NABJ 2012 Mobile tools workshop


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  • *Upgrade to premium account for more space/features
  • Is free with an upgrade $1.99
  • *mobile web app for Android and Blackberry
  • * Can buy in-app upgrades and feature packs
  • Wirecutter recommends Verizon Jetpack Mifi, which is $50 for the card and $50/month for service.
  • Wirecutter recommends Verizon Jetpack Mifi, which is $50 for the card and $50/month for service.
  • NABJ 2012 Mobile tools workshop

    3. 3. Image courtesy of MediaStorm
    4. 4. BORG
    5. 5. CYBORG
    6. 6. EvernotePrice: Free*Platform:iOS, Android,BlackberryWhy do I want this: One ofthe best notetaking appsavailable.- Takes text, audio andphoto notes.-Clips web pages.- Syncs notes to the cloud- Notes can be shared &edited with others
    7. 7. Google Docs for mobilePrice: FreePlatform: iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this:Google docs access onyour phone.- Access, edit and shareGoogle docs from othercomputers.
    8. 8. WordpressPrice: FreePlatform: iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this: Write& publish on Wordpressfrom your phone.- Works well to publishbrief items or updates.- Read and managecomments.
    9. 9. TumblrPrice: FreePlatform:iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this:Lightweight bloggingsoftware with socialelements.- Publish text, photos andvideo easily.- Build social following on anew platform.
    10. 10. RoadNinjaPrice: FreePlatform:iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this: Atravel app good for whenyou don’t know where youare.-Uses GPS and mappingdata to tell you food andlodging options nearby.- Handy for highwaydriving.
    11. 11. MapQuestPrice: FreePlatform:iOSWhy do I want this:Driving directions.- Offers turn-by-turn,voice-guided navigation.
    12. 12. “I think something that might be useful that hasnt been developed yet is some kind of system that sends you alerts for certain tags or keywords in the area youre in. Like a location-specific early warning system. Heck that could be useful to more than just reporters.”- @AntderosaAnthony DeRosa,Reuters Social Media Editor
    13. 13. Yes, these two too.
    14. 14. foursquarePrice: FreePlatform:iOS, Android,BlackberryWhy do I wantthis:Geolocation app that isgood for sourcing.- Foursquare check-ins can bea good means of findingcontacts for stories aboutspecific locations, businessesand buildings.- Post news content to specificlocales.
    15. 15. 5-0 Radio Police ScannerPrice: Free*Platform:iOS,Why do I want this: Thepolice scanner. On yourphone.- It’s the police scanner. Onyour phone.
    16. 16. iTalkPrice: FreePlatform:iOSWhy do I want this:Higher-quality recordingapp.- Offers different soundquality levels.- Send recordings via emailor access in iTunes
    17. 17. DragonPrice: FreePlatform:iOSWhy do I want this:Dictation software on thego.- Quick, hands-freedictation.- Send emails or text fromwithin the app.- Post to Twitter&Facebook.
    18. 18. InstapaperPrice: $2.99Platform:iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this:Delayed reading app.- Saves articles and otherweb pages for offlinereading.- Saved pieces areaccessible through apps oron the web.
    19. 19. DocScannerPrice: $3.99Platform:iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this: Snapsphotos of documents.- Creates electronic copiesof documents as PDF, JPGor text.- Allows you to search thetext of scanner documents
    20. 20. CardmunchPrice: FreePlatform:iOSWhy do I want this: Makescollecting business cardseasy.- Snaps photo of card- Can create an addressbook contact
    21. 21. Google TranslatePrice: FreePlatform:iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this:Passable translation app.-Simple interface to type orspeak words and phrasesto translate.- Has 60 languages totranslate.
    22. 22. DropboxPrice: Free*Platform:iOS, Android,BlackBerryWhy do I want this:Storage app acessible onthe go.-Find & access sharednotes, images, PDFs andother files.
