DesSoft  - Costing Report (Control and Instrumentation Engineering Software)
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DesSoft - Costing Report (Control and Instrumentation Engineering Software)






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DesSoft  - Costing Report (Control and Instrumentation Engineering Software) DesSoft - Costing Report (Control and Instrumentation Engineering Software) Document Transcript

  • TestProject 2012/11/15 11:09:29 AM Sample Project Page 1 of 4 Costing ReportCost Manufacturer Model TagNum 10-M-05 10-M-05A 10-M-05B Unknown 22-CS-01A Unknown 22-CS-02A Unknown 22-CS-03A 22-CS-04A1 Unknown FLOW TRANSMITTER 22-FT-011 Unknown D/P FLOW TRANSMITTER 22-FT-021 Unknown FLOW TRANSMITTER 22-FT-031 Unknown FLOW TRANSMITTER 22-FT-25 22-FV-01 22-FV-021 Unknown CONTROL VALVE 22-FV-03 22-FV-04 22-FV-05 22-FV-061 Unknown I/P CONVERTOR 22-FY-011 Unknown I/P CONVERTOR 22-FY-021 Unknown I/P CONVERTOR 22-FY-03 22-LAH-01 22-LE-01 22-LE-02 22-LE-03 22-LE-07 22-LIC-021 Unknown ULTRASONIC LEVEL TX 22-LT-011 Unknown ULTRASONIC LEVEL TX 22-LT-021 Unknown OSCILLATING LEVEL SWITCH 22-LT-07 Unknown 22-M-01 Unknown 22-M-01B Unknown 22-M-02 Unknown 22-M-02A Unknown 22-M-02B
  • Cost Manufacturer Model TagNum Unknown 22-M-03 Unknown 22-M-03A Unknown 22-M-03B Unknown 22-M-04 Unknown 22-M-04A Unknown 22-M-04B 22-M-06 22-M-06A 22-M-06B 22-M-07 22-M-07A 22-M-07B 22-M-08 22-M-08A 22-M-08B 22-M-09 22-M-09A 22-M-09B 22-M-10 22-M-10A 22-M-10B 22-M-11 22-M-11A 22-M-11B 22-M-12 22-M-12A 22-M-12B 22-M-13 22-M-13A 22-M-13B 22-M-14 22-M-14A 22-M-14B 22-PIC-011 Unknown DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE SW 22-PS-011 Unknown PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 22-PT-01 22-PW-011 Unknown PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE 22-RV-011 Unknown THERMOELEMENT 22-TE-011 Unknown THERMOELEMENT 22-TE-02
  • Cost Manufacturer Model TagNum1 Unknown THERMOELEMENT 22-TE-031 Unknown THERMOELEMENT 22-TE-041 Unknown THERMOELEMENT 22-TE-051 Unknown THERMOELEMENT 22-TE-061 Unknown THERMOELEMENT 22-TE-071 Unknown THERMOELEMENT 22-TE-08 22-TIC-01 22-TIC-02 22-TIC-03 22-TIC-04 22-TIC-07 22-TR-01 22-TR-02 22-TR-03 22-TR-04 22-TR-071 Unknown TEMPERATURE TX 22-TT-011 Unknown TEMPERATURE TX 22-TT-021 Unknown TEMPERATURE TX 22-TT-031 Unknown TEMPERATURE TX 22-TT-041 Unknown TEMPERATURE TX 22-TT-051 Unknown TEMPERATURE TX 22-TT-061 Unknown TEMPERATURE TX 22-TT-071 Unknown TEMPERATURE TX 22-TT-081 Unknown SOLENOID VALVE 22-XV-011 Unknown LIMIT SWITCH 22-ZSH-011 Unknown LIMIT SWITCH 22-ZSH-021 Unknown LIMIT SWITCH 22-ZSL-011 Unknown SOLENOID VALVE 22-ZV-011 Unknown LIMIT SWITCH 323-ZS-001 Unknown 35-M-01A1 Unknown ULTRASONIC FLOW METER 44-FT-011 Unknown TEMPERATURE TX 44-TT-011 Unknown TEMPERATURE TX 44-TT-021 Unknown FLOW TRANSMITTER 88-FT-011 Unknown LIMIT SWITCH 88-LSH-011 Unknown LIMIT SWITCH 88-LSHH-011 Unknown ULTRASONIC LEVEL TX 88-LT-011 Unknown CONTROL VALVE 88-LV-011 Unknown PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 88-PT-01
  • Cost Manufacturer Model TagNum1 Unknown CONTROL VALVE 88-PV-011 Unknown ENCAPSULATED TEMP. TX 88-TT-01