Palestra Drupal Picchu 2014


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Palestra "The importance of planning in CMS Projects" ministrada pela Just Digital na Drupal Picchu 2014, evento latino realizado em Cusco no Perú, para a comunidade de desenvolvedores Drupal. A palestra foi ministrada pelo João Paulo Seregatte da Just no lugar do Rafael Cichini.

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Palestra Drupal Picchu 2014

  2. 2. #what we do ● consultancy; ● information architecture; ● portal, intranets and corporate network; ● custom modules; ● support; ● hosting management; ● custom training;
  3. 3. #sponsorship We believe in Drupal!
  4. 4. years 7 #know-how working in large and important cases in Brazil since 2007
  5. 5. #Rafael Cichini COO and co-founder at Just Digital Rafael is co-founder and vice president at Drupal Association Brazil He works with CMS solutions since 1999 and with Drupal since 2005.
  6. 6. #Rafael Cichini I would like to apologize for not being able to attend, but we're working on a big deal of Drupal in Brazil and I could not be away this week. João Paulo is the right person to speak in my place! I hope you enjoy what we have to talk.
  7. 7. Just Digital is a brazilian company
  8. 8. But … in Brazil… there is much more than carnival and girls
  9. 9. sure… more than soccer too!!!
  10. 10. We cook with Drupal in Brazil!
  11. 11. and we love it!
  12. 12. and we love it too!
  13. 13. But… we love more… we love Drupal for Enterprise! Complexity and long time projects, challenges...
  14. 14. To make this happen… think more and run less
  16. 16. How to identify, predict, circumvent and solve common problems early in the project, to ensure growth and to be ready for the changes?
  17. 17. We have 4 pillars Sales Planning Development Management
  18. 18. Your project starts in sales process! Sales START Planning Development Delivery a product Management
  19. 19. Sales START Planning Development Management Delivery a product Management is a continuous process and is present in entire project
  20. 20. Sales
  21. 21. You need to know what is the pain of your customer
  22. 22. Find the way to approve the project! How to convince the BOARD if you probably will not talk to whoever signs the agreement!
  23. 23. You need to follow an Enterprise Sales Methodology! Qualification Discovery Solution Validation Deployment Planning Proposal & Close Deployment Production
  24. 24. Qualification Discovery Solution Validation For each step, you need to answer some questions and create a map following these 4 pillars! Deployment Planning Proposal & Close People? Business Value? Technical Solution? Deployment? Deployment Production
  25. 25. Using a methodology you can answer questions like... What is the influence map? What are the internal politics? Who is the sponsor? Is there a budget? Who are the competitors? What is the decision timeline? What source system is involved? Who sign the agreement? What are the internal politics? What is the decision timeline? Risks?
  26. 26. Talk about BUSINESS not technical features
  27. 27. MVP Minimum Viable Product PRODUCT Sell product not project. CMS is for long life cycle!
  28. 28. The sales process for enterprise ... is truly hard! But… like a movie… it's possible! Use the right approach!
  29. 29. Planning
  30. 30. If you want to deliver happiness… … try to sell your project without scope! Scope delivers features … but doesn't deliver happiness, satisfaction and business value!
  31. 31. Coach your customer before the planning! Coach all team of your customer! They need to know about your product and your process!
  32. 32. Observe and stay close to your customer to know what is being done in his planning, because it can affect your work!
  33. 33. You don't need 1,000,000 PSDs files :) You just need a design guide like a bootstrap!
  34. 34. CMYK PRINT CULTURE Be careful, because agency and customers love books with printed layouts :)
  35. 35. When we talk about products plan… We are thinking about Vision, Mission, Success Goals, Roadmap Jun Nov Fev Aug Apr Mar Oct Jan Jul May Dec Sep
  36. 36. Methods and Methodologies ● AGILE MINDSET ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Lean Startup Machine Lean Design Thinking Focus group Mind the product Product Vision Box Business Model Value Business Model Canvas
  37. 37. Development
  38. 38. Code versioning In large projects, probably you'll have more than one team working together
  39. 39. be prepared ... they may want to audit your code
  40. 40. Feel comfortable to discuss about performance in high level! Do not underestimate the IT teams… they are good at it!
  41. 41. Security is a top requirement in large companies! You need to understand a lot about this issue and be prepared to hear, learn and discuss with IT teams.
  42. 42. Probably you understand the importance about tests. Take it seriously! Use it! Fight for it!
  43. 43. Don't worry… be happy! You don't need a genius to deliver complex and large products.
  44. 44. Management
  45. 45. Scrum or your own framework We are using SCRUM because it give us more maturity and control. You can use your own methodology, but you need to follow some!!!
  46. 46. Teams self organized Trust in your team!!! They want to show their own work and ideas! You work with grown up.
  47. 47. Transparency!!! It's important to conduct the project with transparency for your team and customer!
  48. 48. HEY!!! Pay Attention! Transparency!!! It's important to conduct the project with transparency for your team and customer!
  49. 49. Inspection and adaptation it's a continuous process Sales Planning Development Remember… Management there is no rules… you need to find your own way!
  50. 50. If you check your process everyday... Sales Planning Development Management you are ready for enterprise projects!
  51. 51. THANK YOU! João Paulo Technology Manager Rafael Cichini Chief Operating Oficer
  52. 52. We are hiring :)