    23. 23. “Get a Google Voice account and the app - it can be a huge asset for reporters. It will transcribe your voicemails into text and save an mp3 file of each to your account online - which could really come in handy the next time you get a newsworthy call from a source. It also has one- button access to call recording, which saves to a .mp3 file you can access online (making for easy publishing).”- @MjenkinsMandy Jenkins,Digital Projects Editor, Digital First Media
    24. 24. Google VoicePrice: FreePlatform:iOS, Android*,Blackberry*Why do I want this: Accessto Google Voice on yourphone.-Read your transcribedvoicemails.- Listen to recorded calls.- Free text messages overdata plan.
    25. 25. GroupMePrice: FreePlatform:iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this: Groupmessaging app.- Create groups(colleagues, sources) tochat with.- Good for keeping incontact at large events.- Works over SMS or dataplan.- Open groups as way offinding sources/ideas
    26. 26. SkypePrice: FreePlatform:iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this: Freevideo calls over the phone.-Video calls or regular calls- chat with contacts- Can operate as alivestream video in a pinchPost news content tospecific locales.
    27. 27. ScribbleLivePrice: Free*Platform:iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this: Createand run liveblogs fromyour phone.-Create, publish andmoderate liveblogs.- Use video, photos andaudio collected from yourphone.
    28. 28. “We’ve also been resourceful in our ability to connect iPod Touch devices to extended batteries and set them up atop rooftops in warzones like Tripoli and Baghdad for livestreaming and video capture over long periods and dangerous situations without risking harm to people standing in plain view with a camera or expensive equipment that may be lost or damaged.”-@VhernandezcnnVictor Hernandez,CNN program manager, editorial systems
    29. 29. QikPrice: FreePlatform:iOS, Android,BlackberryWhy do I want this:Livestream video fromyour phone.-Create livestreaming videowith ease.- Videos can be pushed toother social networks.- Also functions as a videocalling system.
    30. 30. iMoviePrice: $4.99Platform:iOSWhy do I want this: Videoediting program for thephone.- Simple, intuitive videoediting controls.- Easy to share finishedvideo.
    31. 31. PS ExpressPrice: Free*Platform:iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this: BasicPhotoshop for cameraphone.- Crop, balance, colorizephotos taken from yourphone.
    32. 32. Camera+Price: 99 centsPlatform:iOSWhy do I want this:Premium photographyapp.-App brings digital camerafeatures to phone.- Ability to use filters,timer, image stabilizer andapply filters.- Share photos on socialmedia.
    33. 33. AudiobooPrice: Free*Platform:iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this: Simplepodcasting app.- Record and produce shortpodcasts on your phone.- Post new podcasts to anonline profile.
    34. 34. InstagramPrice: FreePlatform:iOS, AndroidWhy do I want this: Socialphotography app worth $1billion.- Shoot, edit and sharephotos within the socialnetwork.- Able to push photos toother networks.
    35. 35. “The key to mobile news gathering? ABC2 = Always be Connected, Always be Charging. Mobile is just a tool, it complements not replaces our current gear and skills. Most mobile tools (especially apps) are cheap – try as many as you can until you find the one that works best for you. In a collaborative environment (newsrooms etc) look for mobile tools that can be used across platforms and operating systems.”-@dkiesowDamon Kiesow,Senior project manager in mobile,Boston Globe
    36. 36. (Best) Practices• Create a mobile workflow• Be conscious of your data plan• The cloud can be your friend• But back-up regularly• Wifi: Invest in a hotspot card or device
    37. 37. Accessories• Bluetooth keyboard (Apple: $69)• Find the right battery pack ($30 - $130)• Find the right shooting rig (Owle Bubo is popular $150+)• Audio? Find a good external mic (Blue Microphone Mikey line $35 - $99)• Photos? An external lens (iPro Lens System $189)
    38. 38. Find all the apps: lis Find me: @Justinnxt