Making YouTube Part of Your Marketing Mix


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  • Within every video description, remember to be as detailed and keyword dense as possible. Ultimately, you need to think like the viewer and what they will be searching for when they come across your content. Most importantly, don’t forget to build backlinks to your organization’s blog, Facebook, Twitter etc… We know that video is now playing an important role in search (41% higher CTR) so linking people across platforms is a great way to build an audience and rank high on result’s pages.
  • When filling out the information for each video, it is important to again think like the viewer. What keywords are they going to search to discover your content? Build a list of about 20 keywords (YouTube calls these Tags) per video and incorporate your strongest keywords into the video Title, Description and of course Tags. Tags that perform well are going to be educational, informative and engaging.
  • Annotations are a great way to drive traffic to other videos within your YouTube Channel. Think of ways to use annotations creatively (Choose your own adventure) and strategically (If you liked this video, learn how to…).
  • Of course, the big question in social media is, “Where is the ROI?” right? Well, by incorporating Google Checkout’s “Donate” button to your videos in a creative way you can instantly start generating a return on your investment from within YouTube.
  • Discovery: Knowing how viewers found your content is an important tool when measuring media buys across multiple channels. Some channels will inherently outperform others for video content and interaction – monitor these channels and up the budget when promoting video content is relevant to the marketing strategy. Demographics: Understanding who you’re speaking to is always an important element to the marketing mix. By analyzing who is watching your video, and where they are discovering your content you can better craft messaging that speaks to them. You might find that your videos attract more views from Men aged 25-34 than Women in the same category. Understanding these things is important when developing YouTube content. Community: Because Social Media is all about engaging with your audience, understanding the community around each video is also important. Knowing what content people are sharing, and when is an important analytic in your YouTube belt. This should again help shape future content. Hot Spots: Using Annotations in YouTube is an effective way to drive traffic to other video content that is relevant to the topic. The more engaging your content is, the more likely viewers will be to click through to the next video. Track which videos perform well, and what verbiage your audience responds to when clicking through.
  • Making YouTube Part of Your Marketing Mix

    1. 1. Making Video Sharing Part of Your Online Strategy YouTube 201:
    2. 2. About Me justin gonzalez social media specialist @ BARS+TONE developing strategies for brands and organizations to effectively communicate with their audience through social media. @justinSF
    3. 3. Today We’ll Cover building backlinks incorporating annotations google checkout: donate analyzing YouTube insights Goal leave today with new ideas and tools for optimizing YouTube Channels @justinSF
    4. 4. Why Video is Important
    5. 5. Building Backlinks be as detailed as possible monitor and update keywords regularly increase click-thru performance @justinSF
    6. 6. Building Backlinks Continued think like the viewer minimum of 20 keywords educate and engage your audience @justinSF
    7. 7. Incorporating Annotations drive campaign action choose your own ending link to other owned content @justinSF
    8. 8. Google Checkout: Donate Button know when in your video this will appear think creatively about how it appears monitor return on investment @justinSF
    9. 9. Analyze YouTube Insights discovery: how demographics: who community: what & why hot spots: where &when @justinSF
    10. 10.