Together for a Just Future


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Together for a Just Future

  1. 1. NETWORK PROJECTSIn accordance with the decision of the ALF Secretariat and Polish ALF coordinators, acompetition for a common project of the Polish ALF network in 2012 was intended for allmembers of the Polish network. There have been two joint network projects implementedso far:In search of the lost Commonwealth. Uni- or multi-cultural Poland? (2010)Education for dialogue. Multimedia materials for educators (2011)
  2. 2. COMPETITION RULESA joint network project is a common action carried out by the members of nationalnetworks (a leader and minimum 10 organizations forming together one consortium).The objectives are:•To integrate the members•To reflect the social and cultural diversity of the country, its specifics and problems facedby citizens
  3. 3. THE ORGANIZERSThe winning project in the competition was titled “Together for a Just Future,” and wasprepared by a consortium headed by the REVERS Foundation.The members of the consortiumREVERS Foundation / The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre / PRO-MED Ltd / Association for non formalEducation MERITUM / The Therapy & Development Foundation in Gdansk / Foundation for thePromotion of Culture and Audiovisual Media Education Cracow Script School / Center forArmenian Research / Foundation for European Studies / The PO-MOST Humane IntegrationSociety / UNESCO Initiatives Centre / The “Common Knowledge” Educational Association /ContraPunctum Foundation / Foundation Centre for Creative Activities / Deep DemocracyFoundation / Edyta Stein Society / Pedro Arrupe Formation Center for Educational Leaders /Polish Robert Schuman Foundation/ The City Culture Institute / Tunisian Association Of ScientificChildren / Kenana NGO / Resources for Development Center / The Other Space Foundation /European Solidarity Centre / Students Self Government of Jagiellonian University
  4. 4. PROJECT RULESIntegration and activation of the network is implemented by common preparation of theforum on the basis of:Openness•Each network member could become a consortium member•Preparation of the forum program took place during group discussionsParticipation•The forum program allows the largest number of network organizations to be presented•Various work methods are applied in the project program, which allows the largest possiblenumber of members to take part and to become acquainted with each other•Each network organization is responsible for particular forum eventsRepresentation•The forum program reflects the interests and diversity of the Polish network
  5. 5. PARTICIPANTS / REGISTRATIONOpen part of the forum (debates)•Up to 100 representatives of social organizations from the Pomerania Region•Up to 100 registered ALF network representativesClosed part of the forum (workshops, open space, speed meeting)•Up to 100 registered ALF network representatives•55 network members can apply for reimbursement of travel and accommodation expensesMore information about registration at:
  6. 6. FORUM PROGRAMDebates, workshops•All of the organizations will have an opportunity to present themselves to one another•All interested organizations from the Baltic region can participate in the debates, which isof great importance for promotion•The debate motions will be considered in the common plans of network activity in theyears 2013/2014Speed meeting, informal meeting in Buffet Club•The participants will have an opportunity to get to know each otherOpen Space•The forum participants can discuss the aims and joint network activities for the years2013/2014•The motions will be passed on to the organizers of the ALF Forum in Marseille in April
  7. 7. VENUESThe forum’s events will take place in the rooms of the 17th-century Old Town Hall (seat of theBaltic Sea Cultural Centre), in the City Culture Institute located in the most prestigious street inGdańsk, Długi Targ, and, courtesy of the European Solidarity Centre, in the BHP Hall on thegrounds of the Gdańsk Shipyard – the cradle of the “Solidarity” movement.
  8. 8. FORUM TOPICSDebatesDoes Poland Lie on the Mediterranean? Poland’s Relations with the Euromed Region(International Cultural Centre)The Universal Character of Arab Revolutions (REVERS Foundation, European SolidarityCentre)Multicultural Education for Diversity and Dialogue (The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre)Gender Equality in Poland and Arab Countries (The Therapy & Development Foundationin Gdansk)Facts and the Media: the Picture of Reality Presented by the Media Versus the RealWorld (Foundation for the Promotion of Culture and Audiovisual Media Education CracowScript School)
  9. 9. FORUM TOPICSWorkshops•How to Launch Educational Activities (in and Out of School) Connected withIntercultural Dialogue•Journalism in War•The Birthplace of Solidarity•Cooperation with Eastern European NGOs: Rules of the Game•The Heteromatrix – Workshop on Gender Sensitivity and Various PsychosexualIdentities•Intercultural Training: How to Effectively Work with a Foreign Partner•Efficient Contact with Media, Public Speeches – Practical Tools of SupportingMulticultural Dialogue•The Acknowledgement of Children’s Rights•Building Social Projects with “New Media”•Supporting Seniors’ Education Through Intergenerational Cooperation•Sex, Power & Boundaries
  10. 10. MORE INFORMATIONAbout the forum•Official forum website:•Facebook: forum forum’s promotional materials to
  11. 11. CONTACT The coordinator of the forum WOJCIECH ZAŁUSKI E-mail: