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Lullaby game
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Published in Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Lullaby Game Nate, Jordan, Darielle, Jackie, Rachel, Priyal
  • 2.
    • “ Lullaby” is a story driven, side scrolling platformer with horror and puzzle elements being the main focus. You control Luke, a young child who is searching for his father after awakening from a nightmare. As he explores the house, his fears and fantasies slowly transform it into a bizarre and frightening place where anything is possible and danger lurks around every corner. The primary mechanic revolves around light, as each room is initially dark, and being in the dark for too long will cause Luke to faint. Your goal as the player is to find ways of illuminating your path, from lanterns to flashlights and beyond.
    Game Overview
  • 3.
    • Luke: The young Boy is the hero of the game and wakes up one night from a nightmare. He decides to go brave the darkness of his house armed with nothing but a flashlight in order to find his father. As he moves on, his imagination runs wild, and he conjures monsters out of the darkness that hunger for his blood. As he goes deeper into his house and stays longer in the darkness, his house becomes an even more threatening place, and the house itself becomes the enemy.
    Characters: Luke
  • 4. Luke:
  • 5.
    • Dad: The young Boy’s father. He is never seen throughout the game except in photos or silhouettes. The Boy is constantly searching for him in order to dispel the fears from his nightmare. However, it proves to be harder and harder to find the Dad as the Boy’s imagination changes common household items into the monsters from his nightmares. The shadow father is a twisted version of Luke’s dad made up of nightmares and regrets.
    Characters: Dad
  • 6. Dad:
  • 7.
    • Arrow Key Up: Jump/Climb Ladder
    • Arrow Key Down: Descend Ladder
    • Arrow Key Left: Move left
    • Arrow Key Right: Move right
    • Space Bar: Interact (Pick up object/Put down object/pull lever/open door)
    • Escape Key: Access In-Game Menu
  • 8.
    • The prototype level will be the first level of the game. In this level we introduce the concepts of light and darkness, as well as the threat of monsters and the quest to find your father. Luke starts at one end of a long, well lit hallway with a door at the other end. After walking about half way down the length of the room, the lights where he started begin to gutter out one by one. Shortly after, a monster comes out of the door he entered from and begins to give chase. The player must navigate Luke to the door at the end of the hallway before the lights go out and the monster drags him away!
    • There will be seven levels in total. Three of them will be ambience driven, three will be puzzle driven, and the final one will be an action sequence. The puzzles will use the mechanic of light to add a twist to the standard find the key to unlock the door puzzle. Each puzzle will build on what the player has already learned and grow in complexity. The ambient levels are a way to break up the puzzle solving as well as tell part of the story of Luke. They will primary be designed to scare or disturb the player while advancing the plot. The final action sequence will be a chase scene utilizing the things you have learned in the previous levels to outsmart the shadow father.
    Level Design
  • 9.
    • Main Resources - Model of kid     - Motions         walking, running     - Emotions         confused, scared, surprised     - Speech bubbles         "I'm scared..." etc. - Model of father     - Motions         concerned, happy     - Evil father manifestation that appears in rooms - Battery model     - Batteries found in rooms to keep the flashlight running     - Battery life meter         - Low battery life warning animation - Flashlight model     - On & off toggle     - Getting the light sphere to work correctly - Music
    • - Permutations of children’s lullabies.     - Gets more eerie with each level     - Overall spooky/scary music (that will loop) - Sounds     - Sounds that correspond with things falling over etc. Room Designs - Each room will need a background - Puzzle creation - Assets such as needles, picture frames/paintings, puzzles, keys for going through doors - Unique door for each room (possibly hinting at what is in the next room) - Rooms become more and more warped as traveling through them
    List of Resources
  • 10.
    • We will be building the game out of images created in Adobe Illustrator mixed with Actionscript 3. It will run in any flash environment from the browser to the stand alone application. Lullaby is a 2-D platformer made of vector images. The style is that of a children’s book with dark undertones.
  • 11.
    • The soundtrack will be composed in-house. It will reflect the loss of innocence by taking well known child’s melodies and warping them into something eerie and more sinister. There will be four tracks total: the theme for the game, the puzzle theme, the ambient theme, and the climax theme.
    • Luke will not talk, but will make all manner of noises to let you know how he is feeling. He will whimper if he is scared, or scream when he is surprised.