Building a career in automation


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Building a career in automation

  1. 1. Building a Career in Automation While job opportunities in most sectors in India, USA and European countries continue to remain weak, the Automation sector is posting robust growth.
  2. 2. Productivity linked growth  In simple words, this means Indian companies are investing more in improving their productivity while increasing their production capacity. India’s manufacturing is scaling up and beginning to seek global competitiveness through the wider application of automation and manufacturing IT (information technology). And this trend is contributing to the robust growth of automation and enterprise markets.
  3. 3. World-class quality  With a thrust on export, Indian companies are competing globally. This also means they have to produce goods of quality that is acceptable across global markets. Investments in automation is helping companies to achieve both perfection and productivity in their production.
  4. 4. Automation means continual learning  Staying updated on new technology, applications and concepts is critical to building and achieving growth as an Automation professional. The field of automation is changing rapidly. And a career in automation means that you are in line with the pace of change. Companies will keep investing in new technologies to improve their productivity and quality and as professionals in Automation sector we have to stay abreast and lead the change!
  5. 5. Automation is all about application  There are key aspects to building a career in automation when it comes to learning – gaining a firm grip over fundamental concepts and understanding the vast landscape of its applications. Like all engineering subjects, in Automation too, if you have a good handle on the fundamentals you can easily apply the concepts and logic to create various applications. A combination of strong fundamentals coupled with knowledge of the possibilities of application will create a
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