P6 Energy
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P6 Energy



covers the topic of Energy at a Primary 6 level

covers the topic of Energy at a Primary 6 level



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P6 Energy Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Energy
  • 2. Going Back
    • Living things need energy to carry out life processes
    • Non-living things need energy to do work
    • The Sun is our main source of heat and light energy
  • 3. Sources of energy
    • Sun
    • Food
    • Wood
    • Oil
    • Coal
    Sun Grass Grasshoppe r Crow
  • 4. Forms of Energy
    • Light Energy
    • Heat Energy
    • Kinetic Energy
    • Potential Energy
    • Electrical Energy
    • Sound Energy
  • 5. Kinetic Energy
    • A faster object has more kinetic energy
    • An object with more mass has more kinetic energy
    • The kinetic energy of an object depends on its
    • mass and how fast the object moves.
  • 6. Potential Energy
    • Chemical Potential Energy
    • Gravitational Potential Energy
  • 7. Chemical Potential Energy
    • Stored in food, fuels and dry cells
    • Plants make chemical potential energy (food) from sunlight
  • 8. Gravitational Potential Energy
    • Is energy stored in an object because of its position
    • An object has gravitational potential energy if it is above the ground
    • A higher object has more gravitational potential energy
    • A heavier object has more gravitational potential energy
  • 9. Light Energy (P4 Revision)
    • We can see things because they reflect light into our eyes
    • We would not be able to see without light
    • Trees cannot make food without light
  • 10. Heat Energy (P4 Revision)
    • To keep us warm, to cook food, etc.
    • Temperature is used to measure how hot or cold something is
    • Heat flows from a warmer place to a cooler place
  • 11. Electrical Energy (P5 Revision)
    • It can be produced by many sources
    • It is widely used
  • 12. Sound Energy
    • Our ears can detect sound because of vibrations
    • We can use sound to do many things
  • 13. Conversion of Energy Chemical potential energy from food Kinetic energy - for man to move Chemical potential energy from dry cells Electrical energy in circuit Light and Heat energy from light bulb
  • 14. Conversion of Energy Light energy from the Sun Chemical Potential energy in plants (food) Electrical energy from power point Light, Heat and Sound energy from computer Gravitational Potential energy from object at a height Kinetic energy-object falling down