Tags are different headers you use for arranging the different paragraphs or areas of your post. The ones you have to use are H1, H2, and H3 with your main keyword expression being in them. They organize your content better in your post by breaking it down into areas.
  3. 3. Meta Tags A terrific location to get search tags that is so apparent, however not known to lots of online marketers is at the bottom of the search engine result of your keyword in Google. So go to the Google online search engine and enter your keyword. Then, decrease to the really bottom where it says, "relevant searches," and use those 8 searches along with your actual keyword expression itself and you have about 10 really good meta tags for your post currently.
  4. 4. Keyword Research In my last post I talked a lot about the best ways to look into keywords to use for your article and provided many approaches for doing so. You can utilize specific devices, search methods, and Google Adwords to actually do well with your keyword study. However, you have to understand what to try to find. For keyword research mastery, learn more here.
  5. 5. Internal Linking You have to constantly have some links in your blog post to keep the flow choosing audiences to stay on your site and ultimately become loyal followers. To do that, associated with internal pages on your site or blog to lead readers to various other posts you have actually done. But, make certain they are related and flow in your material. Don't have a post about marketing and have an internal associated with a post about pets.
  6. 6. Use Keyword Variations Google has actually had a lot of updates to reduce spamming and benefit quality content these days that you have to go by what is natural and works by their standards if you want to be on page 1. Instead of spamming the heck from your one keyword phrase and having a high keyword density, you need to concentrate more on synonyms, related keywords, etc. in your material.
  7. 7. Learn More Here Want to see the rest of my On Page SEO strategies? >>>>>Read More Here<<<<<